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So fun and satisfying. Sledgehammer was fun, but only mostly the big crates left by the time I got it : (

I was trying to reach the concentration camp but the ints were overflowing.

Penumbra'd shadows look very cool. Very bouncey.

The drawing is very cool and fun, though the gameplay otherwise is a bit punishing.

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I am addicted to idle games and this is very satisfying as it picks up. My sanity also enjoyed the fact that it ends.

The ending "blew" my mind

The ending made me cry, very powerful

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Very very nice! Interesting and intuitive mechanics. All the sprites, animations, and sounds perfectly fit in as well

Only thing I felt like it could use is a level select, or at least some way to track progress / see how close one is to finishing

Very cool game, fun and satisfying

Extremely fun and mind bending, without being too tedious or tricky. Would love to see this expanded with new concepts beyond lasers.

Only one mode is the only true way to play. Amazing game

Amazing how you made all this in two days, along with also developing an interesting atmosphere at the same time. Lots of good content and beautiful art, would love to see more!

The art is fantastic and I am always in awe of people who fit multiple small games into their gmae jam submission, given how hard it is just to finish one sometimes. Great stuff!

Beautiful and inventive. Loved it from start to finish

Stylish, smooth, and satisfying. Would be very interesting to see where this idea can go if given more work, especially in terms of developing level mechanics that play directly into shard usage

It was meant to be a bit frustrating but even so I wish I could've made it more smooth and reliable, but unity physics is a hard beast to tame.

That's exactly what I had in mind, but ofc in the jam only so many worms can crawl out your bum. 

Built it on my laptop with only the touchpad just so I knew it would be possible, but it's still way easier on a mouse lol so I feel your pian. Glad you liked it anyway :)

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Fun game, sometimes hard to keep track of which switches need to be pushed, and if it's been hit twice, but overall easy to move around (at least in version 2) and good level design.

Silly, fun, and one of the more polished games visually this jam. Very nice

One of my favorites of the jam for sure. Would love to see how this idea could expand given a full development. Upgrades, different weapons that control differently (but still in the separated dual-stick fashion). Fantastic idea with near-perfect execution, nice!

Nice and clean physics, pretty fun

One of my favorites already. Design perfectly facilitates the mechanic and even has some puzzle-ish elements thrown in (like the level where you have to fall almost off the level before boosting. Very nice game and looks beautiful also!

Very fun and satisfying movement. Level design really plays into learning how to best use the mechanics. Great game!

Very fun, like others have said the weapon variety is really what shines, I especially loved the flame thrower :)

Fun and easy to play. Looks great too

My favorite I've played so far, interesting mechanic and very on theme. Something about the rope too just works so well in my opinion. A guiding line to see the initial bounces direction might've been useful but otherwise very nice and satisfyingly challenging.

Very stressful but also very satisfying, my eyes don't feel the same they used to. Fun game!

Love these kinds of games, so I might be biased (and I've played Kohctpyktop so I knew a bit going into it already)  but I really loved this interpretation based on the theme. Maybe a bit tedious with the number of spaces, especially on trackpad, but still fun for me and a good amount of content to go through.

Extremely fun and polished, very fun to replay!