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Go play some Game or something

I have a team , thank to u

Best of luck u guys

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Hi man , i 've done some solo jam before ,i want to try new experience ,hit me up if u guys need a hand with art or programming, really looking forward to join ur team

Omg !!, i've been a fan since this game was publish on newground , I'm really glad that u keep pursuing this game, it truly a master piece

The art style is so nice dude, well done mate

The art style look sick !!!!!!!

Controller not working

OHHHH! That was the game i bassed on , nice guess man

link here :

No way :0

i want to join this party

my game :

We all know that how much introduction it important for game, cuz i have no idea how to play this game , but we all learn something new and have fun time making game cuz that what jam it about, well done man 

The mechanic is all some man, it fun to play , i would prefer a smoother control , but great job man !GG

Thanks for the feedback man, the sizing issue maby cuz i forgot to setup some setting (24 h game --__--)  , all so this is a pc version but i built it on WedGL(lol) , well i cant update any thing untill the voting end.  

Ur need to got really close to them to get point ,Ok the rule is : 1 point =1 bullet, if ur shoot 1 ur get 1 point,if 2 rocket collied ur get 2 bullet :) J

Need a bit more color , other then that it a cool game, well done man

Bro this game is so unique, and nice art , well done mate

Well done mate , a bit bug here and there but good sound , fun game play , make it up

This game kinda remind me of Induction (Bryan Gale, 2016)

Nice job man

This is a competitive game :)

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It a well done game , but i think u can do a lot more fun thing with this mechanic , u should polish this and release it as a full game

Cyberpunk + 8bit + rocketleague - haha

Well done man

I love how sokpop game have a simple art and cute animation for there game,i wish i can make game like they do, godss i!! i love it - well done guys

This game can get a bit confusing in the start but , for a 24h game it not bad at all , good job man

Dude i a fan of what u did here, great work on the jam man, i would like to work with u in the future jam 

Thank man , i hope u end up in Mark video:)

Wow, i just want to know how to make that dash move in ur game ,that dash move in celeste  :)

Can we tall some were more private , i don't want to share my email in public

I good with vecter art , but my main skill it c# code 

Nice, did u have fun??

Dude , u can use wasd or arrow key to move ur character , space it for swithing control between 2 geomatry

Damn dude ,i like the art that u use for this game ,it very well fit the theme to ,nice job mate!

The intro it amazing man , the game play are to ,can u so me the player movement code

Wow ,this game was super relax to play ,Great Work!

Thank man for the feed back man,i don't really have time to made more level for this game ,so i have to ramps up the difficulty ,i think  that my only problem with this game ,but thanks mate!

It call Geomatry Shap ,comment to let me know ur feedback,all though the jam it over

Hey ,i just submit my game ,dude u want to play it