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yess, I’ve noticed the same thing as well when designing the levels.

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oh, yeah, that's wrong 😅

mostly the projectiles, I took quite a while before they started flying, this is mostly due to the long wind up animation. You can have moves that take a long time to execute, but then they should feel stronger and grander than they do right now.

I really like the game's presentation, on the other hand, the fact that every tile was predetermined, meant there were only a set amount of paths and it was more a question of looking for the correct sequence rather than solving the spacial puzzle. But overall good job!

The game looks very nice and clean, good job!

The game looks really nice! The attacks were a little too slow for me, and I feel like the theme could be incorporated  a bit more, giving you randomized moves during combat for example. but overall good job!

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Very nice entry! I had fun with the controls hitting the enemies with the dash was very satisfying 

Fun Game! I did feel like the Camera was a bit to low to see everything and the fact that I could only move forward meant I often just blindly went on. But the puzzles were fun and There were definitely  a lot of them 😅

This is a very fun game! the controls feel good and it looks nice, I do think it was a bit too easy as you can pretty easily rack up a lot of points, maybe having a greater penalty for rotations would make the player more calculated about what moves to make, but overal nice job!

haha, same 😅

Nice work! I like the mechanic and it's fun to throw the dice around, but the players feels a bit slow to start and quickly goes overboard, I think a slightly faster acceleration and jump speed could make a little better 😀

This game feels pretty polished, from the basic movement to the scene change effect. nice job Ollie!

Nice game, I think it would have been better to slow down the movement a bit since I had trouble moving only one tile at times. But the presentation is nice and the levels are solid 👍

Nice job with the game! I did find it hard to play the game, because the camera did not rotate with the car, if you like that kind if style, I recommend moving the camera up and further away so you can always see where you need to go.  or you could also make a minimap to see where you need to go. In this case I would've probably just stuck the camera to the back of the car because of the chaotic track you were going for! The car itself controlled very nice so great job!

I like the art and animation of the game a lot! The camera shake was a bit too much for me, and the screen quickly felt to small to manoeuvre my character around. But overal, very nice job!

Nice entry! I really liked the tutorial part and the overal presentation of the game. The mouse movement felt a bit unresponsive and slow, but overal cool game!

of course, I don't know what that 1 guy is talking about

a couple of days, editing right now!

I like the moody atmosphere! The characters feel a bit to floaty for my taste, I would also like to have seen some more reaction from the boxes (in physics terms, like slowing you down when you hit them to make them feel heavier) Adding some feedback from the rats in terms of clearer hit boxes or some attack animation would have been nice. Getting hit felt a bit empty, some particles or screenshake can do wonders. But, overal it's a great entry!

nice and polished game!

this is a good start! The controls feel a bit unresponsive, probably because of the rigidbody physics. also the constant flat walls kind of break the flow, maybe some sideways walls could keep your character moving while still retaining the no turning back mechanic. But overal, nice job!

thanks! you should try the hard mode, it adds levers you need to pull, other than that it's not much harder ;) it's very fun when you get the hang of it !

nice job, there are some things to keep in mind for your next game: the relation between the sideways speed and the falling/jumping speed feels off, either slow down the player, or increase the gravity and jump speed. Also, the sides of the platforms are very sticky yet there's no where to go from there, you could add some sort of ledge grab or wall jump feature, or just slide down faster. 
But, of course, it was a fun little game!

I know, I've become addicted myself ;)

This was very fun, nice concept!

I like the graphics! There's a bug where I can just jump along the walls to get up everything, but when I ignored that, it was pretty fun!

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You've got the graphics on point my man! One of my favourites so far, very clear and a fun challenge! Great job


really fun game, great job!

Nice game, I felt like I needed a bit more risk as I was just focussing on the left side to let it rain meteors. But I really like the overal presentation!

cool!, really easy to grasp and makes you focus on enemy positioning rather than just straight killing!

it's a feature, not a bug ;)

It's a very hard on the GPU even at it's very low resolution

yes, but you can make a donation if you want

Thanks, it actually was mentioned ;)

You’re the first one I know who has any problems, if you want a refund, then you can contact the itch support, they should be able to handle it, I’m sorry it didn’t work

Thanks, that dog is me alright ;)

thanks, you can just go the other way by pulling the dogs in the opposite direction to free the stuck dog, kind of reversing