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Free. ;)

I will be simple:


I think @Mad_Monkey, want to know if the judges have a way to discover whether someone is "cheating". 

I mean: I'd be sad, because all the effort i will do for someone masking the "re-use" code (or "cheating") to get a better score than others making those who really put their hard work into trash. It's not fair, you know. Specially with good prices.

Judging system must be really rigid and solid to give everyone an equal chance.

Well... my point was about the Fungus asset. Cinemachine is Unity's asset.

If i wouldn't use it? Not at all. So far ain't using Cinemachine yet. But if i didn't know how to code, then i'd use PlayMaker.

In the end it's up to you whether you gonna use it or not. 


Tip: Keep it simple. Don't go over your idea, because then you won't be able to finish it. ;)

As team, each member would have to submit one game. But make sure you list all other members in each submission. ;)

IMPOV, if you are looking at it's no-programming nodes, then you're good to go, but anything else from it, i wouldn't use it. If you know PlayMaker, then use the free version of it. ;) 

High Level Jam #1 community · Created a new topic Regras

Apenas uma sugestão e opnião:

Adicionar nova regra: Deve ser entregue projetos feito do zero, desde que respeite as demais regras. Projetos no qual encontram-se em outras JAMs, serão desqualificados.

Isso diminui o envio de trabalhos já feito em outras JAMs. IMHO, isso incentiva a criatividade, competitividade, traz projetos novos e interessantes pra avaliar e elimina "preguiçosos".

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Hi. I know it's your first jam that you host, but would be nice if you detail more about how the entries will be evaluated.

Assign specific people to evaluate certain topic or invite people to be judge (ask if they will have the time to test and evaluate each entry).

Here some idea of evaluation topics (copied from another JAM I participated - it is good to look at others to have/copy an idea):

  • Concept: The game match the theme/genre?
  • Playability: Is the game fun, is it engaging and/or challenging?
  • Visual Impression: Is the game aesthetically pleasing, does everything fit together?
  • Replayability - Do you feel you would want to play again?
  • Creativity - How individual is the game?

BTW, I love this genre.
That's it. Cya.

Yeah. didn't had time to finish the level system. it would increased the bullets damage by 1.

And the red enemies are missing the explosive particle so you would avoid it.

Tip: use the red ones to damage the others it cast damage to every unity within 5 radius. you can decreasy highly the amount of enemies by doing that. ;D

usually this message happen when you try to execute through Window+R or when you're trying to execute it through a shortcut. because I never receive a message like this when I execute the exe directly!

When you say "This removes the .exe from the extracted files folder", this usually is an anti-virus behaviour. Or are you opening the zipped file and trying to execute it directly from it?

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Ok, this one will be only an advice:

Wouldn't be better if you make the level bar width fixed instead of increasying on every level up? Seems odd, doesn't it !?

Ok, I made a little more testing to check where and how exactly this happen!

I noticed that the game self resize the window so it doesn't have this black spots! Sound like you did this on purpose @HopFrog, idk why maybe you can tell me! hehe But that's it! this black area on the right side causes the crash!

There we go again! 

How it happen: I opened the Buy Land and when I move my mouse futher to the right, moving straight after the game window, it causes the crashed
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Version: Alpha 6
Bug: Performance issue

This one is related to performance! As I now have 4 mining rods, if I don't collect them, the game starts to lose fps!
One thing i think you should do @HopFrog, is deactivate the renderer of the object that is not inside the camera! I don't know if you do this, but as i saw your concept of map, you'll have a big issue with performance since there is an random spawn of objects (Trees, rocks, etc) over time, and the player will be navigating through the map while the rods will be mining, but not collecting them. Deactivanting animations, renderer letting only the logic information of the object remain on that coordinate, will increase performance!

Another idea is to give a despawn time for every collectable item. this way you'll keep the gargabe in-game clean and the memory usage pretty well.

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Ok first Error ( not bug ) on Alpha 6:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object objGame:

instance_exists argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_objGame_Draw_0

Was on "Buy land" moving the mouse around...

May be, but it isn't funny at all...

I don't recall a bug like this happening when i played A4. Not even on A5 it happened either though.
I don't go trying to replicate bugs that people already found, but when any kind of bug happen, first i look whether someone already post it, otherwise i create a new post.

I tried A4 for a small time, and then i went to A5 when he released.

Can you post a printscreen?

That never happened to me before! I even tried to replicate it here. Sorry. 
Maybe you could make a gameplay video of this issue! would be nice for the developer!

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It's nice! I don't mind paying for a good content! Make it better and good! I'm checking up every day!

I agree with daddyoohh. At least making sure that we have an unstable/stable alpha version.

Now i know that he is using Game Maker.

Now i'm getting the point. must be a For using an index to go through a list of items inside a queue.
the index must be receiving the length of the list instead of receiving the length minus 1, resulting to an position beyond the list. Dev, Look at this! this is a simple fix!

Have you tried to play in small resolutions? If this is the case, you found a new problem. Congrats!

this happen often when working badly with memory pointers. if not handle right, it causes leaks that result in this situation. He programmed to erase one position at the end, but he miss the sorting to make sure the position at the end is empty and your item is save. When erased the slot, the item is lost in memory, but when you pick up an item somehow (code) he recover the lost item in memory. pretty odd!

The loop that check if you have the item, must stop once it found the first evidence. hahaha very fun to see that he didn't think on that. Anyway, the problem isn't there. the problem is when he add the item when you pick something up. Only debbuging to see that...

I already told in the bug threat that a way to fix this is to make the inventory slots fixed. this way it won't disapear by "trying to eliminate the empty slot". very annoying, yes! IMPO, this project is taking more than expected to give feedbacks. Not even an fix-update or development blog posts to tell us what he is doing...

The inventory system is quite interesting. The way it behave by increasing the inventory UI on the bottom, but the management of the items seems to lose reference. As a game programmer for an Alpha5f, I advice:

  • Remove the behaviour that decreases the inventory slots and make the UI occupy it's full length, while you fix the behavior that lose the reference of the items.
    • After a while playing it seems that your pointer is not accurate. the items lost is still in memory. I can say that because later on after picking randomly some items, the inventory simply pops-up at full length with the items I already picked and lost by the decreasying "bug"
  • Probably, your code have some leaks in the loop check, because some items on pick-up, isn't recognizing that there is already an item of the same type in the inventory.
  • Dropping an item, makes the code decreasy the slot's by 1, but you are not removing the right spot. An easy solution:
    1. Sort the items to always fill from left to right. This way, the last slots on inventory will be empty to be "removed"
    2. And only then, pop your queue, or clean the variable or pointer or remove the last position on your array.

This should be an easy issue to solve! Releasing a fix update to Alpha5, would be nice.