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Sarah and the Lonely KeyView game page

A short puzzle game with many doors, but only one key
Submitted by tesselode (@tesselode) — 15 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4364.1724.172

Ranked from 58 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This game had me guessing for so long. Such a challenging puzzle. Good work!

If you have time please play and rate my game:


Wow, that was really challenging. At one point, I kept progressing but forgot the key behind so I had to undo a lot to go back and get it. I kept wondering for a long time if all the doors except one were for misdirection but they turned out to really useful for exploration (followed by a long stream of undo bcz I still need dat key). Overall, this is one of the best puzzle games I've played and solving each part felt very rewarding. Amazing work.


This game is quite challenging but I love it. For me as some one who loves playing (challenging) puzzle games is this game flawless. Because of the logical simple and clear design it's also very fair.

Brilliant job!!


This game is awesome!  I love how it looked like you needed to use the key at an early door, but then you'd soon realize you needed to save it for later and find another way around.  Is it possible to win through any of the 3 locked doors?  I could only get the left one.  

Flawless game imo, hope it gets top 100 :)!!!


A very good and priginal puzzle game ! I finished it and I really love it !

I liked this, made you really have to think about your order of movements. Having a quick undo button was great for being able to test ideas and explore, made me willing to make mistakes to learn the ins and outs of the puzzles :)

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I liked it a lot. I only gave it 4 for originality since it felt like a good "Baba is you" level to me - and that's a compliment, in my book :)

5 for the other two. I think it adhered to the spirit well, those were some teasing doors :)


That was quite smart! I like how I went one way, saw stuff I didn't understand, went the other way and learned it, and then came back. Really good knowledge gating.


wait i'm curious, what did you learn assymetricaly? i thought i designed everything in a pretty linear fashion


I didnt know what the blue blocks on the left were until you see the switches on the right, and I didnt know about pushing multiple boxes together to get stuff through on the left (not sure if I actually needed that) until i had to do it on the right. 


I really liked the level design here, I solved the game the two possible ways (which is quite incredible for a jam!). The difficulty is consistently progressive and everything is taught without words (I love that). The only thing I would mention is that on the right path the key is more of a burden that you carry everywhere whilst on the left one is part of the puzzle and feels better. Great work!


Very well done! I don't know whether there were many valid options to use the key for or not, because I only saw one and went for it, but the idea of having a lot of options to use it wrongly is really cool, and a great example of how giving you only one of something you would expect to have a lot of can really create interesting outcomes!


Really well made and fun, what is the game engine that you used ?




Very fun puzzle game!


A lot of fun! Love the puzzle design and sound FX!


thank you!


Nice work. Good art and design overall. 


Very nice little game!

I didn't read the description, and ended up at the end of the game with no key, but redid everything, and regret nothing!


hope it wasn't too much of a slog to replay everything!


It was ok, since there were more puzzles ahead ( which I though I solved, but I had no key) !


Always cool to see more pico8 games! This is amazing! The step sound effect when you hold a move key is simply the best


lil tippy taps

You wrote an impressive puzzle game in 48 hours. I am in awe. That is astounding.


Very nice level design, very well made


very nice design,  getting the key isn't easy :)


Nice puzzle and art style!

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