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bro I have no fucking clue I'm sorry old me was weird

Yo! Thanks for your comment.

I have absolutely no clue on why your Web version is not working.

Have not heard from anyone else with this problem.

I'm afraid the downloadable Windows version is severely behind in terms of updates, as we really focused on fixing the bugs for the Web version on that final extra hour, so you almost definitely ended up encountering more bugs, so: sorry again!

Yo, a couple of things:

-Music would have really added onto the experience. On next jams try either collabing with a musician or using free online music (Kenny is a good website I think) if you don't want to make the music yourself.

- It seems like you are using Unity right? For WebGL you *must* set the compression format on Publishing Settings to "DISABLED" not Brtoli, "DISABLED"; that way you don't have to set the game as a development build.

(if you need help changing this setting my discord is galse22)

I'm dumb but this was fun.

Yo! Thanks for the comment!

Coder of the game and main idealizer (of the gameplay) here.

Yeah this was definitely an experiment, and tbh, I probably ended up over scoping a bit. So much so that I coded for about 30 hours lol.

Having maybe like some 8 extra hours would have definitely made the game great IMO, as the game really needed some tutorial probably and it is incredibly unbalanced (I had no time to test it).

Interesting idea, but I felt like clicking on the player was a bit hard at times, that the player hitboxes were too big and that the node building system was not super well-executed, as it was a bit frustrating at times.


Quite a polished game and I felt like you were able to make good use of rather simple graphics. Well done.

Maybe you could consider using online free music next time? It's usually better than having no music whatsoever.

As other people have mentioned, you could have split the second level into two smaller levels or added a checkpoint mid-way the second level.

I wish you had explored more the mechanics you introduced.

It felt a bit weird not dying when there was a block right in the lava tiles and I walked on that block. Maybe you could have considered not letting the player spawn blocks on lava tiles?

Hey mate.

As the game is rather simple, there isn't a lot of feedback that can be given, but the jump feels rather floaty. Usually, in games, the "falling part" of the jump is shorter than the "Jumping part". Maybe consider watching this video by GMTK. 

Also, maybe consider juicing up the game with some particles when killing enemies and walking.

There wasn't a lot to do, so maybe adding more enemies / more to do would have been cool.

Hey so, a couple of things:

- Interesting and cute idea. Gotta love how you added the ability to pet the dog. Nice art also.

- The jump feels rather quite bad, to be honest.

- The throwing mechanic does not feel very well implemented, as making the ball land where I wanted it to land was often quite hard, and that does not really fit with the puzzle gameplay IMO.

- The fetch mechanic was a bite buggy. One time I told the dog to fetch the ball and they could not go to the ball's position and instead went a bit below the ball's position.

As Afely mention, the art is great and increasing the speed of the game would probably make it more fun. I'd only like to add two small things regarding their comment:  the robot felt often kinda dumb, as they went to far away rocks when there were others way closer. I also wish the "Heal player" and "Heal Robot" upgrade would do something when the player or robot has full health, respectively, or maybe not show up at all.

Weird win screen SFX lol:

Hey Theo.

Great job on the shader mate.

Although, to be super honest and I'm only really telling because we've worked together the game isn't like super fun... I'm just doing a maze puzzle but it's more frustrating.

Not regarding my comment above, but maybe you should have made another music? This seems like something an AI could make, but sometimes they don't make good stuff so you kinda have to try again.

I'd post the win-screen here but there isn't one :/

I really wonder how I can continue to my games after the perfect game has already been made... ( this game )

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( Update: we found an artist )

Hey there! We are looking for a 2D Artist ( any kind of artist ).

Our team consists of two people. One of them being me, I'd be the programmer and game designer. I have published so far over 15 games on Unity. The other one being JMCD#0231, he is a music teacher and he would be the sound designer, game designer and musician. 

We have worked together on 8 projects so far, 6 being game jam games and two being bigger projects. 

Our timezones are GMT-3 and GMT-4. Obviously, if you want to you would be included in design decisions. 

My itch page.

JMCD's SoundCloud

We have experience with tower defence games, top-down shooters, platform shooters, sim games, and platformers, but we'd be willing to experiment in other genres. 

The projects we've worked on together that are on my itch page are: 15 seconds 2 die ( GMTK Jam 2022 ), Undead Dash ( My First Game Jam: Sumer 2022 ), Magnetic Wizard ( Ben Bonk Jam 3 ), G&J Electronics Repair ( GMTK Jam 2021), Non-Civil Engineer ( B & W Jam ), What it Takes ( Woowie Jam 3 ) and Machine Slayer. 

We also worked together on a mobile game called "Coffee, ASAP!".

Since this would be for a game jam, this would be unpaid work. 

If you are interested, please send me a DM here with previous work and your time zone.

My discord is: Galse#8611

Thank you! I really appreciate it mate. Spent 12 hours making a 2-minute video and 20 hours making the god damn game.

Hey. The idea of re-rolling is quite neat, as I can get better numbers as the game goes on. 

The re-rolling mechanic was quite buggy tho. My dice where sometimes "stolen" by the bag for some reason and then I would not be able to place anything where they previously were.

The poker chips are also waaaaaaay to fast. So fast, in fact that the bullets would sometimes miss them. This made the first wave the first time I played feel super unfair as it has a ton of chips and I just did not have enough die to kill them.

Lastly, I wish I'd be able to see my score after losing and maybe having a high score feature too. Since you are using Unity, check out PlayerPrefs.


Other people seem to be enjoying getting the controls changed but to be honest I really don't think that idea works. On my first GMTK jam two years ago I made a platformer game where at every level your controls are different and in all honesty, getting your controls rerolled just isn't fun. It's really just frustrating.

I also wish the game would not start immediately after I lose as I was often not ready to play again.

As other people mentioned, there is potential here and the art is pretty good. 

However, I did not understand what ability was which based on their icons. Having a name displayed would have been ideal.

I also could only place some abilities.

Furthermore, I did not know what the "ship" was.

Lastly, the enemies seemed to damage the generator even when it wasn't directly in their path, which was a bit confusing.

I had some small camera issues, but this was a very funny experience. Well done.

Hey. I felt like your game had an interesting concept, but some levels were too complicated to a point that led me to just try kind of everything to see what works.

Hey. A couple of things:

- The controls don't feel super great and I wish I'd be able to go down on the one way platforms.

- The concept is interesting but I'm not so sure I understand the number that a dice gets when it falls based on it's previous number.

I really have no idea on how t solve this level:

Hey. Interesting concept. A couple of things:

- I wish there was a restart button for when I screwed things up

-  I wish you displayed which die had already been selected. Maybe just changing their colors would have been nice.

- I wish I'd not lose after making one mistake, as at the end the game did get a bit hard.

- Having some music and SFXs would have been nice.

This was really cool, but a bit too hard and complex for a jam.

Hey. Just two things: I wish using WASD to move was possible and that there was a checkpoint maybe halfway through the game. The lack of both the above things made the game a bit hard/unfair.

Hey. A couple of things:

- Having a health bar on top of the boss would have been nice.

- I don't really like the music that much... maybe you can work with a musician or use someone's music.

- Taking damage feels kind of weird.

- It'd have been nice if the player's health bar wasn't so small.

Hey. That was a funny interpretation of the theme. 

A couple of things tho: 

- When I had the 5 ( knife ) the gun was still visible, so that was kind of weird.

- Sometimes the player would go behind background stuff, which was a bit annoying.

- Being able to see my current score would have been nice.

The game is very nice looking with cool effects, but I feel like the gameplay was a bit repetitive, so maybe you could have added more enemies or made the game shorter with like 10-15 waves?

Beat the game anyways tho:

Hey.  A couple of things:

- I am a Unity user too and it seems like you build the game in a development build. If you did so because the game would not run otherwise on the Unity Editor try going to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Publishing settings -> Compression format -> Disabled. Now you shouldn't have to build the game in a development build.

- I wish I'd be able to aim directly where I want to go because right now I throw myself in the opposite direction of where my cursor is pointing at.

- Like LlamaDev mentioned, throwing yourself into enemies' attacks to kill them is quite clever and the game is also very juicy and pretty.

- I wish I'd be able to play another run after losing without having to restart the page.

- It's cool that you had music layers that build as the player progress, but having some kind of transition, especially at the start of wave 6 would have been nice IMO.

- Lastly, maybe 16 waves is a but much for a game jam game?


Hey. Interesting store ngl. Two things: I wish there were checkpoints and one time everything but the dice got frozen. Could not get very far ( went through the first level and most of the second level, I think )due to the lack of checkpoints

Great game mate! I only wish there was a minimap, as it would have been quite helpful.

I feel like there should be some kind of indicator that an enemy will get spawned at that position when an enemy gets spawned, as the spawn positions appear to be right in the middle of the map.


Not sure if you are using the Canvas in Unity but if you are, remember to ALWAYS set the canvas' UI Scale Mode to Scale With Screen Size. If you don't stuff like this happens:

Also, building the WebGL build with a height of 500 and a width of 800 and setting it on itch to a height of 600 and a width of 800 usually works great. ( My submission for this jam uses these values, for reference )


Getting "paid" with dies is certainly interesting because I was able to evaluate which order should be done based on the dies I got. Congrats on thinking of that.

The art is great too.

A few things tho:

- I feel like the "hitbox" of the food items and the dies should be bigger as it was often hard to pick them up even though I felt like my cursor was aiming at them.

- The "order" sprite that shows what orders the customers want should have bigger food icons. I spent maybe a minute or two trying to find the pizza on the refrigerator just to discover the icon was in fact asking for a watermelon.

- A score counter would be really nice. Even just adding a number to a text every time I complete an order would be okay.

- When I screwed up the customer's request for potatoes twice in the same "run" no more potatoes appeared, which bothered me a bit cause I had two orders I simply could not complete.

Nice idea, although I feel like the grid tilts a bit too fast.

My high score:

Hey Vim. 

I often spent time just waiting to get a good hand, so I feel like there really should have been a reason to not just wait until I get a good "hand".

Also, I feel like the player should immediately go to the next level when they defeat all the enemies, while also getting the remaining coins. There is no reason, IMO, to make the player, yet again, wait for good "hands" to get all coins and exit the level.

As other people pointed out, I also feel like the player should not have to be in the exact same position of the ladder to go to the next level.

Maybe I also should be able to use move dies even when the amounts of spaces between the player and the wall is smaller than the move dies number.

Overall a polished game but a bit too time-consuming and a bit repetitive.

Hey french boy! Must always congratulate all 1-bit users, so congrats. Great art and fine music.

Regarding the gameplay, there isn't a lot of it, so the two things which annoyed me a bit was that I could get numbers above a 6 in what seemed to be regular dice, which was slightly confusing. The other thing which bothered me was that it seems like I can't really increase the text speed and it's quite slow by default.

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It's a very pretty game, but it's a bit too easy IMO. Just defending when the rolled value was small ( like 1 - 3 ) to use SuperDice and attacking when it was high worked fine for me.

Hey. So, the music is nice, but the game was too hard. I feel like there really should have been checkpoints. Furthermore, the game lagged quite a bit, so it should have been more optimized. I also feel like the enemies should also "drop" a bit of blood when they get shot too.

how do i slide bruh