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Awesome idea and execution. It would be a good mobile game or a mini game in a bigger title. My only critique is it's too fast. I'd personally prefer it to be more chill/casual.

Again, great job!

Calligro lets you generate custom fonts from images created in graphics software like Gimp, Photoshop, Aseprite and others.

The workflow is as follows:

  • generate a Calligro template (which is a .png image)
  • draw your characters on the template in any graphics editor
  • load the filled template back in Calligro and save a bitmap font

We use the BMFont format which is supported by a lot of game engines and frameworks, including Godot, Phaser.JS, LibGDX,, HaxeFlixel and others. You can also generate non-monospace fonts but only Godot seems to support it.

Here's the link to the offline version on itch. We also maintain an online version. And the project is open source. All links are on the itch page.

Here's how it looks when imported to Godot:

Calligro font imported in Godot

Calligro font imported in Godot
And here are some screenshots from Calligro itself:

Choosing what characters you want in the font

Choosing what characters you want in the font
Font preview before exporting
Font preview before exporting

Pretty cool, I like the idea. It's very original. I wish karma counter was more visible.

Unfortunately I don't understand why sometimes the enemies kill me and sometimes I kill them. Otherwise I think the game has potential ;)

I like the idea although I didn't really know what am I supposed to do until level 3 (with the enemy). I don't know what the arrow icon means and I wasn't able to beat the game. It's a bit hard.

But the concept is clever and original. I think it has potential.

I love the art style. The atmosphere is really nice although I wish there were more sound effects.

Unfortunately I got stuck and have no idea what to do. Also moving between screens seems glitchy (maybe that's the reason I got stuck?). Otherwise I'd love to keep playing ;)

Quite a fun game. I didn't expect so many unique levels. You really explored the dying mechanic here.

After some time the fact that everything is vibrating started to be a little distracting though. And why am I not dying when I'm jumping off the screen? :P

Overall I liked your game. Level design is definitely the strongest aspect.

The idea is pretty cool. With more time you could create really interesting levels. I think the body deleting mechanic is kind of unnecessary (I've even beaten the whole game without using it) but maybe it could work. Depends on the level design really.

As for other aspects, I like the art style. It's simple and clean. The movement feel nice too

The idea is cool but it could be explored a little further. You should give the player more opportunities to use the death splash strategically like maybe different enemy formations, enemies that react differently to the splash etc.

Also, I like the art style. It's simple but nice to look at and consistent.

Thanks for the feedback ;D That's true, the feeling of being lost may be a bit too heavy with this art style.

It would help me to know: did you need to read the hints in the description (were you stuck at any point)?

Glad you liked it! 

I must ask: did you need to read the hints in the description or was the goal clear to you?

The concept is cool although I didn't really feel like the squares were dying. They were just teleported to the original position without any real consequence. It would be cool if the challenge was based on the fact you are dying. Right now I feel like the game would be the same if the death wasn't there.

Having said that - the game is fun and I think it has potential. The dying mechanic just needs to be explored more.

I actually enjoyed this one. The concept is neat and the execution is great too. Some puzzles were hard but not too hard. 

One critique I may have is that on some levels I wasn't sure if what I did was the intended solution or did I broke the game. For example on the level with 3 bomb-arrow, 2 goo tunnels, 3 goblins and a knight I won without using the third bomb-arrow.

Overall I loved the game. Not too short, not too long. Could be expanded into a bigger game though ;)

I like the idea, it's kind of similar to my game (possessing bodies). It was hard to figure out what I'm supposed to do but I got it eventually. 

I wish the dialogues would stay longer though, because it was hard to read this fast. Unfortunately I didn't finished it (couldn't figure out what to do with the lumberjack). The fact you made this small village interconnected with the plot is super cool!

Unfortunately my xbox gamepad (bluetooth) doesn't work neither in browser nor in the standalone build (windows). Nothing happens when I click buttons on it.

Strange, no one had issues like this before. I doubt it but maybe it's adblock? Unfortunately, if it's a bug I cannot fix it until the gamejam voting period is over because it's against the rules to upload new versions.

Glad you liked it ;) 

Yes, I used a game engine. Godot normally puts its logo at the beginning by default but not for browser builds for some reason. You're right, I could mention it.

I really liked. The graphics is original and cool. It fits the music well. Sometimes I didn't understand why I went higher or lower, though. 

You should continue working on it after the jam ;)

Pretty cool. It's basically a metroidvania. I liked how the player was set up to fall to uncover the part of level beneath. One thing that could be improved is feedback when you can or can't use your tongue. When I clicked in the air and nothing happened I thought it's a bug. Only later I realized that i have to be close enough to a wall to use it.

Glad you liked it ;)

By the way, when you couldn't change the word at the end it wasn't really a glitch. There just wasn't any more words to choose for this one. Unfortunately I didn't have time to communicate it in the UI better

Pretty cool concept! The graphics and sounds are nice.  The level design could be improved though because sometimes I was just guessing where the platforms in the other world are. Otherwise, nice work ;)

Super cute, I like it ;)

Nice job for the second playable game ever. Maybe try to work on it more after the jam. It has potential. One thing I would change is to start the music in the main menu already so I know if it's too loud or not.

Oh, that changes everything! Gotta play again. But yeah, it's definitely not apparent enought

The idea is cool. At first I didn't get it because I chose the easiest difficulty where the level is practically identical for both characters. Otherwise pretty cool. But I thought the boomerangs would be throwable and they would somehow go "there and back". Gotta ask - why are they boomerangs? :P

I like the concept! The controls are wonky and it makes it too hard but the idea itself is pretty cool ;)

The controls are a bit hard to get used to but I eventually got it. The wall jumping is nice. I like the idea of the level turning upside. I didn't notice it at first though. Maybe some animation of a rotating level could be nice. Overall it's a challenging but fun game

The cat is cute! I like the idea. It's a bit strange how the fish/skeletons were dropping in waves. Consider making it fall at a more constant rate. Otherwise it's a fun little game. I enjoyed it ;)

I like the idea. The little storytelling addition makes it to be so much nicer experience. I didn't really fell the "there and back" theme though. With some work it could be a pretty solid game ;)

Cool idea. I think bullets could be a little bigger because I barely saw them. And some more sound indicators for hitting enemies would be nice ;)

Very fun game! It's hard but I really enjoyed for a little while. I like the slow motion - nice touch. 

The game could use some sound effects and maybe be a little bit easier. But other than that, as I said, quite fun. You should polish this after the jam ;) 

It's pretty fun. I actually enjoyed playing it for a little while! 

I wish there were sound effects, they could really improve the feel. Also, some scoring system would be nice, so that players know if they're getting better. I feel like the shotgun-like weapon is a bit overpowered.

But other than that, as I said, it's fun. You should work on it more after the jam!

I wish there were sound effects and music. It would really improve the experience. The movement is a bit clunky but other than that it's pretty cool.

Took me a while to figure out why I keep dying. The bar at the top (oxygen I guess?) should pop out more to catch players' attention. 

The visuals and audio are great!

I think the new mechanics are being introduced too slowly. At some moment I was gonna just quit thinking nothing else will really happen and then the rotators appeared. Other issue I have is that there is no challenge. I can just explode some random tiles so that the yellow tokens appear and then simple move them together. 

For the positives, apart from the overall presentation and feel, I think it's really relaxing and the idea has potential. You should definitely create a post-jam version of the game!

It's really hard to avoid cannonballs, but the idea is cool. It's a bit weird that enemies can just go through you. 

With some more polish I can see it being really enjoyable. If you'll continue to work on this after the jam then maybe consider different types of cannonballs to keep things interesting :P

I couldn't figure out what to do at first as the second satellite is not visible. Otherwise it's pretty fun. I actually enjoyed. The moving satellite is a prove that the game has potential to be bigger if you continue to work on it after the jam. Maybe different kind of satellites that let you steer in different ways? Idk :P

Also, the asteroids could be changed in some way, because right now I can mostly just ignore them

Simple concept, nice execution. Starts simple but the player quickly loose control :P I like how the layout of the ship almost becomes a maze as you need to react quicker and quicker.

I hope you add more mechanics in the post-jam version!

It's really hard, I couldn't complete most levels. But the idea behind is pretty cool. I can see it being a really fun game if you'll continue to work on it

Clever idea. A lot of games went for changing directions but you did it in a way that's not frustrating. It's fun! The only thing a will complain about is that when the player collects all visible coins, there is quite a lot of waiting for the screen to move and reveal additional ones. I wish the screen would just move if I get close the edge.

Other then this little nitpick, I like it ;)

The game looks nice, especially with the paralax. I saw a few cacti moving in different speed than the floor - not sure it that's intentional? 

I don't really get how it fits the theme, but it's a solid little game ;)

Simple idea but it works. I liked it, especially taking into consideration you made it in a few hours. I'm not sold on the colors though; maybe arrows would be easier for people to understand (after a while you get used to the colors so it could just be arrows as well). 

But apart from that nitpick, I enjoyed it :D

Nice execution of the idea! I wish there were sound effects, they could greatly improve the experience. Some more tutorial-like levels would be good too as I was pretty confused at the beginning. Otherwise, it's fun and I actually enjoyed playing it :D