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Huge congratulations! well deserved win!

Thank you all so much for your support and kind words it means so much to us!

Rank 5 overall is a huge achievement and we look forward to future projects and bringing some more exciting games for you all in the future.

Thanks glad you liked it!

Loved the aesthetics of this! the movement and effects worked really well together.

I too hit the bug where it appears the movement target was above ground or something which caused a little bit of trouble, but apart from that really like the overall feel of this nice job.

Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot to us!

I will pass on the audio feedback to RyanAvx, he did all the audio.

Feel free to add me on Discord @Dreckly#3291 if you ever have any questions regarding those key features you pointed out, I can't promise to be able to always answer or answer fast but I'm always happy to help out, the leaderboards were a lot easier than anticipated to implement, however i had to make a $5 donation to get it to work in webGL.

Thanks again, glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! glad you liked i worked very hard over the week.

Hey, we didn't have time to make it procedural for the game jam, the max is ~340m. We're in talks into making it into a full game with procedural generation.

Thanks glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! worked really hard on it

Thanks glad you like it! we're in talks of converting it to  a full PC and mobile game. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

We did kind of cut a few rope physics corners as it was a jam :)

Thank you!

Fun game 

Cool game 

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Nice to see you got it on video! Nice job!

There shouldn't be any acid droplets in that area, they should delete when colliding, apologies if that made things harder.

Thank you glad you enjoyed it!

Congrats to whoever made it to the end!

Thank you! glad you liked it

Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Just myself who did the art and programming, and Ryan who did the awesome music and SFX

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it

Thanks really glad you like it!

I'm getting a lot of positive feedback regarding the leaderboards, So just incase anyone is interested who reads this i used a free "service" called, wasn't too complicated to integrate, however i did have to make a donation of $5 to the creator because i needed a SSL (HTTPS) upgrade for it to work on webGL apps. However that donation isn't required for desktop apps.

Thank you very much, worked hard on it over the week, glad you enjoyed!

It took me way to long to realize i needed to point my mouse to choose the direction of the portals.

But once i did it was very impressive. I don't recall ever seeing a 2D portal game like this, nice job. Would love to see more of it!

Only other criticism is i felt the fall speed was a bit too harsh, made it a little tricky, but sometimes tricky is a good thing so i didn't mind it too much.

Really enjoyed that nice job!, felt the ball moved a little too slow on a couple of the levels, but the others with moving cameras and stuff were really enjoyable, was instantly addictive.

Thanks a lot! glad you liked it.

I did intend to make the game procedural, however i didn't have enough time, and i wanted everyone in the jam to have the same level, so i ended up just creating the level by hand which took a while, so i opted at the time to make it get harder pretty quickly so that i could "limit" how much of the level i could create in time for the jam, i am very interested in looking into procedural work on it after the jam!

Thank you! yes i will rate yours shortly!

fun game,very addictive 

Fun game,great concept

Great game!

I love it! Very mysterious, great graphics and great sound to match!

Awesome concept, great graphics AND great sound!? Yes!

Like made specially just for the game.

Fun game! The characters are charming and the two abilties are fun!

It's an interesting concept and I lvoe the atari style

The games fun! The graphics are great and the music and sound spot on - just a bit of a shame the audio isn't custom.

I love the style of this game, but It would be great if all the ingredients were in one spot and the customers order text was a bit easier to see.

Awesome concept, the animation and graphics are on point!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!