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Keep it up, fishlicka! :D

ty :) 

The original concept actually involved steering a ship by leaping around it. I had to cut that part tho 😭

This is an awesome combination of roguelike and pachinko. I think there is already a good amount of sustenance to the core loop. Banger soundtrack, though I do wish the sound of hitting the pegs had more oomph to it (basing it on speed would be cool!) Really looking forward to seeing this bad boy on steam, great work :D

I really dug this. Gliding really close to the ground feels super good. I didn't really find myself using the roll too much.  Once I got the hand of it all, and it was all over, I found myself wanting to play more! I think with a bit more polish and some levels, this would be even greater! 

Very cute, sweet, and meaningful. It has incredible atmosphere and tone! Love the experimenting with this artstyle, it came out nice and really fit the tone of the game. 

The game made me feel like, I was being showing around a friend's room, but also my own room at the same time? I like it!

Thank you! <3

Great update!

This is coming along so nicely!

Yeah that's a great idea! Feel free to reach out to me or the discord for any questions or feedback you want!

This is a cool take on zombie top down survivals! I enjoyed using myself as bait and leading multiply zombies made me think of Snake in a way. Keeping the zombies population a pretty much constant is a good idea as well. It keeps it from ever being in a situation where you don't know have anything to do. 

I would like it if when the zombies spawn there is a clearer indicator when they're gonna pop out or if there would be some kind of invincibility frames, so that I don't get killed right when they spawn. I envision a hand popping out of the ground or something; cheesy, but works! I think with a bit more polish this could be a dope little game with a twist on a classic! :) 

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Sick 😎... Sweet submission, dude! I remember the exact moment you came up with the idea, and ya know, for the most part here is the game you thought of! Making something from nothing; pretty dope :D Idk why the red pandas are here, but I like them. I especially like when they congregate menacingly haha. 

I think it was smart and aesthetically pleasing to not have a HUD with all the information, rather you had a diegetic interface on the machine itself. One of the weaker points was the camera, but if we pop Cinemachine in this bad boy, my dude, you could have a great third person camera goin'  real quick!

Great job figuring Bolt out and thanks for being so rad the whole jam :) 

ooooh those post processing effects daaaaaang 😉 Looks good, bud!

I would have like to see more of a variety in the levels, but what's there definitely get the core concept of momentum across. I would like to see an updated version of this game- it has a retro vibe, gameplay wise, that I like, with modern graphics!

And great work tackling Bolt this week, that's awesome!!

This game looked awesome and it was very well scoped for the jam! I'd really like to see this in the HDRP, it'd be a great candidate for it! I quite like the cute little truck! Gameplay wise, the jump felt great and I wished we could have used it a few more times. This is a rad submission, and kudos to you for divin' into Bolt this way! :D

Hey AliveDrive,

I think this is your best entry yet, not only in looks but also in gameplay. It felt pretty dope to be launched up to this weird, aesthetic space-void. I'm curious as to how you are doing the slowmo, are you slowing down the rigidbodies velocity overtime or setting the timescale to a lower value? I found it cool that you can hover and such, however I think you could get pulled down just a bit faster. I also like that you took what you learned from that meditation carving project- the effect for when they crash, that was a nice touch! I can tell indeed that a lot of love went into this one, and I applaud that 👏👏 Great work! :D

Hey grandma!

This is a super strong entry! I love that you were able to fit in some sort of linear progression, and even a nice organic tutorial in the beginning. I chuckled after the first waypoint where the gas-station person said "I'm always at the gas station" and I go there, and lo and behold they aren't there haha.

As for the controls, it's wild that you got a working plane in 1 week. I think if the plane had more of sense of weight it would feel a bit more fluid. I felt as if I could roll too quickly and even with no throttle I could basically hover. Turning felt dope though, and the UI was super clean and well done. Voxels also worked out really well for this.

Great work this week, Babywka!

This was clayxels :)
Double click was a bug but I said heck it.
Combo 29, score god I never got passed 5 lmao insane 👏👏👏

Sounds like a plan, it would be awesome to see those updates! 

It's always nice to see a different take on tetris. While I do appreciate the monochromotic, sleek color scheme it was quite difficult to see the character- the jump animation was dope. I like the concept of the blocks disappearing after touching them, and it would have been even cooler to have the blocks resume falling because sometimes you'd get in position where you can't get up any further. I think with some minor changes this could be a great platformer! 

hey hey it's free now!! :D

Super clean presentation and clever idea! I think they could have maybe moved a bit faster- maybe when you hold down a button. 

I got to, I think, level 4, but it got a lil buggy-such is life lmao! Super awesome submission for the jam, dude :D


I'm gathering information on that and will get back to you! That sure would be dope though!!

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2018.4.23f1 here, Windows, and it still seems to be bug ; - ; Any Luck with different versions perhaps?
A work around is that saving to gif still works... You could save the gif out, and then convert that gif into a sprite sheet. Here's a random tool I found for it

Super cute and peaceful! I would have liked to get gold just a bit faster so that I could bring my, I mean my fishs' safe haven to life sooner! Great art direction and music too!

I did notice that! I also felt like I was flying faster when holding both, but that could be japes (or an unnormalized input vector 🤓)

hellll yeah

Neat! The controls are great for this, and I love the new take on rock,paper,scissors (or scissors,paper,rock as you say ;) ),

My dude,
Love the game! It's like I was a transcendental Goku. My favorite part was flying, especially the sound it makes. I literally flew indefinitely just to hear that siren-like call. If at all possible I'd love to get the music that plays when you fly; it'd be great to relax/work to!

Cool, it's like PlantsVsZombies but like not just one direction! I love the art and animations! It would be cool to have seen the radius of the towers before placing them, but dope job , guys! :D

I can't believe I did not think of making the cutting board fkn round lmfao- genius! 

Thanks for the kind words!

moss-some! Very cute and charming little story! I really like the concept of walking around the bottle; well done!

It's very cute, and I love how you incorporated the ui right onto the alien's face- that was really clever! I think the game would control much better with a mouse and with some added damping, look into Vector3.SmoothDamp :)

I really like making the planets into swiss cheese

Super cute, love the little mole designs!

Wow guys, amazing work! I could totally see this in an arcade cabinet. I beat the boss and difficulty ramped up too much for me haha. There were a few instances I felt a little cheated by the spikes hitboxes, maybe just a biiiit smaller, but overall I felt good. It's super polished too!

yo, das clever

Wow, bud, that was super polished!! I would have liked a bit more inertia when I was turning, but it felt good! I never really found myself strafing left and right, I would have rather had those for the rolling tbqh. 

It looks phenomenal and well in scope for a week long jam, seriously great work!

I'm calm and simultaneously stressed out lmao. The music and graphics are delightful. The gameplay requires very precise movements, but I didn't really feel cheated much; maybe just a bit more friction or control would be nice as I felt like I was lacking that sometimes. It could be that my mouse sensitivity is just innately too high- it'd be dope if you could port this to mobile and use a gyro!

How did you end up doing the map rotation with ball bit? Any matrix magics?

Yooo, you legitamately made a survival shooter tho! That's dope, dude! I made it through all 7 days, and I actually had some moments that gave me a bit of a jump. If you added just a bit more polish like fog, some furniture, and some lighting changes you would have something SUPER viable. 

ALSO, is there a secret room on the second floor?