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Submitted by Polarcube1 (@PolarcubeDev) — 5 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline
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really nice game. liked the simple art and audio. the game was a bit hard but it made want to play more

also please play and rate my game


Thanks for the feedback! And I already did! ;)


Very good game! The art was simple, but it fit together well. The gameplay was fun, and made me want to keep playing it and keep improving.

The only thing I’d recommend improving would be adding some form of signaling to when an enemy is going to move.


Thanks for the feedback! Btw there is signaling telling you when the enemy is going to move. It grows and then a second later deflates and dashes at you. Thanks for the feedback and I'm happy you enjoyed my game!


I really love the fluidity of the animations in this one! The idea is simple but very well executed. One thing is that the player movement is a little too fast I think. It makes it challenging to control, especially to make precise movement. I would suggest keeping the speed the same, but making it accelerate slower. Great job!


Thanks for the feedback! I had some slower acceleration before but the way I had coded the dash ability it messed it up, and because it was a game jam I didn't feel like going through my code for hours trying to figure out how to fix it. Happy you enjoyed it!


I Really like this one. controls were nice and it was satisficing having the enemies kill each other especially when you got 2 or more in a single shot.


Thanks for the feedback!


I love it, the game is pretty simple but fun and it felt amazing when i found out by mistake that enemies can kill other enemies, the graphics are also pretty simple but reall appealing, overall a really good game


Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted (1 edit)
  • Theme: Excelent. Fit well if we look at the game design
  • Audio: Nothing to complian about. Very good.
  • Visuals: Excelent.
  • Gameplay: Excelent. I wish some kind of ability.

Congratulations on the game.

I think this game could go well for mobile.  ;D



Thanks for the feedback! (Just making sure you know about "Space" to dash :D)


Forgot that. Sorry.


lol No problem!

Submitted (1 edit)

I love the art of this game, the pixel animations are simply incredible.

The game is simple, but I do think it would've benefited from a tutorial.

It feels very satisfying to play, and the movement is quite nice, but I don't actually see the connection to the theme which is a shame.

Overal, great game with good gameplay, sound and art, but limited theme implementation (which isn't really a bad thing, it's just unfortunate because it probably would've caused this game to do better in this game jam).

Well done though, loved playing this game!


Thanks for the feedback! The theme implementation is that you don't have much space to move around. And I would've added a tutorial but I didn't have time to add a new page and everything, so it's just in the game description for now.


Very satisfying game. It feels very alive and interactive. Sounds are very good and add some juice to the game. Art is also good. Game idea was simple to understand and well interesting. I've sinked in for a while. Great submission!

Also I'd really appreciate if you rated mine game if you haven't done it yet (as you're reading this). :O


Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to check it out when I can!



What I like:

The music ( 2nd game in a row with awesome music, WOW )

The idea of the game. Making enemies shoot themselves is very fun.

The "juiciness" ( or juicyness, I'm not sure )

The SFX of when enemies are killed.

The effect enemies have when they spawn.  So cool...


Make it so that when a "turret" spawns they have one animation and normal enemies have another animation.

Limit the number of turrets that can exist to 4. I got to 6/7 turrets once and although, yes turrets will kill themselves really fast, it can create impossible/very difficult situations to the player.

Lower the volume of the SFX when enemies are killed. When I got to 2500 or so points a bunch of enemies died and it was super loud, so maybe you could make it less loud?

Points should stop counting when the player dies.


Is this a good highscore? ( 3550 ) 


Overall great game.


Thanks for the feedback! And yes... That is a very good highscore! I'll add the scoring points after death to known bugs cause that is not supposed to happen.


Glad to know this is a good high-score. Thanks for replying.


No problem!


Very epic and well polished game.



Very cool! 


Thank you!