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Hi Rethuna, you’ve been selected as the 2nd prize winner of $50 for Fam Jam 5, congratulations! Please reach out to me on Discord ntwiles#5249 to claim your prize money. Make sure to reply with your tag here so I can verify your identity. Alternatively you can email me at

Hi Gudboi101, you’ve been selected as the 1st prize winner of $100 for Fam Jam 5, congratulations! Please reach out to me on Discord ntwiles#5249 to claim your prize money. Make sure to reply with your tag here so I can verify your identity. Alternatively you can email me at

I really like this a lot. The music, art and animation work really well together and running through the world and making attacks feels pretty solid. I really think this is a game that could be polished up into something really nice. A couple small pieces of feedback: I would rather not have coins that are impossible to get (i.e. inside things that will kill me). I also feel like the grass with spikes in it is a little too hard to spot, I would rather have things that can kill me be obvious. The same goes for your friends, which you have no way of knowing are your friends except through trial and error. I think it would be best if the player could jump into the game and be able to read the world without being taught to understand what will happen to him if he runs into something.

These are small things but they were a barrier for me getting into the game that I had to get past before I could start enjoying it, which not everyone will take the time to do. That said, once I figured these things out I did really start enjoying the game and played it for a while. Really great submission altogether, good work!

This is a clever idea! Great concept for a jam game and the music and art style were really nice as well. If I could give one piece of feedback, I’d say that it might be nicer if you tapped the key a second time to set the placement of the first cat, instead of waiting for a timer to run out. That gives the player a bit more control. Either way great job on this!

This is a lot of fun the art, sound, and animation all make the gunplay feel really good. The wall running feels great and is fun to play around with. My big complaint is there’s no feedback when you hit an enemy. I thought I was unloading into the eye from the top level for like a minute before I eventually realized I must not be getting his hitbox. If there was some kind of flash I would have been able to pick up on that. I wasn’t able to kill him as he seemed to be able to nearly one hit me. A lot of the game feels like it’s designed to be fast paced like Doom, but the slow health recovery kind of entices players to get off a couple of shots and then hide behind a wall to wait for their health to come back. Even with that feedback I think just the damage flash alone would be a huge upgrade which would make this game super fun to play through. Really impressive what you’ve managed to get going in such a short time. Great work!

I liked the effects and UI (though at some points later in the game the very large text went off the bottom of the screen for me and I couldn’t make it out). It’s a simple game but put together well with nice sounds, animations, and text effects. I also really love how strongly you incorporated the theme (the good ending was a nice play on that) but I will say that doing it in such a way that “the second one” was always the correct answer kind of took the “game” out of it since there wasn’t much player agency or challenge. Besides that little gripe I think this is a good submission that I can tell a lot of hard work went into, great job!

Really liked this. It was a little unclear how to play at first (spacebar wasn’t mentioned as a key that needed to be used so I got lucky in figuring that out), but I eventually got the gist. I really liked the bee vision and how it was used differently in each level. I stopped on the level that didn’t have any walls. I wasn’t sure what to do there. I noticed some black artwork in the lower left corner that looked like numbers (swear I could make out 270) but I couldn’t interact with it and couldn’t find it again when I looked later. I’m not sure if there was anything else to do in that level or if it was the end?

Besides that confusion I thought this was a really nice game, good work.

Loved this! Really like the design of the UI, and all the individual effects were a lot of fun. I can tell a lot of care went into this. My only feedback is I felt like some of my clicks weren’t getting registered correctly (I noticed it near the end when I was down to only two and I was clicking on what I knew was the right ’suspect). Overall creative idea and great spin on the theme, good work.

This feels very polished, looks and sounds great! The gameplay is very simple, would like to see a little more in that area, but I appreciate the care and attention to detail. Great job on this!

This is really great. The controls feel good to me, I think the slow panning is perfect for the gameplay. Really nice use of assets. It all feels cohesive and the little animations on the character really come to life. The sound design is fantastic (and the clicking is creepy as hell) and not to spoil anything for others, but becomes important to the gameplay in a cool way. My only feedback would be that it feels a little strange that there are two types of shadows (though I wonder if maybe you meant for the hard shadow to represent player FOV occlusion more than light from the flashlight). Regardless nice game, good job on this!

Ohh of course! Very cool, I like that a lot! Glad I asked.

This was so much fun. Getting off headshots was extra satisfying. Really good feedback on the gun and the ping sounds on a successful headshot really made it land. I like the little pieces of flair like the bean bopping on the gun. My only gripe is that I didn’t really pick up on any connection to the themes, but it’s possible I just missed them. Still very much worth a play. I got to wave four on my second try but I think I can push it a lot further if I come back and give it a few more attempts. Great job on this guys.

Haha this one got me. Love all the little effects and the ending cutscene. Lot of polish went into this. I did notice that if I just stand aside the monster will run straight past me and down the hall without attacking. But to be fair I still couldn’t win because the only way out was through him so I guess it didn’t save me lol. Great job on this, good spin on the theme.

Really impressive for 5 days! The artwork and music is very good. I love the premise and had a lot of fun playing this. I wasn’t able to find much in the way of theme relevance, but maybe there’s a connection there that I missed.

It was very difficult (for me at least) and personally felt like things were moving too quickly for me to get good feedback on what strategies were and weren’t working. That said I did appreciate that the reset was very quick and I could very easily get back into the game and try again.

I also felt like menus would often pop up over top of each other and interrupt what I was working on, though I’m not sure what the best solution to that would be since this game is very time-based and event-driven.

Either way great submission and really impressive work, congrats to those that worked on it!

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Spoilers below:

Okay this is really clever. This is a great concept for a game regardless of the theme, but you also nailed both of the themes at the same time. Bravo on that.

It took me a bit to learn the rules of the game. The key thing I had to learn was that the enemies don’t hurt you. Once I learned that I was able to play the game more how I think it was intended to be played, working out what the clues mean and how to interpret them and I really enjoyed that process.

It was interesting taking something like enemy AI which you usually think of as pretty non-deterministic and learning that you can follow a very specific path to get exactly the right result. I kind of like that I ignored the footsteps at first while I was learning everything, because when I finally took your hint and started using them, I was like “whoa, the enemies are right where they need to be!”.

Awesome work on this. I’m not sure if there’s more to explore with this mechanic or not, but if you can find room for more levels I think this would be cool to expand on in some way.

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Seconding the other commenter. If you’d like to make a free game following our jam rules, we’d be happy to allow you to submit that one. The games you submitted to Fam Jam 5 are not jam games.

Thanks for playing! Sorry for the delay in replying. I love that track too. I asked my partner who composed the music if he has it available anywhere.

Thanks so much! There’s no “correct” answer for some of the words, a couple different things could work, but here are the ones I used:

Haha yes we had some trouble with that, but thought we had it worked out. We’re you sliding left and went straight through the two platforms?

This is great! Simple, but really polished with great art and sound. Good job on this.

I really love the sense of atmosphere and mystery, and the really cool instant worldbuilding that the map gives you. The art is really nice too. I like the idea of having to make your way through disorienting fog, but I do think the way that this was implemented was a bit punishing. Sometimes I would die multiple times without finding anything new. Really great beyond that. I think I got about halfway through, so I’m hoping to come back and make another attempt to find the rest.

I’m disappointed that more people weren’t able to play this, it’s a nice game. I like the scene a lot, the pumpkin ritual altars and statue look great, and I like the falling leaf effects and the mechanic of building up the ritual pieces. I was able to figure it out on my second attempt and complete the ritual.

I have to say, the controls were rough. I had to force myself to power through the camera and movement issues to make it to the end, and my guess is that most people would not give it the time necessary to do that, since it’s a bit frustrating to navigate the world. I’m happy to give more detailed feedback if that’s helpful (just let me know), but it sounds like you’re already aware of the problem.

I hope that’s not too harsh, I only put so much emphasis on it because your game shines in so many ways outside of those issues, but the issues will distract players from the great parts. I hope you keep working on this, this could be a very fun small game to get into the Halloween mood if you wanted to do a post-jam version of it. Really impressive what you have already.

Haha yeah, I was just hoping nobody would question the logic behind raking the leaves into a neat pile only to just scatter them everywhere again :D

That’s good feedback, thanks. Yeah I agree that I need to teach the player how to interact with the game better in future versions.

WHAT ON EARTH? I’m blown away with everything you two have managed to accomplish with this. It looks beautiful (both the pixelated 3d artwork and the 2d character art), the vibe is on point, boating on the water and exploring the lake is so much fun, the magical spells are all cool and have nice effects. This is just chef’s kiss. Wonderful wonderful game, great job.

I think the only thing that I could give feedback on was that turning the boat around in tight bays was a bit tricky at times, and adjusting to the idea that left == boat left (not screen left) threw me off a couple of times, but I think in the end I liked it working that way, just took some practice.

Congrats to you both, I hope you decide to keep working on this.

Sorry to see you weren’t able to finish. The art looks great. I love the color choice.

Man, I would love to have created something this nice for my first game jam submission. Really great job. The art and animation are beautiful, I love the colors and the idea in general. I really think this is something worth polishing up and selling for a couple dollars for kids to enjoy. I personally wouldn’t go with the scoring system and just let it be more about the experience instead. Great fall game, thanks for sharing this and good luck on future jams.

I really love the vibe with this one. The corrupted VHS look does a lot for that chill nostalgic feeling. Bumping the radio to cycle the tracks was a nice touch, and I really liked the music in general. Perfect use for an active ragdoll in a fall game lol, nice work.

Thank you so much! As a programmer more than an artist it’s hard for me to create scenes for this game in a short time, so I definitely wish there was more too. But my plan is to grow it a bit more with each Cozy Fall Jam.

Haha so there is! Good catch, thanks. I’ll leave that in for now so the speedrunning community I’m expecting to show up any day can exploit it.

Oh man this is cool tech. I may hit you up to learn more about how this shader works, you can do so much with this. The art was really nice and the vibe was perfect. I do wish I had a little more creative control when setting colors, there were a couple of times where I just didn’t want any of the colors in the palette but needed to use them. Overall awesome submission, would make for an awesome mobile app.

It’s a well designed maze, the different areas feel distinct because they’re all built with different structures. I had fun playing this. Took me about five attempts to get to the cabin I think. It would have been really nice I think if there were some other kinds of clues besides the pumpkin ones to hint which direction to go. Great job on this! My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is so nice. I LOVE the colors and the art style in general. The knitting mechanic is super zen. Perfect for a chill fall day. I do think I got my highest score just jamming all four keys over and over again though :D. Great work on this, perfect autumn game. Mine is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is really nice, played this for a while and almost was able to open up the entire map (which seems to be the objective) but I ran into an issue where on my resolution (playing on a macbook air 13”) the cells were offscreen and I couldn’t zoom out any more or scroll the camera far enough to be able to see them.

Besides that issue everything worked great. I had a lot of fun playing this. Good job. My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

Whoa, this is a super clever idea. Idk if this is an original mechanic or inspired by something, but I haven’t seen it before and loved every second. I would definitely play a longer game built from this idea. It also felt very polished between the nice sounds and the particle effects.

Good job folks. Also the cats were adorable. Our game is linked below if you want to check it out.

I really liked this a lot. This has a really nice chill fall vibe and was a lot of fun to play. The particle effects really do a lot to bring the scene to life. The mechanic is simple but perfect for a short jam like this. The only thing that would change I think is the text which starts to bug you a bit after it keeps taking control from the player. I think an in-world tutorial that teaches through example might work better for this.

Regardless, really polished short game, great job on this! My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is really nice. Cleaning up the forest was so satisfying and the art and animations are gorgeous. Great job on this. I was a little confused about the goal; I thought I was trying to pick up all the trash but had a couple pieces left that had no garbage cans to throw them into. I eventually realized that I could still finish by collecting all the acorns though which was nice. Also on the right of the map I noticed some things I could interact with that would multiply, what were those out of curiosity?

Regardless, great job on this game folks. My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is such a clever idea! Had a lot of fun experimenting with this mechanic. This feels like something that could be built up into a great full game. The art style is really nice. I think it might be more fun if you couldn’t die but had more time to experiment with the levels until you can figure out the jumps you need to make. Altogether great work, thanks for sharing!

My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is great! The art is lovely and the levels are really interesting. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the different objects like the ones that would bounce you off in the opposite direction. Really well done, thanks for sharing!

My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

This is a really cool idea. I love the art and the flow of growing, carving, and selling the pumpkins. It’s the kind of thing that makes you think about what you’re doing but is still pretty relaxed so you can just chill and make jackolanterns. Really nice game. Thanks for sharing.

My game is linked below if you want to check it out.

I like this a lot. It’s challenging even when you get the hang of it. The UX was really nice, allowing mouse input and keyboard commands to switch heads was a good touch. Definitely fits the cozy fall theme too.