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Secret: there is movement towards porting to another Sega 3D console 😉...

I like it but imho feels a bit too hard. I've consistently been dying just under the 3:00 mark. I think it's mostly due to how enemies spawn and don't leave you much area to go. Will try to revisit with some more specific feedback...

great music 😍

love it. your astronaut looks a lot like the one in our N64 game haha

really amazing what you do with minimalism and repetition! great game

this can't run on a DMG GB, right? only GBC?
looks great!

cool, I like the idea and how like Lemmings--you're trying to prevent something from dying. I die a lot from the birds and to make it a bit less difficult or feel balanced, I'd suggest maybe adding power-ups: health, blocks, etc. Maybe you could take multiple hits

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sometimes with media, the most unique, refreshing, thoughtful work doesn't seem to get as much traction as more derivative/broadly appealing/recognizable works. A lot of it is due to connections. After a break you could ask a wide range of YouTubers/streamers/TikTokers to cover your games? But within an industry, technicians' recognize & appreciate, look to another technicians' craft as inspiration. Savor that

I dunno my unsolicited advice to another stranger: join a team, join a supportive local or remote dev community, go to nearby conventions & showcases, focus on smaller/bigger projects, take breaks--try new hobbies. 

Tbh most of the devs I follow on Itch are inspirational jam winners that I don't get around to trying many games. So I'd take any lack of attention with a grain of many more platforms are vying for ones attention...

Sorry to hear that. I must've followed because I thought your stuff was really unique & impressive

I'd love a finished N64 version!

thanks Sapphire! We'll check out your game during play tests on Tues!

ok, the latest build is hopefully a fix for that. Make sure you have that one.  Let LambertJamesSD (on the N64 Homebrew Discord)--our programmer-- know if you keep having freezes

cool, I hadn't realized there was a Discord. Will join & get in touch there!

awesome & thanks!, let me know if you'd be interested in working together. I know a little bit of modeling but someone with solid skills would really round out that part of a team.

thanks, I really appreciate it man!

thanks! I really appreciate it


I'm a musician & sound designer looking for a solid team of programmer & 3D artists. 

Who I am: part of the team that won the N64 Homebrew jam with Telocation Gemini.

Hear my work here or try it on an emulator near you

cool game! thanks for submitting and being part of the first pizza jam! sharing some difficulties I had playing it: sometimes I wasn't always able to pick up pizza slices in a box and couldn't figure out how to deliver it to a house. I'm assuming the grey triangle shapes are upgrades?

hey, I like how the jumping feels! Thanks for submitting and being part of the first Pizza Jam!

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Want a Discord channel? I got a Discord channel:

hey, I streamed your game at about 1 hour and 45 minutes in. Loved the art style and overall polish! my high score after 3 attempts was 25. Feel like I could do better :/ ...

hey, I streamed your game about 1 hour 35 minutes in here
really liked the art/animation and music especially! great job

Hey! I streamed your game:
I really like your AI work, I'm a fan of MGS games and this felt similar. What I would really like as a multiplayer asymmetric game that combines the hide/seek mechanics that you already have. great job!

We've considered it and still could if demand were to grow with the awareness of it. As it is now, it's manageable and sustainable 👍

really liked your game!! art style, level design and puzzles were amazing. Got stuck on the most difficult sniper level. I streamed my first impressions at

I use a hdmi capture card for my webcam. That's why it's not picking up. Streamed my first impressions here, really liked the music and art style

streamed your game here, really liked it! only thing I'd suggest changing is making the cursor smaller and spikes more dangerous (hit boxes)

streamed your game here, really liked the art and polish, was a liiittle bit difficult for me fwiw

streamed your game here, really liked it!

really enjoyed streaming your game here! only reason it dropped frames is my monitor was at 3k and res is stuck on full screen. Loved it!

hm I can't get it to recognize my webcam

We just released a game called Telocation Gemini and one of our dev members offered to translate it to Italian, Scottish, Gaelic, and Scots--but the current Metadata section doesn't support Scots. We can release the translations ourselves, just wanted to put in another vote for adding Scots.

Thank you

speedrunners, show us what you've got:

wow this game is awesome! I streamed it on my Twitch channel, jtn191. only suggestions I might make are to make brick walls a little easier to break, clearer indication on upgrade screen that you should buy those perks.  Getting stuck on displays is also kind of frustrating. I previously had a few ideas for a black friday game. Let me know if you'd like help--I specialize in audio stuff

hey thanks for the feedback. I was worried about implementing music because it isn't officially supported in Bitsy. You have to either do audio manually or use a handy tool (I need to thank that creator) to do it. I researched it before and found that Chrome doesn't always allow auto-playing audio, whether it works or not could be browser dependent. Please let me know how it works for you

I need to figure out how to better use the dialogue system. Mostly had issues with the snowman automatically repeating himself. I don't think Bitsy is really designed for longer dialogue. Afaik stock Bitsy only allows 3 colors but I think there might be "mod"-like tools to add to that.

But thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to play it & comment; a lot of it was improvised, learned on the fly, inspired by generosity I've received

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yeah I didn't really like the theme so much

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

thank you!

great story telling! so slick and well presented!