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Awesome! I am pretty proud of how the environment looks (for my level of artistic ability) and the ambient sounds/music adds a lot to the game I think. Thanks a lot for playing!

I'm sure your skills are fine, the gameplay is pretty frantic!  Good point on the upgrades. Thanks for your thoughts!

Really good points, and the last one is probably my biggest complaint with this game myself... luckily I have some ideas for a post-jam version so we will see :) Thanks for your thoughts!

Good point! I'm glad I didn't keep it at the original 3000 for laser gun then, haha. Thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks for completing it! I'm glad you have noticed all of those things, I think they're all really cool things to include and hopefully they'll be appearing more often in my later games as well. Thanks!

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I really really liked this one! The art was well done and conveyed a spooky feel to the game, the audio I think was very well done (those flying enemies as the end were kind of terrifying!), the idea of the game (playing as your soul outside the ambulance fighting the reaper) is epic, overall the game feel is on point, the main gameplay loop felt nice and intuitive to perform and control, and overall I think you guys did a fantastic job!

To be fair, this is by nature a bit unfair, I'm sure you're better at shooters than you think! Took me the first 2 days of the jam to figure out the theme, so I'm glad people are enjoying it. Thanks for your thoughts! :)

cheese is good too!

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Thanks a lot!

I found the grilled cheeses! A number of unique obstacles make the levels feel unique and worth playing. I liked the inclusion off a world map too! There were some glitches here and there (the last level seems to get stuck if you play it again after beating the game, you can jump in mid-air if hugging a wall) but overall the experience is pleasant I think :)

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This was a really cool one. Its rare to see turn-based or strategy games in game jams, and I think this one has a very good level of polish all over, with a simple core game mechanic that easily lent itself to the amount of levels you presented. Graphics were very nice as well. Overall pretty fantastic!

The main game mechanic is very intuitive and lent itself to some very nice puzzles and challenges. I especially liked the falling spike blocks! Good job!

I really liked the sound effects, music and aesthetics. It also fit the theme quite well. Good job.

Are those frogs!? 🐸

Gameplay was interesting and pretty mind twisting, I found myself getting caught out and didn't know which button to press, which led to funny panicking moments. It fit the theme well!

The gameplay loop of gathering the right kind of coffee for people was quite relaxing and enjoyable, especially when the second layout kicked in. The interstitial activities of phone calls and opening doors was nice too. Good job!

I found the aesthetic and music very charming-- but it took me quite a while to get above a 15 second score! :)

The controls for aiming were very tough on keyboard, but  I liked how that made you more methodical with dispatching those green creatures; instead of run-and-gun, I had to stop-aim-fire, which added a bit of strategy to the platforming aspect of the game.

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I thought this was quite nice and really appreciate the effort that has gone in here. More polish would of course always be welcome, I did find the collision of the walls to be buggy but it never got me killed or anything. Good interpretation of the theme! Good job and I'm looking forward to more games by you!

I can't play right now because it is 10:21 PM, but it is precisely because of that reason that I think this submission is pretty good. This is truly one of the most thematic games I've seen in the jam so far-- because the gameplay is currently locked outside of my control! haha. Good job.

I am a bit confused, as the game does have music? Either way, thank you for the positive feedback!

I like the sound effects for firing and the fact that there is original music. While surprisingly simple, the bloom effects added a lot of character too. Good job

I'm glad it surpassed your expectations! Thanks for the feedback!

The main gameplay mechanic was quite simple and very good to allow for quite a few levels! The theme and art style was very cute too. Great job.

Fantastic game! Great art, great effects, I liked the sound, great inclusion of story elements, and great gameplay! One of my favorite jam games so far.


The closeness of the checkpoints is really what made this game for me, as when I had to re-learn the controls each time it swapped, and learn the new gameplay elements,  I still had plenty of time to do that without getting punished and sent back very far. Quite fun, good job.

I quite like the theme, implementation, and ideas present here! Often times when the only thing left to do was press buttons, but it switched to slow guy, I found the gameplay quite slow (maybe make enemies always spawn?), but you did do a great job.

I like the concept, it was pretty hard at first but I eventually got the hang of it and then even started to have fun! The upgrades add a LOT of replayability to it. Overall, its a good job!

So there is a much better way of doing it! Will take note! :)

I like how I could choose my own handicap, and each one altered the simple core gameplay into something unique. Good job.

Pretty hard but it must have been pretty hard to design too! Cool concept, have never seen it before. Great job!

A lot of fun! I liked the introduction of new elements, and the parts of the level dropping out was butt-clenching! I also really enjoyed how if you played through a level multiple times, or maybe just saw an opening, you could find ways to skip to a further part of the level. Overall I enjoyed it.

Brain-melting, but I had a lot of fun playing it. When the level started spinning around randomly it made me laugh! Great job.

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You can by pressing space! (Although I agree that system should be better) Thanks for the feedback!

Very good game, graphically I thought it had some nice effects (dynamic outline around everything? pretty!), but gameplay wise it was a very very polished and very nice puzzle game. Excellent job!

120 seconds :) Very simple gameplay concept, but I found the gameplay loop to be fun, and could easily be expanded with, for example maybe a fire button that randomly moves around the keyboard. I really liked the frantic nature of quickly moving my hands around the keyboard to try to find my keys; good job with this one.

Very unique gameplay loop I haven't seen before. I did find that 5 moves seemed like a perfectly chosen amount, but sometimes felt too low; The strategy I ended up using was every time the controls changed I would use up 4 moves trying to find the controls, and then I had 1 move to use to get to where I needed to go. I still think this game has potential and fits the theme very well.

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This is very good! I don't know what I can say that wont already be said; the tower defense part of the game provides a very strong base, and I have always enjoyed game that make the player inadvertently create their own obstacles. I really enjoyed looking at the cross section between the two genres, and I think there is a lot of potential to expand --either the bullet hell gameplay (new abilities like dodging) or tower defense gameplay (maybe build defensive structures too, to protect yourself from your own creations?)-- which would let them work off each other even more. I enjoyed the concept and look forward to your next creations.

Thanks! If you didn't know, you can press SPACE to focus on the robot while the gun is out. Either way, the camera system could use some work. Thanks for the feedback!