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Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1 - Holes - A Roguelike Adventure Game.
Submitted by CraigsArcade — 5 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#114.2074.207

Ranked from 121 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Thank you all so much for your support and kind words it means so much to us!

Rank 5 overall is a huge achievement and we look forward to future projects and bringing some more exciting games for you all in the future.


probably one of the best entries, it could be a mobile relese even now without adding anything and it would be a good mobile game.


Thanks glad you liked it!


Very nice! I see no imperfection in this game!well done!


This is great! It's a really solid game for a 1-week jam, and I'm really impressed with all the things you were able to add in that time frame. I don't have many particular criticisms, only that maybe the music is a little too upbeat? It's a good track, but it might be nice to change it to something a bit more adventurous-sounding, considering the various gruesome ways your player can die. Despite this, the music tracks are very well-made, as are the sound effects.

There's a ton of gamedev stuff I want to praise here, but it'd take a long time to explain everything. In short:

  • Online leaderboards
  • Art
  • Pretty much no bugs
  • The UI
  • The WebGL compatibility

As a gamedev, I've had problems with all of those points. Your ability to get them done in a week is amazing. I commend you for that.

Overall, great game!


Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot to us!

I will pass on the audio feedback to RyanAvx, he did all the audio.

Feel free to add me on Discord @Dreckly#3291 if you ever have any questions regarding those key features you pointed out, I can't promise to be able to always answer or answer fast but I'm always happy to help out, the leaderboards were a lot easier than anticipated to implement, however i had to make a $5 donation to get it to work in webGL.

Thanks again, glad you enjoyed it!


Very nice game and a really nice concept.  Good graphics and music.

Packing all that into a week is very impressive :-)


Thank you! glad you liked i worked very hard over the week.


Fun! I like the rope idea


Great game, one of the few games I had fun playing it in the game jam.

A lot of ideas in the level design and they are all very well polished.

Great job!

Please also rate our game:


Really Great game with infinite replayablility . It is really polished for a jam game. 5/5


I love the game there is not only a complete working High-score system, but the movement is extremely smooth as well. Same with sounds and Pixel Art as well as the Design. Over all amazing game well done :D


Thanks glad you enjoyed it!


Wow! This game is 100% polished! How did you get this done so quickly? :D I love it it's amazing


Thanks! worked really hard on it


Very solid entry! I really like the graphics. I could really see this as a mobile game!


Thanks glad you like it! we're in talks of converting it to  a full PC and mobile game. 


Nice job.

I absolutely love your art!

I have a suggestion: Cut the rope when ever it touches the fire!


Glad you enjoyed it!

We did kind of cut a few rope physics corners as it was a jam :)


amazing game, lotsa fun! :D


Thank you!


Great game ! Simple but well polished


That`s a damn good jam. Nice game)


really fun game! this was the first game that got me hooked for a while! keep up the good work!


Really solid and fun game . Great Job :D


I get your back buddy! If we rate all who have lower ratings then we might even get better ratings so start rating most of the least rated games as I'm doing ;) and your game is kinda awesome , cool ,or amazing, keep up the good work

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

that's pretty damn cool, difficulty is balanced as well, took me a while tho got the first place after all

BTW if someone's interested in ending here it is - this or this

Developer (1 edit)

Nice to see you got it on video! Nice job!

There shouldn't be any acid droplets in that area, they should delete when colliding, apologies if that made things harder.


Nice.Rate  my game also.

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