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Fluffy FlightView game page

Poke holes to save the egg
Submitted by Fripop (@JBraunsberger), lolfrad (@lolfrad) — 21 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#44.4004.400

Ranked from 45 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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great job, Congrats!


Congrats! :D


Huge congratulations! well deserved win!


One of the very few games that manages to get high ratings across all categories in my opinion! Great game play, great theme, great visuals, great audio, great everything! Only thing I would update is replacing the tutorial screen with a walk through tutorial :) Apart from that, everything else was incredible!


Such a fun game! The controls are a so good once you've got the hang of it!

Overall, this is definetly a game that could go somewhere, it is an original concept and you definetly know how to make a game feel how it is supposed to!

Great job, hopefully you've got time to try my game too, it would mean the world to me!


What a seriously cool game! It's neat how so many things are interactive, but it'd probably be a good idea to provide some indicator for what is and isn't interactive (like maybe interactable things are a different colour or pulsate). I also had difficulty figuring out what to do at the start. I know that there was a tutorial page at the start, and looking back at it, the tutorial is clear as day, but I have a horrible habit of skipping past instructions. It'd be nice if you could perhaps pause the game and it'd show you those controls again? 

The final critique I have is regarding the limited number of patches that you have to repair your balloon. I agree that there should be some limit on how many patches you can do, but I frequently lost track of the number of patches I'd used, then go to use another and find I have none left. I believe the issue is that the remaining patches are shown at the top right, whilst all the other action is going on in the centre of the screen. Celeste (the game) does a great job at avoiding this by representing the availability of dashes through the player's hair colour. Perhaps you could have had the patches dangle off the edge of the balloon, so that each time you used one, you could clearly see how many remain without looking at the indicator at the top right. 

This game is really great tho, and I wish it was longer. It was an interesting movement scheme, paired with fun ineractable environment pieces and frequent new challenges. I simply adore the density of new obstacles, each challenge feels new and every new checkpoint felt fresh. Brilliant design capped it off for an all round amazing game. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Nice take on the theme! The first one about popping balloons I've seen so far. The visuals were really good, as was the audio. The level design had a proper amount of challenge - it was easy enough to beat each checkpoint in 1-4 tries, but it would have been very frustrating if it was more difficult.


Some backgrounds were too clear, they looked more like obstacles.

The checkpoints seemed to require a bit more accuracy than necessary, could use a more lenient hitbox.

Starting from checkpoint 7 the balloon often got thrown straight to the left, stuck between spikes and wall, which wasn't very fun.


Thanks. We got some very similar criticisms from  friends and other players.


Awesome, I absolutely love the idea and how it was executed. I love level design, it was challenging but not annoying. Perfect :D

I was brought here because I saw tutorial screen. It's absolutely perfect game pitch you can give.


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it


Hey, loved your game,  loved your art , music , game design ,a bit of polish and your game will be pretty cool! I enjoyed playing it. 
All the best and Good luck! Do check out our game we need the feedback! -


Whoa, this was the first and probably only game where you can see the tutorial before even clicking the game! That is so clever! This is a gorgeous game with a very unique mechanic. I do wish the checkpoint hitboxes were a bit larger as I overshot them quite a few times in my playthough. Great job!


Thanks! I agree about the checkpoints :D it can be a little frustrating


Wow, this needs more rates than it has. Beautiful art, cool mechanic, smooth physics. I wish I could summon up something more constructive to say but all I can do is gush.

I guess if I had to find something to critique I would say that the art seems to be at a higher resolution on the balloon than it is in the rest of the world, so it kind of sticks out. I assume that was a design choice to make it contrast from the background, but the art is sharp enough that it loses that “hand drawn” feel a little. Maybe there are other ways (like color use) to make the balloon stand out and still have that “brush stroke” feel to it? Just a thought.

You guys crushed it on this game. Please continue work on this project.

Here’s my game if you’d like to check it out.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the critique.

I made a decision in the middle of the development to make the art assets more sketchy and rough, but I already painted the balloon in the start, so the programmer could create the mechanics. The last day I was editing all the the sprites, to fit the style, and painting the start/end screen, so I forgot to change the balloon(even though it was on my list of items to repaint).

Also, I was distracted by painting more unnecessary decoration… ;)


whoever drew this, he's freaking talented >.< great idea, great graphics, awesome game.


Interesting design idea and fun to control and play the balloon with a hole.  The art style is super awesome and the scene feels nice and lively with everything blowing in the wind.  Great job!  Please check out mine if you haven't.


Pretty nice entry! I love the art style. The music, the graphics is soo complete. Well done, nice work! 


One of the best games I've played! The way you implemented the theme is genius.
I loved the art style and the mechanics. Really good polished game and very fun to play.
Also the audios are great and I loved the simple instructions at the start.
Great job! :D


Awesome! The art and audio is fantastic, not to mention the idea! really well done, this is a very professional game you should definitely release it as a full game! Bravo, I really had fun playing and it is very impressive.


great game :) nice work !! game design and graphics both are more than epic i liked this game sooooo much ^^

btw i rated ur game can u do the same pls ?? and thx !!


i love this game, even the explanation of basic control at start already hit me up. And no many times i try i can't pass trough check point 8,  can't beat this game,  its look like easy game, but its hard at the same time, and also the art is so awesome. Cool game xD


Thanks for playing :D, the key for this part is to rush thru the arrows, maybe poking two holes insted of one for maximum speed, then repairing the balloon and sticking as close to the right wall as you can, because the green flower blocks one of the arrows and then refilong at checkpoint 9. I hope I got the level section right xD


i know it just on those check point area there's a strong wind towards the pointy wall x}


yea, a little challenging :D


Try our game too xD and you will faced my skeleton army, revenge time for challenge lol :}


Just did, really abused the hell out of the roll/slide mechanic xD


Outstanding artwork and gameplay. I like this one alot, it has everything for an awesome game. The audio and player movement are also amazing.

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