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I finished the game yet I kept it open for a while to listen to that cool ambience in the background. I hope that one day I'll learn to make music as cool as that.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I really loved the game. The panning bars in the background makes me want to make a walking-sim game in a barren city scape of semi-transparent sky scrappers.

Thanks for the feedback. I will hopefully fix the problems you noted. But I doubt I will ever add raytracing ( till it becomes cheaper and more mainstream :D ).

Thanks :)

Thanks :) I am glad you enjoyed it. You have some really great ideas. Although I had some ideas about different types of lasers, I didn't think of having lasers with different colors. It would be great to also add tinted glass to block some wavelengths and change the beam color. We plan to add more types of robots and I really like your idea about reflector robots. We have been and are still debating about stacking robots since it would change of the puzzle ideas we already have but we are still exploring the potential of this part of the mechanics.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the ideas. We really appreciate it.

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Thanks a lot :D I hope you enjoy the rest of the game and the next updates.

Thank you. I am glad you liked it :) I hope you like the next updates too.

Thank you. You have a lot of great gems on your soundcloud, I kept listening to it and forgot to reply :D I would love to work with you too, I will contact you when we start building a bigger team.

Thanks for the log. It mainly shows that the game failed to compile some post-processing shaders. I will track down the bug and hopefully find a fix.

That's a bug that I haven't seen before. It seems to happen during scene postprocessing (probably during the bloom effect). Since we didn't expect this bug, we didn't add any option to swith on/off the postprocessing stages. Could you tell me the browser and operating system you use and the graphics card in your computer? Thank you.

Thank you. I am glad you liked it :)

Yes. We don't mind. I hope you have a successful launch :)

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Congrats on reaching the extra level and being one door away from finishing the alpha-version. Actually that's a door without a button so the only way to pass through it is to wait till the moving platform pushes it up and pass quickly before its closed again. I am sorry that this level is a bit unfair; it is too hard even for me, I fail at it 90% of the time. That is why I added it as an extra level that is not a prerequisite to any other level. It was my brother's suggestion @yassinzak so feel free to blame him as much as you want :D

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The game dialogs are really funny even when talking seriously about a depressing issue. I enjoyed it a lot. The interaction with the influencer was the funniest one yet. The only thing that I slightly didn't like was scaling the character pixel art during to the dialog but I am being nitpicky here, I just like having all the pixels at the same size.

Thanks for the feedback. To see the solution, watch Cryptic Hybrid's video at 7:35

Wow, thanks a lot for the video and the feedback. You are so good at this game. 15 levels in just 26 minutes is really beyond my expectations. We will hopefully add a story. we have a few story ideas but nothing final yet so I decided to keep the early version almost story-free till we finish one.

Thank you. Most players seem to have a hard time focusing the laser on a certain location. Whenever the laser is on, the cursor will stay still relative to the world not the screen if you don't move the mouse. This means, you can put the cursor on a light sensor and keep the mouse still and the laser will always aim at it no matter where you move. This technique is very useful in level 4 and 6. I am working on finding a better control scheme since this seems to be the greatest barrier facing most players.

I really like your videos and analyses; your feedback is so well-thought and constructive. If you have time, give our game a try:

It is a 2D body-swapping puzzle platformer.

I have just seen the gameplay video of your game, it is so funny, I love it. I stopped watching in the middle though since I don't want to spoil the rest till I play it by myself. Great work.

Thank you.

You can contact me on twitter ( or by mail (yahiazakaria13 at

I have just noticed that the blocked tiles were darker. I guess I should play it again in the weekend, not after a long day of work.

I love the loading screen, it feels mystical. The game became much fun once I got a better understanding of most of the game. I skipped the tutorial as usual and tried everything in battle so it was a bit confusing at first glance. When I understood that the red projectiles are harmful, I concluded that white ones must be good... but I was wrong :D. I also like the effect on trees to ensure player visibility but was slightly hard to recognize when it first happened. The custom mode is really great and adds a lot of replay value to the game. I found it a bit hard to distinguish some free locations and blocked locations with small rocks, so if you could add a distinctive outline to the blocked locations, it would be much easier in my opinion. The visual style looks great and I really enjoyed this game.

Thank you. I am really glad it impressed you.

It's common knowledge that IR Transceivers can transmit minds. Use it to finish your tasks in this 2D puzzle platformer.

RELAY is a Puzzle Game where you can transmit your mind from one robot to another using an IR Beam. The game is still under development and the released version contains 22 Levels. You can also try the old version made for Global Game Jam 2018 here.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Nice game. I like the idea; it is fun and simple to grasp. My main problem was predicting the trajectory of the jump, it would be nice to have a trajectory trail to see where the jump will lead me. I think this will make the game a little less about trying multiple times to find the best point to jump and more about planning and reaction speed. Also, the box gets pushed back if it hits the top or bottom of a wall, so it sometimes feels frustrating. I suggest making it bounce naturally according the surface normal instead of pushing it back. I couldn't finish the whole game so if you didn't add moving obstacles in later levels, I think they could be a nice challenge for good player (unlike me :D ).

How about making a weighted karma system? The new Karma system looks only at how many games a participant rated so they can rate all the popular games to gain karma and ignore ones that actually needs ratings. I think we can weight the karma so that a rater gains more points if the game they rated had a low number of rates at the time of rating. Therefore, the participant will be incentivized to not only rate others but also rate the games that need rates.

Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

A lot of the games I played in this jam were fun so I will only mention my most favorite 3 games:

  • TowerBag was really amazing. It mixed 2 of my favorite genres in a nice way and the levels were easy but still challenging enough to not feel boring. The art is also so cute and lovable.
  • Einnsámr: The Lone Warrior is my favorite turn-based game in this jam. The game concept felt intuitive and the puzzles were nicely ramped from easy to challenging.
  • Sarah and the Lonely Key was really overwhelming at first sight since the whole game is one big puzzle. However, after struggling for a little bit to know what I should be doing, it felt really rewarding when everything fell into place.

I just wanted to say that this would reverse the ranks. For example, if they got all 5s (Design: 5 Theme: 5 Originality: 5) then the sum will be 15, after dividing by the amount of ratings (73), it will be 0.205 so the final will 4.795 which is lower than 4.932. This means higher scores will lead to a lower average. Anyway, by the time I wrote this, an overall ranking has already been added which is calculated by averaging the three scores: Overall = (Design+Theme+Originality)/3.

35/45: Only

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's cute and calming. At first I was frustrated by the fact that I don't know what the upgrades do but I got if figured out later. I still think that adding clues (text, signs, etc), that tells what the upgrades do, would be helpful. Overall, I enjoyed this game. Nice work.

Thank you.

Really nice game. I like the idea and the visuals. The only problem I faced was that double tapping to change direction was hard to do. Other than that, it is really well done.

That is really clever. I love that you made the bullet gain power the longer it is outside the barrel since it incentivize the player to rely more on the magnet and less on just shooting. The art and the music are also great. Amazing work.

Thank you. The problem with level 7 is our fault since it relies a lot on timing and not on problem solving (attacking at the bottom enemy right after the top one attack then quickly launching upward before the cool down time is over). It can also be solved by chance if the physics misses out on the vine-vs-bullet collision. I redesigned this level to have more problem solving and less reliance on timing which I will upload after the jam ends.

That's a really creative idea. The game is nice but hellishly hard for me. It seems the key to winning is using efficiently using the highlight feature. I won level 1 and 2 only but I will hopefully keep trying and win the rest too. The art looks cute too. Great work.