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  • Artist/ graphics for the game
  • I am a beginner at Unity but I can make most things work
  • unity
  • Discrod: hussien#1382

wait they will update it soon

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Hello, it says there is a dicsord server but i can't find a link to join

Can non Turkish people share too ?

Hiddel's NES Jam! community · Created a new topic Unity

im new to unity and I don't know how to limit the size to 256*240. how do i do this ?

Quality : good game mechanics and you managed to a lot for 24 hours
Visual Appear : RANDOM.
Theme related : the most theme related yet
Fun Factor : had fun playing it but got a bit dizzy
Audio Quality : good background music and the audio was hillarius

also please play and rate my game if you havent already

Quality : the game played really good . its more polished version of my game
Visual Appear : the first game i have played with this art style
Theme related : good take on theme
Fun Factor :was really fun but frustrating when you have weapons that dont kill fot too long
Audio Quality : not there :(

also please play and rate my game if you haven't already our games are kinda similliar

the game seems fun but i have windows :(

Quality : well made game but i had some weird glitches happening to me

Visual Appear : the platform and and background where amazing 

Theme related : didn't get how it's related(tell me in a reply) 

Fun Factor : it was fun especially when you are going really fast 

Audio Quality :good audio quality and nice background music

also please play and rate my game if you haven't already

what browser should i use ? i have tried microsoft edge / chrome / opera and this message keep showing up (Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content.)

Quality : good game quality

Visual Appeal : can be improved 

Theme related : what an awesome take on theme

Fun Factor : it was emotional but also really short.

Audio Quality : nice music

also if you haven't already please play and rate my game

Quality : really well made game and its amazing for a 24 hours

Visual Appeal : good art but hand felt a little bit weird 

Theme related : i didnt find it to be related

Fun Factor : had to replay it many times because it was really fun

Audio Quality : good but did you make the meteors explosion sound ?

also if you haven't already please play and rate my game

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Quality : well made but the controls could be improved

visual appeal: great visuals espicially for 24 hours gam 

theme related : didn't really get how it's related (reply and tell me so i can improve the rating)

fun factor : had fun playing but i felt too slow compared to enemies

audio quality  : one of the best yet

mechanics SEEMED fun unfortunately I couldn't experience them because there was no levels.

Quality : really well made, i haven't faced any problems while playing. its a bit hard though because this (very interesting and unique ) mechanic you made needs some time to get used to.

visual appeal : a bit simplistic but it fit the game.

theme related : a unique take on the theme

fun factor : it was fun , a bit of a mindfuck tho

audio quality : it was soooo loud, also i would have apriceated some background music

sorry guys i wont be able to rate it because my potato laptop cant run it :(  but from what i have reed you have done a great job on the game and the visuals seem amazing from the screenshots .

thx for your feedback. i noticed some of what you talked about but i have been on my pc for the past 12 hours so i just wanted to stop😅


hello I'm a fellow 2d unity programmer. I have only started using unity for a week tho. tell me if you would like to team up!

super cool mechanic. the art was awesome and the music was so good. also your levels where really good and you are not terrible at it.

also please play and rate my game 

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ART:  awesome art style

Audio : very cool music and the sfx makes it atisfying to play more

GAMEPLAY : was really enjoyable first but it kinda got boring and repetitive. you should make it more difficulat

also please play my game and rate it

nice gameplay. i think it needed more variety of weapons tho. also the game really needs some audio. but the CUTE art makes for it.

also please play and rate my game

really liked the way you move the slide mechanic for the player makes it harder and more interesting.

the visuals where simple yet they fit well. the audio was good. i would have liked an explanation of what im doing first because it was a bit confusing.

also please play and rate my game.

i think it would have been awesome if you let us play the games we downlaoded. the idea was good and i think if this was a longer jam you would have made one of the best games yet.

also please rate and play my game

really nice game. liked the simple art and audio. the game was a bit hard but it made want to play more

also please play and rate my game

the art and audio was good . shooting felt awesome i didnt useless the shrinking mechanic was. would have been 100 times better if shrinking was faster.

also please play and rate my game

had a blast playing this. art is lovely, music is nice, and the best part was kicking all those people out. i think this can be a full game if you add more into it.

also please play and rate my game

i could play the game for hours. audio is nice gameplay is cool , visuals are lovely. there is one problem which is that some weapons need balancing.

also please try and rate my game 

liked the gameplay and the visuals. the audio could be improved. i also did not like the idea that you still gain points even when you miss.

also please play and rate my game

the visuals where prety good. i liked the gameplay but audio needs improvement. also it didnt fit the theme well. 

also please check out my game and rate it

gameplay is cool but it was annoying to scroll to thru the website to see the fullscreen.

also please play  and rate my game

really liked the gameplay but the game needed some music and a better background. also i didnt feel the relation to theme

can you please give feedback on my game ?