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Solaxi can only exist along a single vertical axis - make sure he doesn't get knocked off on your way to the portal!
Submitted by RoboPenguin, shizzit, eccemono, JMS777 — 47 minutes, 22 seconds before the deadline
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This game was pretty neat, I liked the artstyle you guys went with for this! I agree that the second level should've come first though, even though the first level is better the second one works more as an introduction (being shorter and easier by comparison)


Thanks so much for playing and for the kind feedback! Yeah, definitely regret the last minute level switch - will definitely remember to bear that in mind for next time!


i was surprised how easy the controls were to get used to, like i didn't even have to think about the fact that i walk right by pressing left! nice concept and beautiful backgrounds


Thanks so much for playing! 


Really cool concept.
I'm frustrated the second level was shorter than the first, but I had fun. Good work.


Thank you! Yes, in fact the levels were originally designed to be round the other way, but we decided to switch them. Thanks for playing 🙏


Cheers! Yeah, the second level was originally the first, but we were happier with how the second level turned out and weren't sure how long people would want to play for, so we decided to "put our best foot forward", so to speak!


Wow the cylinder game design is super cool!  Really amazing and unique design, props to you! 5stars!  The controls are pretty easy too, you should definitely work on it after the jam.  Please check out mine if you have time, 


Mapping the level to a cylindrical world caused us a lot of collider issues (some of which remain in this build, unfortunately!), but glad to hear it was all worth it - we had a lot of fun working on it, and your kind words mean a lot! Thanks so much!

And sure thing; will give it a look in a minute!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Very cool idea and game feeligns, but i don't get 1 thing - why character die in contact with the wall? It seems quite frustrating when you are used in games to touch space that look safe without any consequences. You could add some spikes on walls so that player feel less confudes. Overall, the game is fun and enjoyable, keep the good work. And yeah, nice adventure time reference.


I agree it's frustrating, but it's also pretty logic with their concept.
The main character can exist only within the axis that you control. So if you place the axis somewhere where Solaxis can't follow (let's say through a wall, since the axis can do that, not being tangible), you basically kill him.
It didn't understand it immediatly too, to be frank. ^^'


Yeah, Nui's got it exactly right! We definitely could've communicated the walls as hazards a little better - alas, we barely got it done in time for the deadline as it is!

Thanks both for playing and for the kind feedback!


I really like the art style !

The idea is cool, the rotation is a bit disorienting at first, but when you get the hang of it, it becomes really satisfying. I think it's really cool to see the rest of the level in the background.

Good job !


Thanks for playing and taking time to comment!  We really enjoyed this one. Disorientating yes, even our heads are still spinning.

- Benji


Nice idea and art style. 


Thanks for the kind words!!


Super cool idea but very punishing 


Cheers! Yeah we probably could've communicated the hazards a little better, or had some kind of tutorial. Alas, we were tight on time as it was! Thanks for playing!


RIP Lemongrab.

I think Einstein would argue that there's not much functional difference between moving left and right and rotating the universe around yourself.

Also death by wall is a little harsh.

I do love the hand drawn levels though.


Ha, I'm glad somebody noticed him...RIP

Yes that is definitely an argument! Theory vs Practice I suppose. But here, walls are not your friend. Thank you for the kind words about the art!



I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the game but as other said, the left/right inversion is a bit weird at first. To be more in the jam's theme, I would have stacked all your levels into one and make a checkpoint at the beginning of each zone.


Thanks so much for playing!

You're right about the left/right inversion feeling weird.  We considered normal controls but Solaxi is only meant to be able to move on his own axis (i.e. up and down) - normal controls would make it seem like he was moving on the horizontal axis too! Instead, we wanted it to feel like the world was moving underneath him, with him struggling to keep up - we definitely could have done more to communicate that better though!

I like the idea of stacking the levels! Was discussing with one of the team after the Jam who suggested concentric levels could be cool - so we might go back and work on it a bit at a later date!


I do like the design and the rotating cylindrical world. However, I did not find it too different from a normal platformer. If you think about it normal platformeris left, right and jump and solaxi is left, right and jump too.


Thanks for the kind words!

You're right - it's essentially a normal platformer - but we hoped that making all walls into obstacles would differentiate it a little!


I really liked the art and how the level spins. Something that I had a hard time understanding was what kills you. I belive it is running into a wall but sometimes you seem to be fine when you run into one. I really liked the player animations and the controls felt good, except that you had to push the opposite direction to go that way. I don't know if this was intetional, but I did not care for these sort of controls. Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing experience.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, thanks for playing and for the kind words!

You're right - running into a wall is what's meant to kill the player. If you try to move the world towards the player, he's pushed from his axis and falls into oblivion!

Unfortunately, we found a bug after uploading - in the second part of the first level (i.e. after it has wrapped for the first time) the death colliders no longer work. When we were testing the death triggers, we only ever tried running into the first few walls... We've fixed it in our own version, but alas it's too late to reupload!

Hopefully our intention comes across in the part of the level that does work!

Fair comment on the inverted directional controls - the intention was that the player would feel like they were moving the world, but I can definitely see how it just feels like a backwards platformer!