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First of all, I assume you understand how to actually finish the game
Second of all I got to 1444M, below the Bonewurm it's all just entirely empty

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This is one of the best games I've every played

I've been speedrunning this with my cousin who randomly found your game on
I just now reached a speedrun of 2:41 and the game is just so much fun

If you were to make this into a full game, with a little tweaks I'd definitely buy it for like 5/8 bucks, like that's totally worth it

Here's some more feedback

The game is a little bit buggy (This hasn't been a huge problem yet, but it can be improved)


In a full game a few extra biomes/maps would be great since the art gets a little samy at times, please know I do love the art, I mean the game is just stunning for a random 2D Platformer made in a game jam

A speedrun mode, it'd be great if you could see your time at the end, and a speedrun mode which shows the timer the entire game to make it easier to speedrun.

In the extra maps obviously a little more new species, and possibly lores and a little different boss battles, but similar to this one where you have a goal that isn't killing the actual boss

A pause menu, that also let's you restart

If you were to add all these features into a full complete game, I'll definitely buy it for a few bucks

I truely love the game, it's so balanced and fun to play/speedrun.

Please keep me posted on updates/new versions

EDIT: I think I got the world record, I have a recording of a 2:10 run

Thanks, I do really like the game actually, but I'm not sure if I'll continue yet, it's been a while since I've made this game actually.

Haven't played it yet, but every single screenshot looks amazing!

The graphics are great.
The game felt a bit easy at times, personally I'd make the car go slower but add more obstacles. Also I don't think it got harder over time, but I would definitely make it get harder the further you've travelled
The effects when you die look really cool
I like the soundtrack

Overall nice game, a bit boring sometimes so I would make it a bit harder but I liked it!

Wow! This game is 100% polished! How did you get this done so quickly? :D I love it it's amazing

This game is so polished! Truly great job

Yeah I should've added sounds for sure

Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Well I thought the first level is hard to fail, fail meaning you can't solve the level anymore because the ball has fallen into the void for example. So I thought it would be a nice level to get a little used to the difficult controls

It was a nice game, I understood what to do pretty quickly. A line to indicate what you're actually doing would've made it better but for just a fun little game jam game it's fine!

Thanks for your entry, and for playing my game aswell!

You can Quick Restart with the R button, also I couldn't  make it auto restart when the ball falls in time

Yeah sorry, they're supposed to be this hard but if you don't like it I guess there's nothing to do about it really... thanks for the review though

Yeah it's supposed to be hard, kindof like a semi-rage game.

Thanks, never made such a feature before

thanks, personally not very proud of level design although it's fine

Yeah I was thinking about that

Yeah I play in browser

Yeah you can press R to restart quickly, maybe I should've made that more clear
Thanks for reviewing though

Overall pretty good game, hard aswell. I think I'd reduce the time limit a little bit, also your score doesn't HAVE to go down if you fall, because falling costs time and position so it's nerfed already, but ifyou think it's best for the game it's ok

I like the menu, but in-game the UI was a bit overwhelming, I think the pause button isn't necessary and also I still don't know what the buttons on the right are

Anyways thanks for playing!

Overall pretty good game, hard aswell. I think I'd reduce the time limit a little bit, also your score doesn't HAVE to go down if you fall, because falling costs time and position so it's nerfed already, but ifyou think it's best for the game it's ok

I like the menu, but in-game the UI was a bit overwhelming, I think the pause button isn't necessary and also I still don't know what the buttons on the right are

Anyways thanks for playing!

Fun High Score game! I got like 5 tho at one point I had 8!

Thanks, I'll check out your golf game too!

Yeah it's supposed to be hard, kind-of like a semi-rage game. It's not too hard but very frustrating at times

thanks man! Great feedback, i really like the club swing aswell

Wow! This game was pretty fun! I likehow some blocks don't get holes in them when you walk on them. Also the teleportation blocks made it very fun. Solved level 3 but didn't get much further. Sometimes the camera felt a bit slow but that's ok

I also really like the snappy controls, it almost teleports and it feels very good and clean
Thanks for making, if you could try out my game that would be much appreciated

I got to the bonus level... by the way what is 2+2? jk :D
Fun game, nice entry hope you do well

If you could check out my game that'd be great!

Yeah it's just a fun little game, nothing more nothing less. I like it and the weird physics it has

I like it! It felt a bit slow at times, personally I'd increase player movement speed and automatic forward speed and then increase the hole size a little bit maybe
Anyways my highscore was about 7 I think.
It's a nice entry, hope you do well!

First game I've seen with this cool level generation! The maze is awesome dude
Also the combat system feels very simple and fair. The enemies feel pretty fair too, some might walk a little bit too fast but maybe I just suck :D

If you could check out my game in return that would be very nice but don't feel like you have to!

My highscore is 22, one higher than sonicboomcolt :D
Sometimes the game seemed a bit unfair, but overall fun experience.
I like the simple menu and how easy you can restart the game.
Reminded me a bit of Blackthornprod's game "Be Yourself"!
Anyways nice entry!

The game didn't load for me, it just shows a gray screen. I have a windows pc
Hope you can fix it thx

Wow nice game! I made a golf game too!
At first I thought, it's a fun visual change but how is it different getting the ball in the hole and getting the hole towards the ball but then you started adding objects that could disappear into the hole and that made it very fun!
Great entry, hope you do well!

In one level I tried snipping three boxes and just placing them onto the squares, this was possible but it didn't say I solved the level, not sure if this is a bug or not.. you can fix it if it is

This game is amazing! Here is a review

Let's start with the beginning, the menu looks very clean and simple, nothing unnecessary in here.  Then you press play...

Level 1 immediately teaches you the goal of the game, push boxes to the right positions.
Then level 2 teaches you how to cut parts of the level out. This is a very innovative and new feature so good job on this. Also it's not a hard level, but it does make you think for some time, which is absolutely perfect

Level 3... it seems like a very hard level and you're like... HOW??? But sooner or later you'll realize you can cut out parts including the player, I think this is such an awesome feature and when you figure it out yourself you feel so smart which is very good!

Level 4 is nothing special, then level 5 is a bit of a relaxing level if I remember correctly. It's not very hard but it's nice, and it does teach you a small thing which is that you can cut a part with a hole in it.

Haven't played much further but already in level 5 I know the game is great!
If you could check out my game that would be amazing, it's a 2D golf game with fun physics

Thanks for making this awesome game!

This game is great, from the level design to the visuals and the menu.

First of all the menu, it looks great and new. Also it's very simple, good job on that. Then when you press start game you don't even go to a new scene it just smoothly drops the buttons into the void.

First level, immediately you know you can use A and D to move, then the question comes how do you jump? First thing you do is drop into the void to see what happens and you instantly understand what the entire game is about.

The level design is really great, the only thing I found a bit confusing at first were the blue tiles that you have to break through. Wasn't quite sure why they killed me at first.

You keep some progress when you die, so no matter how bad you are you'll probably get through every level, but it's still fun and speedrunable.

I love that you can build up momentum, I've seen games with the mechanic where you can fall through a hole and come back from above the screen, but it's so fun building up momentum and crashing through the glassy blocks.

Overall great game, worth checking out, also thanks sonicboomcolt for checking out my game!

Thanks, I've never seen a golf game with these kind of physics so seemed like a fun game to make