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Really cute idea and visuals! with minimal control changes this could be really great!

Nice game! At first it took me time to understand what to do but it was great :) 

Really good idea, although controls were a bit sluggish it still felt like a very good base for a game!

Really cute presentation and fun mechanics, I can definitely see how this idea can be expanded upon, great job!

Real Nice! loved the music and how sleek it was even getting errors =] Fun idea executed very nicely!

We made a mice game too haha it was a fun puzzle game :) 

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the tip :) 

We appreciate it!

Haha thank you!


This was really dope! enjoyed every second and was actually sad it was over, my favorite so far!

Really enjoyable!

Really cute game, loved the art style =D

Really loved the art style, awesome job =]

Really fun! very polished and though out, Great Job!

Really loved the game! this was actually our first idea which we didn't know how to get beyond just shooting around the moon, which you solved really nicely!

Hey, I wished to take a look at your game code and see if I could find the bug haha.

But the github repository you linked to seems to be empty :(

Really cute idea, was not sold on it at first but as I started playing it somehow got really engaging!

Really nice game, I enjoyed the boss design although I did wish I could shoot while jumping, great job!

started the game ,put the canon on max power ,somehow wasn't hit and beat the game with only 4 button presses ,best game of the year

Simple and  fun :) Good job...

Really fun game! very balanced, I would only add a more hands on tutorial for strategy games =]

I liked the diversion on the platformer genre =]

Really neat Idea, I liked how the asteroids got stuck to you just where  you collided with them =D

Really nice work for a first game trying to use all of these different scenarios, enjoyed every moment =]

Sadly wasn't able to get a second player to join in, will try again soon =]

Was really astonished by the level of polish !

Really liked seeing your reaction, hoping to see you trying to finish the game =] 

I liked the graphics and the audio. It took me a while to understand what to do though. Nice game!

Really well done, I loved the difficulty level although I did wish I had better ways to understand what was going to happen to my moon, but the puzzle Ideas are really awesome, would definitely play more of this!

Really neat idea, loved the bumpers and the way I had to look at them and not only where I'm shooting.

It was interesting. I didn't understand what came out of the chests tho...

Really neat Idea, reminds me of a game I loved in my childhood =]

That's a really cool Idea, really loved the integration between the mechanics!

Really dig the art style!

Loved the artstyle and the interpretation of the theme !

you mastered the juice!