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You're special. One of a kind.
Submitted by Hot Girls With Broken Legs (@hotgirlbrokeleg) — 1 hour, 55 minutes before the deadline
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That was an amazing experience. The feeling of being cornered as time passes induces the emotion of danger and later helplessness as the screen become flooded with unbreakable pattern. The thing I liked the most in the ambient music which makes this a very immersive experience. It took me some time, while the screen was turning white after I lost, that I am now a white tile and can play again. Sometimes, I felt as if the dash button event was ignored but I don't know if it was intentional (or maybe due to a cool down, standing beside another tile, etc) or not. Anyway, it is one of the best games I've experienced in this jam. Awesome work.


I really enjoyed this game! It feels great, is very polished, and the effects are amazing! I love the minimalist style, and the audio is very relaxing :) I also love the concept and the execution of it is great! Very clever take on the theme :) My jaw also dropped when I got trapped and it looped! It's probably the coolest game over EVER :D I really don't have anything to complain about! Keep up the AMAZING work! :D

Also thanks for posting on my topic :)


I enjoyed breaking blocks!!!! Relaxation.
Quite an interesting alternative to the snake, a new version. Definitely a very good job!

I will be glad if you can take a look at our game. We actually have the same name:


That's interesting! I thought I was the only person in the world named "Hot Girls With Broken Legs"!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Challenging for for the mind both as a theme and as a game.
Loved the reverse coloring on assimilation: No matter how similar we get there is always a "different" to be found that keeps human ego, or the drive for self-preservation, going.

Gameplaywise: I loved that the dash goes through multiple blocks but was blocked by blocks stacking up. Made some very challenging situations :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Awesome game, reminds me of what I wanted the UK Brexit referendum to result in back in 2016.

I love the simplicity of the game, but I'd definitely add some power-ups, more moves, different type of blocks, etc.

The sound design is impeccable and the overall game is just as tasty as a fine Yorkshire Pudding on a Sunday roast lunch.

4.5/5 yorkshire puddings, amazing job!


Beautiful game! At first I felt bad about destroying the other blocks but then something snapped in me. I had to destroy them all, I needed to be the ONLY ONE!

I like it and was pleasantly surprised when the game continued on as a black block and then back to white again. 


I didn't think I'd be getting emotional about a block-breaking game today but here we are

Stellar job, I really enjoyed this experience. If I had any recommendations, I think some visual to signify when the dash is off cooldown would be helpful, and I think a score of some sort (time survived or blocks destroyed, or both) would add to the experience. I also get how you wanted to be the "only one" but it felt more like survival to me than elimination in order to remain special. Those aside, the game was ridiculously polished with beautiful visuals and freaking J U I C Y game feel. Loved the particle effects and screen shake, and when I lost and all the colors changed to black and left one white square, it was a surreal moment. Bravo, thank you for the experience.


Loved your game!  It felt intimate and meaningful. Congratulations :)


Great game! Love the ambiance. The sound design is great and the dash fell very good. I would lower the dash cooldown though. Then you can spice up the game with some power-ups (slower time, breaking two or more consecutive block at a time, ...) and it would be freaking amazing!


Beautiful. Thematically whole, and impressively polished; truly deserving of a gmtk shoutout.  

But it felt more like an art experience than a game, as skill only lengthened survival time, but didn't heighten the experience.

From here, I hope you deepen the mechanics*; because, frankly, there's a feeling of hopelessness, or inevitability, to the game, which fatigues players and dampens the desire to replay it.  But just a small increase to player options (through game mechanics), will increase that hard to quantify feeling of hope, of agency, within the player; because players need hope to keep playing and endless game.

*examples: tile power ups like bombs or time slow, or a tile currency system which clears the board after 100 kills

Thanks for your time!


The dash felt a bit off for me. Also some sort of smaller goals would make me play for longer. Other than that I found the game to be quite relaxing.


The design of this game is really grand, there seems to be a coherent theme underneath the game play, and in the end this game really resonated with me.


Really amazing game! Quite original and fun to play. I don't see where the connection is to the theme of "only one" is though. Can you explain that part to me? I checked the description and didn't see anything there about it either. As for gameplay there were only two main things that I would change. Firstly, I want something to try to achieve even if it is as simple as a high score with most things destroyed or longest time alive per flip. Secondly, the dash sometimes seemed unresponsive, I noticed you can't dash through walls that are too thick but it felt like there was a small cooldown on the dash too. I'd love to see something that tells the player this information, even if it is as simple as a sound that triggers when you try to dash but can't.

Other than those things I did enjoy the game quite a bit!


Hey! Cool game! I like the tutorial and death sequence. They added a nice layer of polish. 
I wanted an indicator that showed how much dash power I had and maybe a bonus that replenishes it if I knock a lot of blocks out at once. 

Overall I felt it was a strong, clear concept. Congratulations and well done!