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Don't Eat My Mind You Stupid Monsters!View game page

monsters are eating your mind!!!
Submitted by Kultisti (@Kultisti_) — 55 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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super hard but good


Very cool!


I tried it out because everyone was talking about this one. And yeah. I think we found a probable winner.

The music is great, it creates tension perfectly. The sfx are simple, classic, but great.

I enjoyed the upgrades though sometimes it felt like I had to choose whether I want a fun update or a useful one.

The fullscreen mode does not work in the web version.

The amount of polish on this game knowing the timeframe is amazing.

Its a shame I cant play it anymore since I dont have much time left to rate games, but I'll probably come back to it as I think theres much more enjoyment in this game left for me.

Great submission!


This game was absolutely wonderful! I had a fun time playing it, I loved the palettes, the visual effects, the sound effects, the music, the gameplay, and you hit the theme head on. The fact that you added unlockables and upgrades were just the icing on the cake for me, this game gave me total Downwell vibes and I could totally see playing it on my Switch or phone, I can't wait to see your future submissions!


This game was amazing. Beautiful art and graphics. The gameplay is amazing and there are so many things in this game that make it a wonderful experience. The art could be improved, though. The take on the theme wasn't really surprising, but its good gameplay made up for it.

Overall, a magnificent and well-done game! Keep it up :D


WOOOAAA THE GAME FEeEeEL, the game is super polished and I really enjoyed playing it! I love your art style, it is very cute and the color palettes are beautiful! I think you should add a damage upgrade because these STUPID MONSTERS have a lot of hp! 

Great game!


fun and polished game


Very good and polished game. Nice SFX and music.  Looks awesome.  Nice that you had time for palettes as well.  Game fits the theme really well. 

I really enjoyed it and I played for quite a while.  For me, it was pretty hard, so I pretty much always chose the re-minder, but the other upgrades were also really good and really helped killing the monsters. Overall great submission! It felt really nice when there was only one tile left, and it was about to be destroyed, but you got a re-minder and created more.


Fun game, enjoyed every minute.


Truly amazing game!

I really enjoyed the mechanics, the art style and the sounds! It also fits the theme very well, and is fun to keep playing over and over.

The only thing I think could be improved would be to have some indicator of how far your jump can take you. Other than that, basically flawless game!


Really fun game on all fronts!

The gameplay is fun, the visuals are simple but good looking, the music fits well with the kind of game it is, and definitely hits the theme.  Very good job!  I had a lot of fun playing this 



What I like:

- The whole game. i'm literally not joking. ( Currently ) One of the 2 entries I'm giving 5/5. You even have a way to choose a palette!


- Make it so that the "You are faster" upgrade makes you faster than what it currently does. The difference is almost not noticable. Same for the sword upgrade.

- Make it so that the XP bar does not have a cap ( what I mean by that is: I performed really well on a run, but the XP bar just filled one palette. I'm pretty sure I'd have unlocked another palette if the game did not just throw away that extra XP. )

- Full-screen mode. I realllly like it.

High score:


Congratulations. You are the first game of the list that i rated full 5 stars for everything!

Addicted, content wise, thoughtful on the gameplay and there's skills after each level. Reminds me on Nuclear Throne. The only wonky thing is that sometimes the sword doesn't hit where the "swing" happen.

Beyond that, excellent game!


Wow, love this. Great potential as a mobile game lol. Would personally like to play that


this game is actually really good

i wouldn't say its perfect because i think the gameplay got a little repetitive after a while but this is probably my favourite game of this jam and this type of game isn't even my cup of tea

great work


really good game, very polished, great job!


Like every comment has said so far: Amazing Game! Well Done! 

The art is great, the music sounds amazing, the sound effects are good, the only thing I can really criticize is the fact that it wasn't really clear to me what was dangerous and what wasn't, what could 'hurt' me and what couldn't, where I could stand and where I couldn't. The more I played the game, the clearer it got, but I would've liked to have known it from the start.

But other than that (very small) citique, I thought this was a brilliant game!

(I'd be very surprised if you didn't win, although I haven't played that many games yet so I maybe shouldn't make that judgement yet)


This is honestly the best one of this whole jam. Well polished, really fun, original, fits the theme... very well done man, very well done!


Wow.. This game is really awesome.. As to be honest, I fell in love with the game. Fantastic art.. Good job...


This game was stunning. Visually breathtaking, super nice movement, great music and sound, and fun addicting game play. I played this game forever, because its so satisfying to kill enemy, get xp and unlock new palletes. I really like how the upgrade system works, as well as the main menu and options menu. Everything about this game felt very professional. Never would've guessed it was made in 72 hours. Great job!

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