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Nice game. Really like the vibe of it. Can you tell me which asset did you use for the outlines? Or is it some self written shader? Thanks, and congrats for the new release!

Really great concept, great design and athmosphere. And it is fun and challenging in its own way! Cool entry!  

I did my game in Unity, with 2D and Post processing. It is a simple Bloom effect, but with the intensity of 40, and my colors are light to bloom a lot :D (I guess) I only has sound on the collecting event. Sadly no background music.

Pretty relaxing and cozy game. The atrstyle, the music and the gameplay are really harmonizing.

Great puzzle game. Nice to have a tutorial! Cool entry! 

Really nice game. Great concept and chilling game. 

Nice game. It would be nice to change the fish look. (Or was I too patient?) Great concept. I had fun playing with it.

Great concept! Like the idea of 'invading' other planets to grow! Nice work.

Nice work with the artstyle! Really liked the game, it was fun to play. 

Thanks for the review. Sadly I realize after the deadline, that the webGL do not support the panStereo on the AudioSource. But the voices were meant to be alternating on the sides. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the shaking effect! 

Thanks for the review! This is one of my favourite thing about game jams, to get inspired by others, and have new games in our collections. Glad my game make to your's!

I know, in some aspects it is a strange game. Thanks for playing. 

Thanks for playing despite you hate ASMR. 

Thanks for playing. Story never was part of my games before. Probably should create some more parts, and make it a nice full typing game, with some cool story! 

Nice game! Great effect! 

Really nice entry! Like the color scheme and lights in the game! Nice work! A little bit hard (for me), but nice work with the orb's light!! 

Some tutorial text at the first level would be nice. It took me a while to figure out the E and Q keys. But after that it was a fun game to play with! Easy crafting mechanism. (some time indicator on the machine would look fancy). Great work, nice entry! 

I have a feeling, that this game is mocking me... Btw great work! 

Really fun to play with! Even if I realize the pattern (know what to search for) not sure I'll find it!! Great! Probably some difficulty settings would be cool, which change a little on the timer! Great entry!! 

Lovely game! I really enjoyed the minimalist design. Great work! 

Great aesthetic atmosphere with the artstyle, the music and lights. However the switch between worlds works a little strange. (not triggered by every right click?) And I was killed by the spiked vines, and after that I stayed at the same scene, can switch between worlds, but no character or movement. Nice work and great entry, could be a great puzzle platformer game! 

Good concept, but after you get what the game wants (some flag to change the language would be nice) it is an easy game. Some other way to make the difference in not real object would be a better approach. Longer handle on axe, sharper edge on diamonds or so. Great entry, nice work!

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The arts are really amazing, fit with that laughing comedy vibe. Waited till the end to jump on that bad :D With this atmosphere and a great story 1-2 hours) it could be a nice story game! Totally great work, cool entry! 

Cool replica of Squid Game part. Tense atmosphere. Could not decide that I see a difference between tiles or not. 

Really cool game. A great example of the minimalist greatness! I like these kind of games! Awesome mechanism with the light, and this grayscale with yellow gives a cool vibe for the game! Mesmerising entry! Great work! 

Really liked the atmosphere of the game. kind of scary but fits with the lights and sounds in the game. Great entry and nice work! An indicator of the tape "length" would be nice (but probably too helpful? Not sure).  

Nice artstyle and gameplay! Great entry! 

Nice artstyle and cute game. However on a 2k monitor the click targets not in a good place. Probably you should the canvas settings (scale with screen size). I should click between the cat and the object, not on the object. But after I figured that out it was a fun game to play. 

Nice and clean concept! Really great game mechanism. it shows me that a tiny game with well polished UI and UX, could be a great entry in this kind of competitions! Nice job!

Cool concept. Liked the aim mechanism and the first rock really suprised me! Nice work! 

So you implemented the Stardew valley fishing mechanism, with a shorted hit bar. :) Great work by the way and a fun game to play. The font is not so readable in the shop (the prices were soo blurry for me not full screen on a 2k monitor). Great entry, nice game!  

Awesome game, with smooth movement and mechanics. The movement speed way a bit too fast for me, but I guess it was meant to be that fast :) Great entry! 

Nice gravity change effect! Cool game, great work!

Nice arts, and awesome game mechanics. Nice entry. 

Sadly I had the same issues as IcedLead,
You have a special character in the filenames, and (I guess) my OS could not handle that. But after replacing the backticked L to æ it worked. It has another issue in the img/faces folder, but letter replacing solved that. 

However, nice game, great work. 

Hmm, nice idea. Sound a little loud. 

Great game. I liked the atmosphere of the game. Great colors and lights! Nice entry good work! 

Cool concept. Moving the boxes with myself on it, pretty hard. Nice game, great work! 

The game is case sensitive. You should type Start ... not start..  Spaces and enters matters as well. You see that the letter became light green after you typed them. (In the cover image) Probably a cursor would have been a good idea. Probably after rating I'll add that. But thanks for trying and writing a comment!

Thanks you!