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Did you know goats turn into bouncy balls when they're close to trees?
Submitted by Voycawojka (@IdeasAlmanac) — 1 hour, 29 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
When the goat turns into the goatball you have no control over it; better be prepared!

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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I think, the main idea is superb as well as implementation. The game is well polished with fine art, level design, physics and sounds. Well done.


This is a good level design! Mechanics are simple but very well exploited.

We want more, keep going!

One of my favorite games so far ! Really fun idea and good execution. The physics still need a bit of work to be really satisfying IMO, but this could easily be worked to be a  complete game. 


Not enough gravity, more force should be applied when goat is standing. Floating-point? glitch on Level 3 made the goat-ball get stuck in a ditch and not stop vibrating, making it impossible to swipe and rendering progress impossible. Good game overall though, I liked the idea and it was fun. :)


Love the idea of this. The sound effect was very satisfying. But please for the love of god provide a mute button for the music! 


Well done, the gameplay feels satisfying and an original concept. Love it!


Great sound effects! I loved the clippy clop hooves. I have no idea how you came up with this concept but it is very satisfying to move the goat around. Nice Job!


Nice job! The concept is hilarious. I think the puzzle aspect could be improved - figuring out how to solve the levels was never that challenging. Unless a puzzle game wasn't your intention, of course.  I just felt like this mechanic would suit a puzzle game. The mechanic also wasn't explored very throughly. I did the same sort of thing throughout the whole game. A couple small things: I think the goat should be able to be launched farther. It was frustrating to have to move the goat so slowly, and it also meant it was harder to play with the physics. I also feel that you should have a circle around trees that shows exactly where you will turn into a ball - often I was just guessing. Overall, a good effort!


Very good art and gameplay! The tutorial was properly invisible, and the game fit the theme well. I particularly like how the goat always landed on its feet, and the puffs of smoke were satisfying


I like this. Pretty solid game.


I loved your game! Watched it on Taco's stream.

Really cute goat pixel art and the ball mechanic is super fun!

Great job! :)


Fun idea! The physics felt a little floaty; I think it would be more satisfying with a bit more gravity, since the friction already makes the goat feel like he should be heavy. Nice game, and really funny concept!


I don't feel like the game is "Out of Control", yeah there is the goatball but you control the launch so you pretty know where it goes. Still a cool gameplay tho, don't get me wrong ! Original game :)


I liked the game concept that was really creative


Nice physic based puzzle game. I like strategizing how position for the ball transformation. A suggestion I would make would be to speed up the physics simulation as the objects move rather slowly.


The idea was nice, really liked the legs physics and the level design

However, the game felt a bit slow sometimes


Unfortunately I got this error "call_indirect to a null table entry (evaluating 'Module["asm"]["Hi"].apply(null,arguments)')" but the screenshots look like its fun!


That's weird. Maybe adblock or some other browser extension is messing something up (not that there are ads :P). For example my adblock built into Brave Browser makes every unity game not load unless I disable it.


Fun, best game ever!


Reminds me of those MINICLIP games I used to play back in the day... I think with a few new elements and some more levels you are golden!!


The main gameplay mechanic was quite simple and very good to allow for quite a few levels! The theme and art style was very cute too. Great job.

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