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Thanks! The podcast was awesome! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback! The key to get past that part is to land on the checkpoint and then poke the green flower that will launch you right below the spikes. Then poke multiple holes on the bottom side of the balloon to get enough lift force :D

Thanks. We got some very similar criticisms from  friends and other players.

Thanks! I agree about the checkpoints :D it can be a little frustrating

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it

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Thanks for the critique.

I made a decision in the middle of the development to make the art assets more sketchy and rough, but I already painted the balloon in the start, so the programmer could create the mechanics. The last day I was editing all the the sprites, to fit the style, and painting the start/end screen, so I forgot to change the balloon(even though it was on my list of items to repaint).

Also, I was distracted by painting more unnecessary decoration… ;)

Just did, really abused the hell out of the roll/slide mechanic xD

yea, a little challenging :D

Thanks for playing :D, the key for this part is to rush thru the arrows, maybe poking two holes insted of one for maximum speed, then repairing the balloon and sticking as close to the right wall as you can, because the green flower blocks one of the arrows and then refilong at checkpoint 9. I hope I got the level section right xD

Good game! Really had fun playing :D

Love the art! Gets very hard when your huge an I couldn't kill the boss :)

Thanks, we will :) 

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback!


Thanks! :O I also had fun playing your game. Really unique.

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Thanks! We don't yet, but we would really like to :D

Thanks :)

The game is good, but really hard. I think upgrades would be great for this game :D. I found a bug, when one of the bunkers explodes, you can still repair it and it takes your energy.

Great game! Had a lot of fun playing!

Really fun and adorable game!

Really fun game to play and i love the animations :)

Took me some time to figure out how to move :D Had fun exploring the map but got stuck many times.

Best score i could get was 4.  I really enjoyed the soundtrack.

Had tons of fun shooting down enemy fighters!

Interesting use of the given theme! The game really makes you think when deciding about the upgrades.

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Really fun superman-flying santa and animations!


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Love this game! Great art, gameplay and a funny ending!

Thanks! Will probably work more on it after the jam.

Thanks! Will let you know.

No I  didn't. But now I see that it could really be better.

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Thanks for the feedback! The number bottles is based on the score.  It increases when your sore hits 500.

Thanks for the reply! About the bug with the spark, if the spark gets taken by a monster, it will not return to the player. You will need to go there and pick it up manually (if this is what happened in your case) :) . Platforms were added the last second, so there was not much time to optimize them . Huge thanks for the two url's they are a great help!

Thanks for the feedback!

Np! Thanks, the white light was the way to go.

Great game! But i got an error when trying to solve the puzzle with "-.--|---"

There was something wrong with the UI when i tried to play the game :c

Interesting game, couldn't get past level 5 :D

Funny game, was never able to win.