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If you were confused, you just hold the mouse button until the sword starts blinking and then you release to swing your sword. If your sword touches any of the normal bullets they get reflected back! The only bullets you can't reflect are the ninja star ones from the homing attack. Also it's a bullet hell, they're suppose to be hard. Part of the fun is over coming the challenge!

If you're talking about the difficulty then yeah, it's pretty hard, but I think that's part of the fun at least for me

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Huh, you're the first person to ever have that Webgl issue, and the sprite blurring is just due to some post processing. 

Woah man! Thanks for all the good suggestions and such. I was aware that the chaos tower was a bit op but didn't have time to balance it super well. Also yeah as omelette said it relates to the theme because there is a limited space to place towers... that being one

super awesome! I see you're taking some notes from downwell ;)

We did attempt to do this with the food items, since you can use them to heal yourself. We wanted to add something unique to each item, but we ran ouy of time.

Ah, didnt realize that. Thanks for letting us know!

Oh xD no problem at all. Maybe we should've made that more clear

THANKS DUDE! That means a lot to us! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it! My team and I are thinking about continuing to work on the game, so if you could explain the issue with the throwing that'd be amazing.

Hey guys! Developer here! Just wanted to say that I made a video about me making this game! I'd super appreciate it if you all could check it out!

Thank you! And actually, there (technically) is music in the second level. You have to wait out the narrator and he starts playing some :]

thanks! I just randomly thought of the idea and was like... "oh das pretty good"

Thanks dude! Im glad you had an enjoyable time with the game :)

Thank you! Im glad you liked it :]

Thanks man! That means a lot :D

Definitely one of my favorite games so far! I love the little voice lines

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Interesting idea. I got a bit frustrated because I couldn't pick up objects at time

Super cool! The Difficulty curve was spot on, even though the main clone mechanic was a little hard to grasp at first

Very nice! I loved the audio of this game and the clever take on the theme!

I loved the idea of this one, but it was VERY difficult to understand at first

I love the idea on this one! 

Very nice, the music was a spoopy O.o

Yeah the narrator was too quiet for sure. Although, I'd have to disagree with you on the theme part. I think I just thought of an abstract/unique way of interpreting it! Restarting the level is rewinding the level to a previous point in time (of course not very interesting on it's own), but i added the freeze mechanic to add a puzzle aspect with the restarting. When you restart the level you're not actually restarting anything, its just me putting those words in place of rewind. Hell, i could've named this game rewind and it would still make sense.

Thanks for the feedback! The narrator did say what the controls were and how the game worked, but sadly he was very quiet and not many people could hear him causing your exact problem

Yeah, i do feel like I should have put down the controls in game, but i did add them to the description to help a bit

Thanks for the feedback ollie! The narration/lack of proper explanation was definitely the thing that brought this game down.

you can jump with it to gain some faster movement :)

yeah my thats a trouble with the fullsceen version if you play in not fullscreen it should be fine

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Yes when the door stays open and nothing happens that is the end. Also: DO NOT PLAY IN FULL SCREEN IT BREAK THE TRANSITIONS

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

xD alrighty then. I hope you liked it!

Really nice job guys! The only thing was that the camera moved a little too fast going from one direction to another. Maybe make it smoother.

I'm glad you liked it! I use unity's post processing stack. Specifically its "Chromatic aberration" effect

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thanks Mashup for all the feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There hopefully will be an update that adds a skip level button (as you suggested) for people who want the story, and the snowball sfx.

Thanks! I thought the graphics were good too!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! I hope you had a very enjoyable experience with the game!

Wow, thank you so so much! That really means a lot! I hope you had a very enjoyable experience with the game!