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Wow such a lovely game there, happy to have asked a build :) Very challenging, I died multiple time on the tutorial but I trained and got till lvl2 ! I’ll finish it later ;)

Hello there, Funny little game, I’m so bad I can’t get past 2000 Points ^^.

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Hello there,

very fun and challenging, I’d like to see Moooooore levels

Thanks for the donut ;)

PS: (The music is so loud :O )

Hello there, Can you upload a link to some executable on please ? :)

Wonderful you have a great combo here keep it up :)

Beautiful game (amazing art by yourself ?), well polished with music and a very cool platformer :)

This ball looks kinda T H I C C

Very cool gameplay, original and fun, the art and music are well too. Just one thing is the movement, as people said diagonal could be a simple (I think) but georgous improvement :) Of course this is a game jam so content are well, but for further improvements I can already see more plants, maybe more character with abilities… Well done !

Fun game, the music and the art are well fitted, a little bit buggy tho but that's nothing annoying :) Good game !

I don't feel like the game is "Out of Control", yeah there is the goatball but you control the launch so you pretty know where it goes. Still a cool gameplay tho, don't get me wrong ! Original game :)

Good game, I understant that it was only 48h so not much features can be implemented, still i feel like there is a big "backend" with the buildings, production and so on. Good game with a possible good future :)

Fun Game, very accurate for the hit boxes and very cool in general, maybe just a little bit empty, it's more than ok for a jam :D