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Oh my... Really good idea with lets plays, btw you are my first lets player in my career - I really appreciate it!
I'll do one shot for you as well :)

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Good game! At higher level there is some chaos but...I like it! This game makes me squinting :D

Really grate concept! I just ask you to polish your shop ui, as I didn't understand that new deeper rod has been selected for a some time
Survival and fishing... develop this masterpiece :)

Alright...i am the dev who is really bad at math

But anyway as a concept it's really great, you are getting high ratings from me

It's just not my game genre

I liked this game a lot! This game resembles me a serious sam from time to time. You can try adding some craziness to your game either
As I see code,meshes,ai and mechanics have been taken from unity open projects - nevertheless you have made a great job. Level design is sufficient for having fun and explore a little, and some traps took me completely off guard!

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Ok, listen...

I really enjoyed this game

Controls feel really smooth, it is the main thing for a good platformer

Also I see retro filter for the first time. Can you hint me how it's done? Some custom post processing shader with UV strips + uv spherize + color distortion?

But the difficulty... I barely escaped 3 chamber. You SHOULD definitely remove air box bash, cause air control of the box becomes inhuman task...

Really nice V-novell!

Imho, you can "pin" dialogue to a character via dialogue bubble / text tint. For example Laszlo has orange color and girl has blue color.

Anyway it's great. I even could literally feel cold with you image and sfx!

Pretty raw concept, but surprisingly its fun to play for short time. Very hard to play this game for a long time as you fingers get tired very soon

The game is great!
I've played and finished it. At times, pixel feels irresponsive. Aesthetics of the game is wonderful, but only for the playtime I spent(meaning - if you are going to add more levels, change the background day/night cycle for something else)

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Hey, very,very nice game!
I just do not get why the progress is lost as soon as you die. I cannot pass more than 3 level
But as I understood, there are local multiplayer mode, many player upgrades - so it has to be fun if you decrease the difficulty
UI and music need to be polished, art is great for platformer :)

Cute game!
Idn but in WebGL version there is an issue with "jump lock" on my pc. Jump feels really unresponsive on this platform and has to be reworked. Anyway - overall design is great and with better controls it can become a good platformer

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Really cool puzzle, I enjoyed it, but it seemed hard for me at times :) <wtf>Decrease difficulty if you are targeting f2p casual players :)
</wtf>Please, add restart button to UI

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Welcome to the Lovecraft's journey into the dangerous outer worlds!

Controls: tap to stop, release for continue running
Game has 9 levels only for now

The game is still in development. If you have found any bug, please describe it briefly in comments down below (you can attach UI-written level label as well). The game is targeting mobile devices, so keep it in mind while playing windows version (which was added for convenience purposes exclusively for itch users).

Please, leave your feedback in comments as well.

Thank you!

alright, it's too hard man :) btw there is a bug with possession - if you posses a caterpillar and will press the D key at the same time - collider of the disabled player will collide with the spikes. There is no clues, how to pass second spikes(before mushroom) and the only way to posses him - is to press e in timing. But cause of the previous bug - you fall into the pit. But the 2d art is good - keep going :)

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Really nice concept! But It's impossible at times to react to the appearing next to the lighthouse boat! Think about marking screen part where boat is going to appear or increase the FOV of the camera :)

Alrighty, I'm glad that I've checked your game! It's not even a game - it's more like an art! One thing IMHO to improve the game would be to give the player chance to choose accept or not accept the destiny. I'd even like to see statistics :D

Yep, it's quite complicated and abstract to grasp at once, even if you read all instructions. But idea is cool, get good art and make tutorial, and it might be a great game!

Cool concept, but unfortunately actual game is too iterative. One more thing - humming background noize irritates a little. Solid submission! 

tasty, tasty brains!

Alright, it has to be the 1rst prize, as far as I played! Good job guys!

Well done!

Lol someone has tried to stole food from your kitchen?? What an amazing party!

It's quite complicated to understand what to do without tutorial. Keep going and polish it, concept is dope

I like graphics and interesting, but fairly simple approach. But after I fell off the table, game freezes and nothing happening

Interesting idea! But there are a few bugs - first of all some targets are impossible to hit, secound, at times rock slows down even if it is not on the surface of the water...anyway, nice try!

Yep aesthetic  resembles AAA game! Very, very well done for 48 hours! 

p.s. Is protagonist Jesus? He walks on the water!

Alrighty! It's almost a ready-for-release product. Make several game modes for complexity :)

Pretty solid work. I like the idea of priority based-shooting. + time slomo.Visuals are also immersive. stw how do you achieve an effect of darkened frame during slomo? It's postprocessing?

Alright, this is nice, but  also short one. Such a nostalgic interface :)

mini-king-kong simulator? I like it!

even though it's not yet polished, and get away from werewolf is pretty easy due to bugs, i like the idea and core of the game. Escape from yourself - I've never thought of that! 5star creativity

The anomaly is this goat-looking boss in the end? :)

Really nice game game with such simple graphics and ony one mechanic - move your mouse and click. One of the best I've played btw

Nicely done! btw, I've managed to slip out from a fence :) 

p.s. a great ending - he shots himself

Nice! I would like to see more difficulty in this game - for example 5 shapes that requited for each truck. Anyway, good job!

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Yep, windows user. At times engines lose some functionality during builds for different target platforms, so may be this is the case...

haha I knew I should have disabled checkpoints and and staircase made me laugh a lot. btw game is very pleasant to play. An issues is camera (is it out of control? :)). I enjoyed every single moment. Best of gmtk I've seen 2020 so far, keep going! :)

Your style  and game-charm are extraordinary, as always! I expected all kids would eventually turn into demons and eat you :D

interesting idea! well done!

Thanks a lot! Really crisp style for solo  dev game, keep going!