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Was an awesome podcast. Glad to hear your thoughts on our game! :D 

HEY! Your game got on the YouTube page! Nice work!

Thank you very much for this informative feedback randomphantom! It'll prove to be great use to us when we work on the next update :)

Thanks for the notice Polia :) We'll be sure to look into IE Edge support

took me a bit to figure out how to move at the start, but once I figured out i could control other monsters, I was good to go. Is a neat little puzzle/platformer game :)

Tasty your food is - Me being yoda

Thanks for your feedback Tosch! :)

Wow this was really fun! played for so long that the music eventually cut out. Apart from that bug, it's a pretty fun to play game with amazing visuals and sounds. 

For those of you who do not understand this. You are not a true connoisseur of the arts. A true connoisseur would be able to see the depth in this wonder master piece. 

The visuals in this game are top notch. Also good work on executing the sneeze mechanic! It felt very intuitive 

The visuals were one of the highest that I've seen in the jam so far! I love it. Found my self spamming the quack button. 10/10. 

Thank you for your kind words Serponge. We'll be sure to balance out the difficulty in the next update :)

haha gun go bang. bird go scatter.

Thanks for the comment! Also I just saw the title of your game... Now I've gotta play that. brb 😂

I did get pretty TILTED playing this. But being tilted made me keep coming back to play it lmao. Good work son :)

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No idea how this game is our 3rd source of views, but regardless. I gave your game a play :P

At first I was confused about why I couldn't go on to the next level after clicking stop when the car was in the goal. But then I figured out you're meant to stop the car with cones. Apart from that hick up, it was a pretty neat game :)

Okay. Now this. This is epic. One of the games that I couldn't stop playing. So much content in the game especially considering that you only had 48 hours to make this. I expect this to be in the top 100. Love <3 - The Desert Beagle team

Thanks for your comment Japes! Our team discussed using text-to-speech when the mouse hovers over a comment to help players with any visual impairments.  In your opinion, would this suffice or is there another way we can improve? :)

This game is surprisingly fun. I loved ramming into the other planes and causing chaos! Only suggestion I have is make it so the other planes try to shoot you; But you can ram them without taking damage. Apart from that, it was really fun and simple to learn :D

Glad to hear that you enjoyed our theme :)

Was a pretty alright game. Took me a bit to figure out the how to cast spells properly on the right side window thing. Apart from that, good job :)

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Thank you for your feed back Team 13. During development, we may have thought that discerning between good and bad comments would be easy enough for players.
As for AutoMod? Yes.... Yes.
We'll keep this in mind for a future update :P

Had fun spraying the cats with water, and was vibing to the cats meowing to the music. 10/10 master piece. Pretty amazing too considering it was made in 48 hours!

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Auto Mods automatically mark a comment as clear or banned for you. Good for when you're in a pinch, and have minimal time to decide if the comment is bad or good.

Love how it's similar to tron and the snake game :) nice implementation of holes into the game.

Quick and easy to pick up, very simple, very nice. Good work!

Not too bad, starts off way too slow however, first mole took 7 seconds to appear. Bring it back to 3 please

I like the background music, nice and groovy. Felt like the controls could be a bit more tighter however, way too floaty. Regardless, pretty neat game

This is really challenging to play, However the visuals and audio are superb!

interesting concept, I reckon with a smoother car controller you could make this into an outstanding game. Good work :)

Really addicting, has excellent game play,  highly suggest

One of the very few games that manages to get high ratings across all categories in my opinion! Great game play, great theme, great visuals, great audio, great everything! Only thing I would update is replacing the tutorial screen with a walk through tutorial :) Apart from that, everything else was incredible!

Really solid gameplay, only changes I'd make to this game is a skip cutscene button and up the visuals, add some music, and grunt variants :) Good work!

"too far away mate" sounds aussie. 10/10 game

This game is surprisingly fun! Good work! Hope to see you expand on this game after the jam is over :)

interesting concept. Wasn't a fan of the inverting on both horizontal and vertical axis though. Apart from that, I think you have a solid concept to continue from

Interesting puzzle concept. However I did manage to exploit the game I guess, by just using the white ball to follow and adjust the ship. If you add a limit on times you can move a hole / white ball, and make it so you have time at the start to set it up before the ship takes off that would make your game better I think? Overall, the mechanics are pretty solid

I like the idea of combing whack a mole with a toggle-like puzzle mechanic. Really innovative! This game is pretty good across all categories, the gameplay is there, visuals are appealing, and sounds sounds good :)

Interesting idea, good intro tutorial, visuals and audio could use some improvements, but apart from that, good concept :)

Cute visuals! Easy to pick up game play. Wouldn't mind if there was a minimap or dash feature. Good work overall :)