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Cool, funny little game. Love the voices. It's a shame you don't actually have to be stealthy. You can just run and coworkers won't be able to stop you, even if you're passing right in front of them

Very cool, nothing to criticize really. The limitation weren't incorporated as good as it could be but it's good enough and all other aspects are great

Not really stealth game, but the theme was optional I guess. I like the idea of turning into objects with different physical properties. The controls are impossible though. This game needs precise movement and the controls are the opposite of precise, making it way to hard 

I really like this game. 8 minutes passed in no time! I was already going to comment that the game is cool. And then you introduced dashing mechanism :D

I like the simple art and general minimalism of the game. Simple mechanics gave you time to create nice levels. I like that some levels have two paths - harder with more coins and easier with less. Shame that the win screen didn't show how many I've collected.

My main complaint is that the game doesn't incorporate the limitation. I just assumed the guards are killing me and there is nothing to suggest otherwise

Nice, reminds of old flash-based stealth games. The idea is pretty cool. I couldn't figure out what to do at first but I eventually got it. The circular indicators seem more like scanning progress then counters for getting caught.  Also, it's weird that you have to use mouse to answer questions.

I didn't win because when about 2/3 of the class finished I there was no one who could give answers for the first question. Since it's random, it felt a bit unfair. But I enjoyed playing it!

Haha, love the idea of a cat sneaking to break the vase! The game is pretty well done for a jam. The background lights are a bit misleading. At first I though I need to avoid them too. Jumping is too rapid.  Apart from that, I enjoyed it. The art is cool too!

The concept seems cool. Unfortunately I don't quite understand how this game works. Rats, buyers and sellers look exactly the same. I don't know how to avoid being seen. Most of my plays ended with a rat running to a policeman with me not even doing anything.

Shame, because the idea of sneak-trading and keeping my plants alive is quite an original twist on stealth games. 

It's hard to judge because, as you said, the game is not finished. The cat in a box idea is cool (cats love boxes so much, weird that they don't walk in them!). I also like the stopping/starting movement animation.

It's strange to me that you have a level editor in a jam game. I'd advise you to not use your precious time for that next time ;P

It took me a while to figure out what I'm supposed to do. Even while looking at the instructions on the second screen. It's just too confusing. 

The mechanic of grabbing robot parts, hacking them and giving them back to the robot unnoticed is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's too hard. I found myself moving the hook back and forth just so it won't swing because it's impossible to grab the guns unless the hook is hanging straight. 

Adjust the difficulty and introduce the controls gradually via tutorial levels and it might be a pretty fun game

Fun, simple game. I got to 11000 points. Very cool twist on the limitation. The art is not that great but apart from that I don't really have much to complain about.

This is quite a polished game for a jam. Classical stealth experience. I feel like the limitation wasn't really incorporated that much. What are the red cubes doing to me? Seems like usual killing. 

It's hard to remember to use all the abilities but I got a grasp at it eventually. I like that the levels are procedurally generated (or rather, put in a random order :P). The smoke grenade felt like it was blinding me more then the enemies. Also, some indicator to show when I'll stop camouflaging would be helpful.

The black collectible things are hard to spot (I didn't even notice them before like fourth run). It would be nice to show how many the player has collected. It would feel more like you're progressing.

Unfortunately I haven't finished the game because it was to hard, but I enjoyed it :D

Not really a stealth game but I guess the theme was optional. The game is cute but I think it's too hard. I almost gave up before the first checkpoint and I wouldn't have found out about the friendly nounours :P

Cool game! I like the MacGuffin idea. The art is neat, but rocks look like physical objects. I tried to hide behind them and "died". Also, sometimes I couldn't tell if I'm camouflaged or not. Perhaps the default player's sprite should stand out more.

I was a bit disappointed that the terrain you're standing on doesn't matter. I can camouflage as sand and be invisible to the guards while standing on the grass. Otherwise, it's a pretty good concept :D

Pretty cool idea! Music is nice too, I enjoyed it. You've got me on two levels where I wasn't actually supposed to trigger the alarm.

The art is a bit inconsistent. Most sprites are pixel art, but the floor isn't. Some of the images have outlines, some don't. I liked the rats all over the school :P

Also, I think there's a missed potential here. Most of the levels involve just moving from point A to B as fast as possible. It doesn't feel that much stealthy.

Overall pretty solid game. I gotta ask - why are the bathrooms on the outside of the school? :P

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Your game can't be run because there are not enough files in the download. There is at least UnityPlayer.dll missing. The data folder probably should be there too. Basically everything you have in a folder with the exe file should be available to download

Not loading for me too :c

I'm not sure if I got to the end as there was just emptiness after the second guard. It actually took me a couple of tries to pass through him (which is good!). The slime is cute, shame the game has no sound effects (you can get some free sounds if you google it).

My advise would be to look into the slime movement. You get a giant boost when jumping off of corners and it doesn't feel intentional. It makes it very tricky to control because of it, especially since you cannot control the slime while in the air. I jumped across half the level right into a guard a couple of times.

Also, those dwarves seem pretty violent :P Overall, not that bad for the first unity game!