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Make the blocks "FIT" the level
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What I like:

- The gameplay.

- The music.

- The scene transition.

- The win effect.

- The particles when you win.


- Add a quick-restart button ( R ). I don't like having to press tab and wait an animation for each time I want to reset.

- Show all the pieces ( not only 3 at a time ).

By the way: How can I beat the level "Creeper"?


Thanks for the feedback! The creeper is actually unbeatable, my bad; I'll improve the preview of the pieces for sure and also add a restart button.


ah frick. That's why I could not beat it. There is one extra space. Thanks for telling me you will add a restart button.

  • Theme: IT becomes limited on the next levels.
  • Audio: Perfect. I love the old tetris music. Mede me remember the black skin video game i had.
  • Visuals: Perfect. I think you could use the background Black or another color beyond pure white. For me, makes my vision tired. Maybe a "Dark mode".
  • Gameplay: The levels ahead was more of a luck move or try and error since we don't know all the pieces that would've come next.

Congratulations on the game.


good idea. liked grapghics and audio. could be improved on.

also please check my game


Feedback time!

Screenshake felt glitchy
Have a  restart button (It might be R and I just didn't notice)
Make it clear what your current block is and were it would be placed if you had space
Tetris theme and stuff worked really well
Colour palette was very nice

Overall great puzzle game!


The screenshake is a code that I got from the internet and tried modifying, so yeah I see why it feels glitchy. You can pause and restart, but a button for that would probably be better. The preview thing was pointed out, I'll improve it. The colors were just randomly picked, but I guess it works. Thanks for the feedback!


Very cool transition effects, nice screen shake and pops when the level is finished, cure colour pallet, and the tetris audio fits very well (obviously). The only thing I would point out is that if the block is selected but cannot be placed, it's not visible at all, which makes the gameplay kind of hard.

Other than that, congratz on finishing the game in time!


I'll improve the preview soon, just didn't have time. Thanks for playing!


I loved it! Although, I'm pretty sure level 7 can't be beaten, there's 9 blocks for 8 spaces. Also, it would be nice to see what way the blocks are rotated at all times.


I just saw that level 7 is unbeatable, sorry about that =/. Everyone is talking about the preview, and I agree, I'll do that on a post-jam update. Thanks for playing!


I like it! Very interesting game idea. I sinked in. Visuals and music are also very good (tho music isn't yours). It would be nice if you showed object before placing even if we cannot actually place it, so we can see rotation. Very good submission. I'm suprised that no one has commented yet.

Also, could you play my submission and leave some feedback?


The object preview was something I thought, but didn't have time to do. Thanks for playing the game! Btw, I tried to play your game twice, but couldn't put it on fullscreen, so if you have a solution please tell me so I can rate your game too.