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After dinking around for a bit I finally got to play your game!! I got to say that this was the best game for the jam!! While my mascot disapproves (violently might I add) of drinking shakes on this channel I will admit that the puzzle was good here and had me stumped for the portion of footage I recorded and took me about 45 minutes to solve that final step.  I say that this would make a really great standalone game.  The music was relaxing, and I also really enjoyed that artwork.  Good job!!
The footage starts at 26:36 

Ok, At long last, I've finally gotten around to playing your game.  I like the ideas presented in the game where you can use the wires as a method of travel, I think if you were to expand that I would say include multiple paths that alow you to get to the end quicker.  Another thing that really needs improvement is that sound.  The electricity sounded like someone imitating a fart, and the music is really off beat and is underwhelming.  But overall, not a bad little game with some good ideas behind it.

The game footage starts at 7:50 

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It's up now!! Sorry if the video is sloppily edited, I got a lot to do before October since that month is going to be a big one for me

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I finally played your game

Sorry if it took me a long time to getting around to it. Your game footage starts at 0:41

I would say it's good, but a major improvement would be having a drop shadow below the shake to tell where you are going to land

Good news, I've just recorded all three games from that game jam and will be editing soon!!! I'll post the video here and one on your game page as soon as it launches, or if I can't be near my computer at the time (which happens), at the earliest convenience!

I'll get to it soon, Promise!! I sort of forgot about creating that when real-life situations came up...

Alright, I've played this game, and here are my thoughts.  This is one really deep game, a game that got me to open up on some of my social issues (and a few fears).  The choices were interesting, but I often wished there could of been more to chose from.  I do think it was a dirty trick that you didn't tell us what we were choosing until we chose since I thought that the image of the ocean was really a forest.  for a short experience it was a good one, and one that I do recommend, so keep up the good work!!

I really don't want to sound harsh but I like the concept, but the execution is boring.  There could be ways to improve upon the concept like many having shadow creatures come out and attack the lights.  I think having some living things (like animals or people) to raise the stakes would be nice here too.  Another interesting idea is to have a quick flash, to light up the entire environment in a moment (but will replicate the current tile that you are standing on) and the light lasts shorter than the lights you set up.  

Well, it's very chaotic by design.  I don't know exactly what was going on at any time, I don't necessarily understand why the bullets come back to hurt you.  I do think that having some kind of level progression would help here.  This way you can introduce the game's primary mechanics and the player can get a better grasp of what's going on.  And after the introductions are done, then do a free play and see how long the player lasts.  Other than that, that's all I have to say!

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I know that you fixed it already, but I'll still bring up the fact that A and D only rotate the car.  While it was disorienting at first I did get a handle on it.  The next suggestion I have is to make the red car a cop car, then it gives the title (The Chase) more meaning.  Other than the car physics, I hove no other complaints (and if you want, you can DM me the update to once you can update).

It's a good puzzle game, that last one really had me thinking.  However, I do feel like there's no real snap to this grid-based movement.  This made some elements (including that last puzzle) hard to impossible.  I think if the character snapped into place in a more grid-based movement (instead of this weird hybrid fealing that you had going here) you can make as many puzzles as you want.  Other than that, I do think that the welding torch should come with some kind of detach option, but that's just me.  Other than that, it was just fine.

You know what, the only things that I have to say about this game is a little more veritay, some different ships to control that handle differently perhaps.  A multiplayer mode where one controls one ship and the other is controlled by someone else would be a lot of fun too!! Other than that, no complaints here!!

I don't know how this was supposed to play out in concept, but all I found was confusion.  I do get the idea of reading ahead, but I wasn't seeing too much ahead and there was a concept that was introduced but not established.  Luckily enough, I'm not a first-time game player, but if I was, I wouldn't be able to get very far.  I don't necessarily see how this fits the theme.  I think that there could have been a puzzle game if you had control over the rooms and their position, joining them together to make a bit of your own level or getting through that set level.  Sorry for sounding harsh, I'm just telling you what I've observed...

Yup... Sadly it was kinda unfinished... I ran out of time to get everything I wanted to work working... But this time I decided to make gameplay my top priority and graphics my second... I am working on some of the glitches that the game had (including a glitch that soft locks the game until you press R) and I'll get to work on the enemy AI so that he is trying to solve the puzzle before you.  The next layer was supposed to include a section where you had to get the enemy to kill you to get out of a pit.  But Time was an issue, and I got it up just before the crash...  But don't worry, I'm going to get back to it after Mark allows us to update our games.

Well... Just a minute in the game and I end up breaking the game.  And I couldn't help the fact that I kept finding them.  I found a glitch that allowed you to carry stones back to the beginning of the game.  I think that the best way to fix that is to put in a checkpoint system, and it will also allow for people to experiment. 

It was scary at the start then it kinda fell stale due to repetition.  It's not a bad concept but I do feel like there could be more done with it.  How about an upgrade shop for the tesla coils where you can spend points to upgrade your devices?  Then mix up the enemies so that the crab people are not the only scary thing on this ship.  I would also fix a few of those dead ends, even if they might be there for the enemy spawning (in fact you can make these doorways you can enter to get to other levels of the ship).  I would say though, you are on the right track!!

I really wanted to beat this for the video!! I sware!! But overall, I say you did a pretty good job (especially with the fact that you got me talking about talking balls for some reason).  There are a few things that do make this game a little tedious though.  The movement speed is one of them for me.  Another was more of a "at first" thing, but watching the timing of the archers made things kinda difficult (too difficult in some cases).  Though the mechanic that I didn't fully understand was the "friend take the bullet mechanic".  Are you supposed to throw the rock at the dart?  If that was the case, I'd don't think I'm that good of aim (or of timing).  Maybe a better explanation might help out with that.  Other than that, I'm a sucker for that 8/16 bit graphic style, I like the fact that the character acknowledges when he is stuck, and the music was pleasant to listen to!!  Last note, I don't know why I kept referencing Portal in the video BTW...

Just to let you know, I love this idea and there is a ton of potential here!  The best way to unlock it is if you give out all the shots you need at the beginning of a level, then the player would have to solve a puzzle using the rhythm blocks and the platforms (like which ones light up at which time to get across).  With the current system you have put up here it's way too easy to cheese your way through the levels.  And this is a minor side note, I think that having the beats match up to the music would definitely add some kind of WOW factor to the presentation of the game!!  Outside of a control adjustment (which made it too hard to get past a certain level), I'd say it was a fine game.

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Yeah, that back story was one of the first funny ideas that I came up with for the game, the next was the surprise at the ending.  I didn't have time to get to that sadly, but I'll update it as soon as I can!!

Despite the fact that I was an idiot and ran it off my USB drive, I had a lot of fun playing this!! The music is good, the visuals poped, and it feels great to play.  I did get the bonus horde at the end despite how tough and how many tries it took!!

Holy cow!! You're fast!!!

The "Mix It Up" part is basically making something new (or at least interesting) from a simple concept

Sadly no, I wish I could give out some prizes, but the best I can do at the moment is promote it through my Youtube channel, or have my friend promote it on his (he has more subscribers than me)

It's a game with a good enjoyment factor and some excellent music to boot...

But to scare me, you'll have to do better than that!!

I've played your game and enjoyed it!!

Hello, and I just played this game for my youtube channel recently!! I don't realy want to call it out completely, but someone submitted a copy this game to my game jam (the EXE only).  So I played this origonal version instead.

Yes!! I can't wait!!

My computer is a Dell XPS 7800 with a Intel i7-4790, 8 gigs of ram, with a Nvidia Geforce GT 720

I'll stay out of this one... I don't want to spoil myself here...

This is where we can gather together and exchange some HYPE!!

That's what I get for coding entirely from scratch for a game jam...

Ha, I see.  Well my first game wasn't all that much of a hard hitter, but I suppose that everyone had to start somewhere.  This was for a game jam and I did make it in 48 hours (even if the final code was done in about 9 hours).  But I am working on 2 other projects, one being a demo for a idea before the jam, and the other a game that I've been working on since August of last year.  Then I have other briaint ideas written down for future use.  I'm even planning a directors cut for this game as well to further expand upon the idea that I had originally for this game. So you can stay tuned in if you want.

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Just out of curiosity... What is going on to cause this confusion... I can point out what's intentional and what's not...

(Just to let you know, this is my first game I made)

Sometimes I never leave home without it!!

This game was a interesting puzzler, but I am sure there is more to make it a little more challenging

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It was a interesting game, I had some fun!  I actually never seen a platformer where you had to use your mouse to move.  It was an interesting idea that could be explored further!! I even came up with the idea where maybe there could be a level where the character runs away from the mouse! (PS: I did get interrupted while recording, so I just put something funny in the blank spot)

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I have the GT720, a significantly lower end card...

Edit: That, and I am running two monitors on this rig, which is almost good enough alone to kill it, LOL

Only two suggestions... A aiming reticle and optimization (watch video for reason)  I think if you put a boot launcher to the game, it would work fine


I laughed at that to when I put that in, along with that Markipler reference!!