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Celeste the 2D Platformer but in 3D!
Submitted by Naerly (@NaerlyNona) — 2 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Creative use of theme#84.4594.459

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This is a really good game. I was going to say, "wheres the mountain" and then I looked up at what I had thought was out of bounds wall. You did a really great job!


Thank you!
Hope you had fun playing it! :D


The mechanics are really well made, and the artwork is nice and simple. Keep up the good work!


The parkouring was really fun, I even got to some places i don't think were intended (and eventually got booted by red ^^). This game seems really fun to expend on!


Wonderful entry. Well done.


Thank you for playing and finishing it! 

Hope you had fun :)


Good job for making Celeste in 3D, the dash effects were really cool. Sounds could be worked on or maybe some music, but it might be because of time. But overall a pretty solid game. 


Well made! I thought maybe some of the jumps were a bit unforgiving, especially considering how the checkpoints are sometimes a bit too far back. But regardless, I thought it did a great job of translating 2D game mechanics to 3D!


I tried to balance the difficulty as much as I could while offering challenge!
Hope you had fun and that you could finished the game though :)


Amazing game. I didn't find any bugs but the checkpoints surprised me. Good visual effects on the dash and lighting. Sound can be improved to give a more immersive feel. Good job!


Very nice entry!

You really capture the Celeste feeling to a whole new level. I like the level design a lot and (as a fan of celeste myself) it really feels like i was playing Celeste.

The checkpoints were a bit difficult tho, mainly because they are not labeled anywhere (So, i can't figure out where a new checkpoint is unless i died... which is not very recommended), and for what i experienced, you can't "recheck" on a already used checkpoint. Although it can be because i miss them over and over again, so we're back on the first point.

Getting the 28 strawberries was a fun and challenging. And there is a little glitch with wall jump, you can achieve height wasting almost no stamina by jumping on time, and since jump doesn't consume stamina, well, i just bypass some mechanical puzzles by only climb and jumping.

Got a lot of fun overall <3 -JR


Well done mate , a bit bug here and there but good sound , fun game play , make it up


Thank :) Glad you had fun playing it!

What kind of bug did you encounter?

Awesome, it's the best game I ever played. Trust me, triple A video games companies aren't ready!


Why waiting Ref Dead Rédemption when you can play this awesome game


You really managed to make the mechanics of celest work and feel really good in 3D, but I gotta say for a jam entry this was a really impressive result well done :)

To give some feedback too, I think it would have been great to be able to save at another checkpoint again, i went out too far at one and then always had to backtrack to do something else, also a soundtrack would have been nice :)

Overall really great entry, I think you should expand this into a full game or mini game this has quite some potential :)


Thanks! Yeah the checkpoint are a problems.

I will think about it since multiple people are telling me this, and do it if I can think of some good level design :)


Really fun, and visually stunning (makes me want to learn Unreal just for game jams :) )

Couldn't get past the 1st 'green dash refill' challenge. Maybe an assist mode is needed here as well!


Yeah one of my fear is that it can be very difficult... I thought about an assist mode but didn't got the time to do it!

Unreal can make great visuals is near too nothing but the game engine make the game much more heavier and need more CPU than the average entry.. Something I need to see if it can get improved.

Glad you had fun even if you couldn't finish it :)


Really cool, I'm not sure how you could have improved this much more for the jam... I've never played Celeste but I'm pretty sure you nailed it.


Wow, super nice! It's actually quite addicting and definitely works in 3d. I think this could be a full fledged thing on it's own; it reminds me of those collect the egg games. Great work!


Really nice, graphics, sounds, mechanics. Love it


Very impressive! I honestly don't know what you could improve on it.  The game had my attention for a solid hour. It is very entertaining and Celeste's movement is very well done. The tutorial is pretty good too. At no given time I was confused or didn't know what to do.

Very well done and keep up the good work. 👍


Nice game. I forgot to put my earphones so I assumed the sound was good XD I liked the chalenge! And I couldn't imagine a better way to do the dash   


Thank you! Hope you had fun :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I did it!!! This was a super cool experience! Getting all the strawberries felt just as great as in Celeste, although I did activate a checkpoint down below later in the game because I missed a strawberry and so when I died at the top it respawned me all the way down :'( With some tweaking to the controls I'm pretty sure you could do some more great levels! I also found out that the wall jumping could be abused to infinite climb so some tweaking is needed there too ^^

Solid entry overall with not only one good mechanic recreated, but a few. Good job!


Thank you for the comment! Glad you had fun playing the game :) (Good job for finding and getting all the 28 strawberries!)

I know about the walljumping, I had to choose between feeling vs being able to cheat out of it and I chose the feeling. Tweaking it more than I did would have cost too many time.

I didn't expected to have so many good feedback, from friends but also others submitters!

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