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I really enjoyed the game and I think it fits the theme well. Sadly for me the audio kept glitching.

I think this was a very interesting game. I did enjoy the game quite a bit, and I rated it. It was very smart giving the Auto-Collect and... Auto-Spend? I also liked Queen Natas a lot

Well if you lose all your hearts it basically means you've lost 5 points but you can still continue.

Also it shouldn't be too hard to make 4 or less mistakes in the game and since the game was a bit easy and you could just choose both doors in the first levels I did want to make something to make the player think more. But thanks for your comment

Thanks for your feedback. Also the health system is basically just your score system. If you have no hearts left you can still continue

Yes I've actually played your game already before you made this comment, I played it before rating time I think (not 100% sure)

I like the game, it fits the theme and it's not like anything I've seen before. I would have liked it if it was a bit different every time you play it (for example sometimes it would say press the 4th button) but this way the game is a bit easier so doesn't really matter. Very nice

Thanks a lot for rating it and I'm glad you liked it1

I liked the boss battle because It's not too difficult if you know how to kill him but you have to learn when he does the white bullets. One of the best games so far!

I was like, he probably has to kill them because of the monster, I like how it's like oh now I underst... dead

One of the best games I've played so far

Background art is awesome! I also really liked the art for the player. The shield mechanic is awesome because the game would be very annoying without it.  I really like it.

This game is very fun. The visuals don't look "Professional" even though I kind-off like it. But the game is so fun, I wish there were even more and harder enemies. It's not necessarily better but I actually enjoyed this more then hearthstone

Why are you looking at the painting!

I really like the way you made the Narrator lie to you yet still giving hints about where the keys are hidden. At first I did not understand how walking worked but if you were to make this into a real game I guess you can make some tutorial. When I had all three keys I really wanted to play more! Very good job on this!

Thanks for making a walkthrough

Thanks, music was made by EliminatorBeats

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Sadly the links didn't work in the menu screen for some people so here are the links in the description:

Spiky Games:

EliminatorBeats (Made the music for the game):

Thanks for the feedback and yes I've noticed the links don't work :(
They did work in the Unity Engine but I guess it didn't with the actual build

It's a very interesting version of 2048. I think you did well on the theme and overall the game looks very good.