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A Dimension Bending Puzzle Platformer, where you have Only One Plane in the 3D world. (Read the Details before playing)
Submitted by arthur740210, murlokk, PeDev — 1 hour, 29 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#4204.1824.182

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Its a really good game but a bit hard to handle. Nice job 



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Have you played this game called Perspective? It doesn't work on Win10 last time I checked (jk works now) but it's a great game and really similar

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Wow, it does really similar to our game, moreover, they came up with a interesting way to limit the viewpoint change and works well as a puzzle game.

Thank you for sharing.

It blows my mind.


I love the mechanic. It feel so unique compare to others


This is such a cool mechanic! It reminds me of flatland. You have got an impressive amount of content in for a jam as well as implementing a unique mechanic. Nice work!


Sooo cool! Not so sure about spinning the scenario about while on pause, kinda makes it easy, But overall, it's so a great concept.
Check our game!


Liking the design. Maybe a bit easy with this freedom of movement. The visuals and the audio was also nice.

if you want more of a challenge, try to beat as many levels as possible without going into 3d view (you can  move the world without going to 3d view)


Truly stands out from the rest. I want this game in full-form. Congrats!


Hey guys. The sleeping one here LOL. Just updated the description and a resized game icon. Thanks for playing the game.

i forgor 💀


Nice concept, i love it! The level where you spawn right on top of a red cube felt a little unfair and frustraiting tho. But you get a really nice rating for this!


Oops, that's my idea.
The level just wanna make you learn you can freeze time by changing view.


(2 edits)

FeelsAmazingMan, it is a 2D to 3D platform game.

But it doesn't limit the direction of rotation, I can touch yellow block without moving.

Great concept and music.


Yeah, it's kinda broken without some constraints, FeelsBadMan.

It was originally designed with the concept "Only One Focal Length" which can only move the projection plane back and forth, but we want to add more freedom to the player, and it's very satisfying watching the 2d projection moving around.


Hi guys, the theme is ONLY ONE PLANE IN 3D WORLD.

I am one of the authors in PROJECT1ON. 

We gonna edit description, but the guy who uploaded is asleep. So I am here.

Any way to contact you guys? I'm a coder and I'm interested in how you made the game


Of course, feel free to ask, you can use discord or find PeDev on twitter.

But all the coding in this game is basically a mess.

What is your discord?


The intro it amazing man , the game play are to ,can u so me the player movement code


code here:


Wow, i just want to know how to make that dash move in ur game ,that dash move in celeste  :)


Recommend a video:

It's a good tutorial for Celeste's dash

Thank man , i hope u end up in Mark video:)


Looks and sounds amazing


Wow, amazing concept, visual, sound and design 5 / 5