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Exporting to Sprite Sheets Error

A topic by marlonwiebe created Jun 24, 2019 Views: 405 Replies: 4
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Hiya! :)

I wanted to try and use DS95 to output to a different program and if I try to use the "Export to Sprite Sheet" function, it looks like it bugs out cause it adds an extra "Assets" folder when it's searching for the file name.

Below you can see the project hierarchy and the error message.  I can get it to work if i copy the sprite to a dummy folder that it's trying to search for and then run the sprite sheet operation again.  I'm using 2019.1.8f1 and DS95 2019 version (but i tried 2018 and does same thing it seems).

Hope that helps!

there’s a bug with sprite sheet export on windows. Will be addressed as soon as possible! 

Yay!  Thanks, and keep up the good work :D

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2018.4.23f1 here, Windows, and it still seems to be bug ; - ; Any Luck with different versions perhaps?
A work around is that saving to gif still works... You could save the gif out, and then convert that gif into a sprite sheet. Here's a random tool I found for it

Hey ! Any update on this ?

I'm using Doodle Playground for Ludum Dare and Apparently this bug is still here.
My workaround is a create a matching subfolder "Assets/Texture/Drawn".