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It was fun af to throw stuff out the window lol

Yo, I just spent 2 hours on this. After the kinda unorthodox interface, it gets super fun! The tutorials definitely help, but there were a few tools where the keybindings didn't match up to what was actually happening. Awesome game, much fun, good job, proud of you


Very cute! I didn't like the gamepad mappings to the bumpers so much, but I loved the world and very forgiving obstacles :)

I grew overly attached to a carrot named "Ohio". He came between me, my family, and my career. I love him.  

Very cool game!

I'm so glad to have increased your love! <3 

Sorry about not getting to see the totally epic win screen, but that's a pun intended. Thanks for playing though! <3

Works fine for me, just checked!

Very cute <3 Great job, ya'll! 

My dude, that was awesome!! The controls felt snappy, the difficulty curve was great (once I passed those first few sections), and the music was solid. There were some times where I'd accidentally double jump, because I'd jump right before I hit the ground. I had to really listen for when I made that impact, so maybe that could be just a touch louder, or have some more visual feedback. I also found the rhythm of bounding over the obstacles delightful! V cool entry!

Ssuch nostsalgia! There was a few times I actually screamed lmao. I will say the searching took a little longer than I thought it should.

Was having an awesome time, but found myself hardlocked when I restarted to a checkpoint but had all 4 ducks. Great game though, very cute and aesthetic!

Had a pretty good time, but was getting a tad frustrated with the neck. I think it's super cool that it's controlled by the mouse, but you should lock the cursor and clamp the rotation of the neck. Definite "Getting Over it Vibes", and I think it could turn into something sick af.

whatever we want would be wiiiild 

Sick, ty! :D 

Thanks, friend!! :D 

That was kind of part of the design initially. My thinking was that in golf you kind of just go one direction? I've been pretty annoyed with overshooting it myself too hah. If I pop back to this game, I'll totally make a backwards button :)
Thanks for playin! 

Thanks :D

Nice! +1 for tinging sword :D here's a gif too pls dont hurt me

Thanks for checking it out <3

I think I'll switch the controls to 8 directions instead of 4 lol

omg beauty. The souprise sound attacked me.

I love the little toast the most.