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Loved the art, nice job!! :)

Watched your youtube video

Great game! I can see why people want this on smartphones 

Here's the streamer, I think there's a video of last stream where he played your game

Thank you very much!! I'll try to implement more levels in the future!

Thank you!! :)

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Yeah kinda short :(

Was short on time, thanks for playing tho! :D

That's a great idea actually! I'll try to put it in the game in the future

I agree, great idea I'll put it on the game someday 


Thanks Binary!! :)

The tutorial is kinda big :( But really fun game! :)

Nice job! :D

Loved watching your game on Taco's stream!

Your game is really good! Great job! :)

Saw your game on Taco's stream!

Loved your game, very cute cats!

Nice job! :)

I loved your game! Watched it on Taco's stream.

Really cute goat pixel art and the ball mechanic is super fun!

Great job! :)

Amazing game! I loved the twist when you collect the coin and the level gets out of control!

The pixel art is very charming and the animations are expressive.

Loved your game, nice job! :)

Saw it on the Taco stream, amazing game!

The great visuals and music make it very touching!

Love your game, great job! :)

Thank you!! :)

Great game! Watched it on Taco's stream, awesome visuals! :)

Great game! Found it on Taco stream, super cool! Nice job! :)

I loved this game! The art is super pretty and the animations are awesome!

I'm glad I found it on your youtube video! 

Cool game! I liked the art very pretty!

The gameplay is cool, creative approach to the theme!

Nice game overall, good job! :)

Awesome game! Watched Taco play it during his stream.

Great game, really like the visuals and mechanics!!

Nice job! :)

Super fun game! Saw it on the Taco's stream!

Super cool game, I used "gravity shift" mechanics on my game aswell so it's really cool to see another developer approach to this mechanic! :)

Cool game! I saw it on Taco's stream and think it's really good!

Nice sounds and interesting approach to the theme!

Great job!

Great game! I saw it onTaco's stream and was pretty amazed by how good it looks!

Great job!

You are a continuous source of inspiration to me

Awesome game!! :)

Awesome game! I'm happy I discovered it through your youtube video.

Wishing you success! :D

I like the approach to the theme!

The art is very cute, and i love card based games!

Great game, nice job! :)

Thank you!!!

Wow thank you so much!! 

I love every MB of this game!

Thank you! I plan to do so! :)

Thank you!! I wanted to make more levels and mechanics, but was short on time haha

Thanks! :)

Thank you! ^^

Thank you! The music is really nice haha.

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback! 

Super creative approach to the theme! I'm impressed the art and sounds were created in the 48h, you're very talented!!

The gameplay feels great, super charming game, nice job! :D