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It should be detecting the size of your monitor by the amount of pixels on the Y plain... So if it detects, for example, 1080 pixels for the height from your video mode then it will show up as yellow, and when you click that button it will set the settings to 1080X1920 and change the full screen option to true (or on as I put it in the settings window).  Anything higher than that will be red and will not be select-able.  So if you don't have your monitor settings to display at 1080X1920, then that will not be available for that monitor.  I was trying to get some Multi-Monitor support working, but couldn't not just due to time, but the limitation of the libraries I'm currently using.  So my advice is check your display settings to see what your system is putting up on your monitor.  If you can't get it above a resolution like 900X1600 then you shouldn't be trying to run the game at 1080p.

Thanks!! Yeah, when I drew the flower and it's subsequent stages I thought to my self "this feels like a drawing that Grandma will hang up on her fridge for her kids".  People seemed to like it so I just rolled with it, but that's probably why some of art lacks some of the perspective or volume (that and I still struggle with that at times).  Sorry if I had to cut back on some things, I'm working on the update now!!

Well, I've fixed some of the issues that you addressed, and I've been posting about these fixes as they happen on the main page it's self (check it out when you got the time).  I did have an idea where you can put the plant up for adoption, or train it for the battles at night both having up and down sides.  I also think it could have some verity to the mix by having different types of plants and each with versions that are rare too.  Then I was going to add a mechanic to the game where if enough flowers die during the day they will come back and haunt you at night.  If they got you you would get stunned for a short period of time, allowing the monsters to get the drop on you.  And for the window resize function I wonder what you mean, like you are setting the settings to like 1080 and it's not going to that size?  Or are you talking about resizing it mid game?  If its the resizing during mid game, I'm sorry but I don't have anything worked out for that yet... The only way to resize the window right now is through the configuration manager that shows up on startup, and not the game it's self at the current moment.

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To start out you need to plant the seeds for the flowers to grow. Then you go to the bottom of the screen, there will be a tool bar that will have a packet of seeds, a watering can, and a bag of plant food.  You have to give the flowers the water and the plant food or they will die in a set amount of time (it's faster if you got the first beta version).  There was a second set of mechanics planned for the game, but I didn't get to them in time due to a major error in a part of the framework I designed and having to build a whole new manager for the flowers themselves.  However, I'm adding the second section now as well as tackling some of the bugs and glitches that I know about and adding some quality of life features to that first part as well.  Check out the main Itch page if you want to know more, I'm making updates to that page as I get some of these improvements added to the game!!
I'll get to the point where I'll also add a tutorial to the third beta phase too... But that will happen after the jam...

Nice little arcade game you got going here!! The pixel art looks good and the music sounds great.  While the controls where a little stiff it was manageable.  I would loosen it up just a bit, adjust the jump height and git rid of the double jump. Otherwise good game!!

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That's why the fixed times version exists... I realized that 10 frames for a check was a huge mistake in the first place, though I'm currently working on a huge update that dose fix this...

Keep it light... The editor doesn't have to work as much...

It's supposed to do that... Try using the Down/S key...

You may have to use 7-Zip... Windows explorer doesn't like unzipping the file for some reason...

You may have to use 7-Zip... Windows explorer doesn't like unzipping the file for some reason...

Early Bird, but I'll get a update out soon!!

I did use 7Zip on the Zip and the 7Zip files... Sorry, about that!! And I am working on the update to give the player guidance to figure out to do, but I'll give you a hint with this one... Hold down the Down key or D key when over the player...

This is a fascinating concept for a game... However the people watching the stream told me that this game would be harder... I didn't find all that much challenge in it (of course with out trial and error).  I wish there were more levels to this, there are more ways to experiment around in this game!!

"What if we made Cookie Clicker but decided to switch out the Cookies for failing organs?" is exactly what you asked yourself/yourselves when you started this game, right?  Outside of that, it's a interesting concept for sure!! I don't see how it could be expanded upon though...

First... Staggering amount of levels for 2 days of work... I'm impressed!!  These puzzles had me scratching my head either way... I will keep playing on my own spare time!! You did a good job, and I wish you all luck on expanding upon the concept in the future!!

I don't know what happened, but I think I soft-locked the game twice.  I think that the camera should rotate up and down as well, then it makes it easier to aim the fishing lure.  Maybe a first person view would help with fishing as well!!

*Sniff Sniff*  Do I smell Stanly Parable inspiration here?  Well, if that's the case, I would develop this game to have different endings, epically when you go to put the buttons out of bounds, or clipping through the walls.  Another thing that I would appreciate is subtitles.

While the game over screen was funny the first time I saw that, then got progressively annoying every time I saw it... I was a bit confused with some of the controls and wish that it was easier to tell if you were caring a object or not.  With the hand sprites on the screen, I suppose you can make them take a different position when carrying something.  I think having the ability to pick up and temporally wield weapons (like a stick since were at level one) might make things interesting as well!!

Well, I think that the wall jump could be something other than the shift key...  I found myself getting stuck on the bottom floor a lot.  Other than that it is a neat idea that could use some polish.

Well, I first thought that you would be a Princess locked in a tower trying to do everything she can to Impress her Hero so he go save her.  Man was I dead wrong on that.  I was confused on the objective, but apparently dying was it.  I was thinking that I was supposed to kill the hero, then when that didn't work, I tried to push him into a stalemate, then I lost but won...  Of course that the game's mechanics are obscure on the first play through, but the second time playing I got it.

At first, I thought I was bugged because nothing was happening... Only to realize that that game was not properly clicked in.  Go figure.  It's a rather short experience that could have room for expansion...

Well, I do appreciate the idea, you know that the ghosts names are Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, right?  So where did Timmy come from?  Still, I think there should be a game over sequence activated when the pellet count goes down to zero.  Though that Pac-Man AI is kinda dum at times... Still, it would be a fascinating experience playing Pac-Man as the Ghosts though...

Yes LOL!!

Short, with an Idea that could be expanded to a much longer game.  I think that most of the ideas explored could work with longer levels and more mechanics where you can kill the player.

Yes, it reminds me of working on freelance code and putting objects into place.  Usually I just cheat and use gimp, but I do like the idea.  I think if you add other items of game dev into the game, it could become more fascinating!!

Short, sweet, simple, and my adventurer made it out with a lot of slime loot!! Yeah, I didn't do that well of organizing but it can make a fun puzzle game with the systems put into place.  I can suggest that rotation and some stacking could make things more interesting!! For the stacking, you need to make a row or a column of the same items to make it stack.

A Zombie curing a human virus... Nice concept, and I think I broke the game.  I think that there are more levels, but the game put me into a softlocked state.  But I do like the initial concept, with some upgrades to the weapon that your are using.

This is a fun and challenging game, and I ended up enjoying it.  But the only criticism I have is that I'm surprised you didn't put a Super Mario reference with one of the ghosts facial expressions (that of the shy boo).

SHOOT TO MOVE IS REAL!! But I had fun, I wish that there was something about the end goal, because I did notice that you did have a story here.  It looks like the guys girl got absorbed into the gun, and I think a story mode would be fun!! I also think that adding multiplayer would be fun too.  But some weapon balancing may be needed since I found the Rocket Launcher to be the most useless weapon of the bunch...

Frogger, but your the car.  Someone in chat suggested a great idea where it would be fun if you can change up your vehicle.  But jumping is unnecessary...

I'm wondering if there was more planned for this?  It needs a lot of work and I fail to see how it fits Reversing Roles.   You say something about switching night and day, but I don't see anything about that...

I do like this idea, I just wish there were more verbs, nouns, and adjectives.  Really, that's about it there...

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Can I ask a question?  Were you fully aware of how hilarious these options are?  Though I will admit being a NPC giving out quests wouln't be the funnest job, you did a good job making sure it's the funniest!!  But you can tell that a NPC is done with it's job when it tells someone to stop a Contemplative Pony from gathering other Ponies and dancing  at the university by pooping on it...

Sadly I wasn't able to save Bob from Rob... But it is a fascinating concept that might use some extra time fleshing out!!

A interesting concept for sure!  It took me a while to get an idea of what was going on, but I managed to figure it out.  I do think some sound for the warning lights would make it easier to know when to doge and gives you a heads up on what to look out for.  Simple buzzers should do the trick.  After playing this though, I did start thinking of the other way you could do the idea, but realized that it was a bad idea.

I struggled only because I selected the hardest mode right off the bat.  Admittedly, this was my fault.  But this is a fun idea for a bullet hell style game, and the reversing roles idea is pretty well implemented.  I did enjoy it only if I could go so far, and I do have a long list of games to play and limited time.  It was an enjoyable game, but I do think we need to talk about that settings button though...

C++ and SFML... I'm building my own engine!!

This game reminds me of a game called "Stuck Between a Clock and a Hard Space" and that is a good thing.  I liked the idea where you needed to move the level around to get the ball out and the idea can be easily expanded upon!!