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Thanks for the reply! About the bug with the spark, if the spark gets taken by a monster, it will not return to the player. You will need to go there and pick it up manually (if this is what happened in your case) :) . Platforms were added the last second, so there was not much time to optimize them . Huge thanks for the two url's they are a great help!

Thanks for the feedback!

Np! Thanks, the white light was the way to go.

Great game! But i got an error when trying to solve the puzzle with "-.--|---"

There was something wrong with the UI when i tried to play the game :c

Interesting game, couldn't get past level 5 :D

Funny game, was never able to win.

Really great and fun littlle game.

Fun little game, enemies jumping over harpoons made it even better. :)

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Wow thanks! The video looks great! Just a quick tip, if you press right mouse button, the spark returns to the character :)