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Submitted by Masonzk — 4 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Really nice graphics and simple gameplay. My one major problem is, is that the game is too easy, and I beat it with little effort. You can also just not kill any enemies and win by doing that. The concept of one powerup at a time is really interesting, but with a bit better execution, I think this game could have been great.

Submitted (2 edits)
  • Theme: When looking at the playable area as "limited space", i'd say ok.
  • Audio: I miss a retro music for the design concept.
  • Visuals: Good for the game idea.
  • Gameplay: Very limited and not much challenge. I played twice to confirm and if i avoid all the enemies i still win. xD. Good game though. I think it can be improved alot.

Congratulations on the game.

Btw, how do your game zip file end up with 300mb ?

Submitted (1 edit)


It seems like there is a place where the player can straight up not play the game, as nothing will hit the player.

Safe spot:

It also looks like you can just spam the SPACE key you don't need to move.

I like the visuals and music, so good job on that :D

Edit: also, make the hearts have a bigger sorting order ( so you can see always see it )


The game looks cool and plays nice. Interesting way to include the theme. It is way too easy though, since you can just dodge all the enemies. I would recommend to make them do damage if they get all the way to the bottom. And even when I played the game in "kill everything"-mode it was still easy, so maybe increase enemy spawn rate? The only bug I found was already in "known bugs", so very polished.

And also, please play and rate my game :)


I felt like the movement was very smooth, and the power ups worked well. I think that there was no reason to kill the enemies. I also found that after I won there were no enemies that spawned. Overall this was a pretty fun game.

Can you try my game?


The artsyle is really cool and the different powerups add for lots of variety!

Submitted (2 edits)

Game looks cool, though how does this fit the theme? Nice gameplay tho

I encourage to rate my submission too. Feedback is always appreciated :)


Thanks for the feedback! To answer the theme question, you have "limited space" for powerups, so you have to make decisions on which ones to pick up. The game is also in space, and you are in a limited sized box.

Submitted (1 edit)

how this fit the theme? cool visuals


Visuals and audio were good, but how does game fit the theme?  It's in space, but where's the "out of" part. Also I can simply dodge the bullets. Movement could be a bit more satisfying. Overall it's not a bad game though. Congrats on submitting! :)

Could you also play my game? I'd like to get some feedback.