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What a joyful game!! The music transitioning to a lyrical composition at the end of the day was awesome, and the sound of the gong went with it very well. Good work!!!

Awesome! Glad you've enjoyed it :)

Also - it took me until today in a programming class when the prof mentioned 0xDEADBEEF that I realized DEAD FACE is a 32 bit hex number. So great!

Very sweet story. The amazon prime registered trademark namedrop was a little odd though

This is so good!! wow <3

ah-HA! Thank you! What a lovely game


Does anybody know how to beat the nazi level? I get past the A+ grade but then aliens show up and laser me to death every time. I've tried hitting "Save and go home" after reaching over the A+ grade but it doesn't count as a victory :/

I don't think I can pull it off but this is PERFECT for a walpurgisnacht fight. Maybe I'll try a super low rez low scope version but I don't have the art skills or the time to do the show justice

Just found this while looking for golf art assets and I absolutely adore it - making it all one level was such a nice touch and the ( though a bit janky) movement was fun!

Good advice! You should try your hand at game dev some time, you have a talent for it!

Definitely if I come back to this that is one of the things I will do, thank you very much for playing!

As far as levels go, it was honestly a little disingenuous of me to call them that haha. Maybe layouts that aren't just a square could be interesting though...

The mechanics you have implemented look like they could be spun into some interesting levels, given time. Good work!

I did encounter one thing that confused me though, on the level where an enemy approaches you it seemed like I was dying while not touching the enemy. For example, when I went into the corner that it passes but does not enter to hide from it, I would still lose. Perhaps the hit boxes could be reduced in size?

Wowwww this is good but REALLY hard. Goes to show that large teams can accomplish a lot, well done everyone!

Wowwww this is good but REALLY hard. Goes to show that large teams can accomplish a lot, well done everyone!

I like the visuals and sfx a lot! The experience could use some tuning though, two things stood out to me:

- Enemies deal damage on entering contact with the player, but since they do not die from this and do not deal continuous contact damage, you can end up just sort of hugging them after they've hit you once

- Having to spam the mouse button to shoot (especially on trackpad) is a massive pain. Enter The Gungeon compromised between wanting to encourage fast clicking but also wanting to support casual players by allowing automatic fire when holding the shoot button, but making its rate of fire slower than you could achieve by spam clicking.

Great entry!

When I realized that the background art was a flip flopping timer I grinned so wide, I love this. it is HARD and I still don't fully understand whether or not reversed time snakes respawn and if so how, but I love it and the music and sfx rock!

This is a really neat puzzle game! I found the mechanics both intuitive and satisfying. The music, however, was way too repetitive and upbeat for my mind to handle haha

Oh awesome, that makes a lot of sense

This is a VERY cool concept! I am really amazed by how the fact that turrets would destroy each other if they were too close changed how I placed my buildings - I ended up putting factories on the outside edge so that they wouldn't get Lasered, and I bet that walls could be used in really clever setups to increase building density. It was buggy, and the ui could use some work, but this could easily be developed into one heck of a game. I loved it!

I really like all of the various games that have played with your projectiles bouncing and dealing self damage, and this does it pretty well! It would help a lot if there was more visual feedback that an enemy has been damaged, and indicators where they are appearing from off screen so that the player can get out of the way would also be helpful. Good work!

This was super cute and really fun! The controls were floaty but in a good way, after a couple tries it felt super smooth. I wish the paint from the bomb persisted between attemots, and a timer would be nice, but overall this was a joy to play!

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This game is actually pretty good, but while the guide pdf was cutely formatted, I, uh, didn't actually read it. I'm going back and doing so now, but just so you know most people who play this game won't bother with the guide like I did. A tutorial would be really helpful!

Edit: Now that I've read it fully and beaten the first level, I realize that I actually would have been fine if I just hadn't opened the document. All you really need to know to play this is the controls, but the wall of text confused me so much I thought the starting point was a door you had to open to win haha

Echoing the other comments, some of the levels being impossible was a bit annoying, like this one:

Maybe you could write a super simple bot to verify levels before they are generated? It could use A* path finding to ensure there was a color source withing range of the starting point, at least

This is a really, really good entry for the jam limitation. Having infinite ammo meant I got myself into trouble very frequently, but I always knew it was my fault so I didn't mind at all. To optimize time, I found that as the board dwindled to just a small group of blocks I would spam bullets at them and hope I won before they rebounded, which had that perfect feeling of high risk high reward. Really fun!

I have some small suggestions that I think would help enhance the experience for the player:

There were times when a ball would come at me horizontally so it was difficult or impossible to dodge. This was usually because of something I had done anyway, but it did feel a little unfair. Maybe you could add some sort of a "dash" feature that gives I-frames? It wouldn't need to be spammable. Alternatively, a lot of bullet hell games have "bombs" that clear the screen of all bullets and are limited in ammunition. Just some ideas :)

No limitation use is a shame, but figuring out how to get all the colors was a blast! The art and the sfx were on point.

Stellar jam entry! The controls, especially the wall jump, were pretty finicky some times, but the game itself was a blast!

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This is extremely well made! I'm impressed by the polish and variety of settings. I have three small pieces of feedback:

1. The instructions on the itch page were difficult for me to understand, although the game was intuitive enough that I picked it up quickly regardless. Perhaps a better description could be "Click the button matching the font color of the text. If the text is outlined, click the button matching the color the text states"

2. The color buttons being tinted darker when I hovered over them was mildly confusing on one stage when I had a white button that turned grey when hovered over. It was enough to throw me off for a second, and I don't think that was intended?

3. The "Quit" button doesn't play nice with browsers :)

Incredible submission!

This is a fun concept but the bugs got in the way of me actually playing it. On the second level, this happened:
Three pixels were left unfilled, and no amount of clicking on them with either bucket selected could do anything. Without a reset button, I couldn't progress

Yes, I really should have added volume controls, a hit stop would be good. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! This jam has really driven home to me that minimal scope leads to maximum completeness

I'll Third Thinker's comment - This was a great concept but could use polishing. I love the main character's art!

By the way, I think we used the same pastel pride flag color palette lol

The corner thing is a huge flaw with the game, yeah. I was brainstorming ideas to mitigate that but didn't really have time. If I update the game, I might add a feature that paint bombs fall on your position every few seconds, although I'm not sure how I would convey that naturally to the player

Diving into game dev by starting with a game jam is certainly bold! I imagine you've learned a lot from this - It is super difficult and even after years of gamedev I still find it hard, but it can also be so rewarding!

Adorable and fun as always, thanks for the game!

There's something wonderfully peaceful about an endless runner where you're just a little guy and you can stop if you want. Thanks for making this!

such a cute game!

such a wonderful game! This was super fun to play, and the grappling hook mechanic is beautifully integrated with the controls. The natural tutorials are smooth and barely noticed, the art and music is cute! I gave up somewhere in area three because it got hard and I had to go to class. Thanks for making this!

This is a wonderful tool, thank you!!