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I do like the design and the rotating cylindrical world. However, I did not find it too different from a normal platformer. If you think about it normal platformeris left, right and jump and solaxi is left, right and jump too.

See I think you got it the wrong way around. I found myself always holding the slow down button as that made the game not kill me and helped me aim. If you were to make the the game always be in slow motion and the button press to speed up the game, then I think you would be onto something. You could creating some really interesting and challenging puzzles, as slow motion would be the default easier mechanic and speeding up is where you could fail. Now you have it the other way around,default mode is harder than slowing down mechanic. 

The game window was too small for me and I could not play it in my browser. 

This game is so stylish! Can't believe it has been done in just 48h! As for the gameplay, I do like it. Feel like a slightly less fair version of Hotline Miami. I say less fair, because of the lack of light enemies sometimes feel like they have advantage over you. However, you seemed to understand that fact and made the game incredibly responsive. In that way I feel like the game is challenging me to have good reaction times.

I think I see what you are aiming to do, but it is missing that important feedback so i can see what I have done to other players. In this stage I would never played it, as I feel detached from the whole experience. In other words, the idea is there, the execution does not work. 

I have seen this idea done to death and you didnt really put any interesting spin on it. Also that one tiny level does not do the game much justice. Feel unfinished even for a 24h jam. 

I have no idea what am I supposed to do. 

The dash felt a bit off for me. Also some sort of smaller goals would make me play for longer. Other than that I found the game to be quite relaxing.

This type of game needs spot on controls, unfortunately I could not exactly understand them and the game didn't give me enough feedback to show me where I was failing.

Didn't work for me. 

I could understand the movement, it seemed to be too random and not behave like it should.

Almost like an aim trainer, but more fun! I do like the fact that the beam is getting bigger the longer you wait, makes you take action more frequently. However, as is, the difficulty of the game is brutal! Few seconds and the screen gets full of enemies.  And they are all really hard to hit with one shots as they tend to group close together. Also, the seemingly random enemy movement feels a bit unfair, as it is hard to predict as a player. 

I do get the idea, however the light never went off when I played it.