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Submitted by Deynum — 1 minute, 24 seconds before the deadline
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Para mi persona, fue este juego el lugar 2, en la Game Jam.


  • Theme: Perfect.
  • Audio: Perfect.
  • Visuals: Perfect.
  • Gameplay: I think we could have a single boost speed or a dash everytime we grab the green square that expand the scene. would be nice and make us last longer.

Congratulations on the game. Almost got full 5 starts. ;D


Woah, that's a pretty good score lol, and I think the gameplay suggestion is also really good, and I wish I would've thought of that, some of my playtesters did indeed suggest I would add a speed powerup but I thought that would get too complex and distracting so didn't end up doing it, but I never thought to combine it with the existing powerup, great suggestion and something I'll add if I ever update the game post game jam.


The way this works with the theme is great! I love the polish, and having a shop is quite impressive as well!


Thanks you for the positive feedback! :)

Deleted 132 days ago

Thanks for the nice words! I really appreciate that coming from someone who probably made the winning game.

And I agree the player could've moved a bit faster (especially with the powerups, because they're pretty much a hit or miss depending on the position of the ball and a faster player maybe could've given you more freedom to catch them).

Also the ball doesn't actually get faster it stays exactly the same, however the room is changing so it appears to be faster (but in some cases it is actually faster because of coding mistakes... don't tell anyone)

Deleted 132 days ago

You know I did actually consider making a mobile version, and I still am considering it, but I think the biggest problem would be the lack of a saving system (which mobile games kinda need to have)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game was awesome! I loved the sleek modern aesthetic (I loved the glow effect),  and the music was catchy. Very impressive to have so much polish in a 72 hour jam, as well as a shop and tutorial too. Great job!


Thanks, the reason I was able to do so much was probably because the gameplay was so incredible simple, I got it done within 3 hours, so the rest of the time I could just spend on polish and other features (mostly because I promised myself I would keep the main gameplay simple and refrained from adding powerdowns, a live score counter (which was supposed to be togglable but I didn't get it to work) and some other small features).

But thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate it!


Ey it's Deynum! Nice to see you in this game jam. 

Anyways, very soild and polished game. Simple visuals, yet it looks good. Impressive to have time for a shop and a tutorial. Fits the theme well. The green square was a little weird though, as it often spawned on the opposite side of where the white one was going to land, so I often couldn't take the green one because it was straight up impossible. Other than that, very polished game.

(and also, if you have the time, it would be nice if you could check out and rate my game)


Thanks for the kind words!

And on the green square issue, where it spawns is completely random (the literal code is: Random.Range(-8.5f, 8.5f)) so I maybe should've done something a bit more complex but I didn't really think of it and if I did I don't know if I could've pulled it off.

And I'll definitely check out your game, from what I've seen it looks pretty cool.


A very solid game with beautiful, yet simple graphics. I appreciate all the progression beyond just the main game, but idk if the gameplay is interesting enough to warrant playing it over like 10 times. While playing, you have really only one choice to make: "Should I go for the green square or the white square." Since the white square moves at the same horizontal speed as the player, choosing to go for the green one will almost always end in death. I would recommend making the ball slower or the player faster so that you can make more choices.


Thank you so much for the feedback!

I agree that there isn't much time you can spend playing this game before it becomes boring (for some people), but that's what you get with a simple concept like this.

The shop is there basically for the players who do want to play more or have completionism (probably not a real word) and want to complete the game and if I didn't have a shop they would stop playing even sooner.

And I agree that the main gameplay Isn't very interested, and that it's mostly a choice between the white square and green square, although I don't quite agree that if you go for the green one it usually results in death (because that's all up to luck and risk calculation) I can explain why I didn't make this choice of green or white more balanced.

It's very simple: the green square was added after I had finished the basic game (it was a suggestion from one of my playtesters). But at that point I had already balanced the game for the white square and didn't think to change it and give the player more movement freedom to catch the green squares (with the added fact that I prefer being slow over being fast in games because I think it gives more control)

Thank you very much for pointing out the flaws in my game and for helping me do it better next time.

But for my first actually finished game, I'd say this is pretty good lol.


Yeah you did a really great job!


Really original approach on the theme. Audio is nice. Gameplay was fun and quick. I don't like bloom art, because I think it's overused, but in this case it work as intended. Solid submission.

Would you mind playing my game? Thanks


Thanks for the nice words and your honesty about the bloom effect, it was my first time using it, and I absolutly loved it, so I might have gone a bit overboard.
(and I'll play your game right now)


cool idea and nice audio. it was really good




Cool game, fun mechanics!
I love the minimalistic art style
(posted in the game page as well)

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It's your first game jam right?


yes it is, it's also my first actual finished game.