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Hey. I made a post mortem about my tower defence game. Here it is:

I'm sorry to say this, but the game was rather boring. Walking around a game is not hat fun. Furthermore, the white on the white mazes is waaay too bright.

Hey! I have some feedback.

Firstly, good job on the background. It looks suuuuper nice. However, using the darker color as the background color usually makes the game easier to see and play.

The font is sometimes hard to read, especially when there is a "lot" of text. Maybe make it so that the text box becomes bigger so it fits more text? Also, try to make the text flip if it is going to go off-screen.

The player should flip when they walk to the left and the player could be a bit faster. Also, maybe the player could have a wabbly walk animation?

Maybe the people could give you some hints while trying to find clues/the sharp thing?

Kind of confusing how I just randomly got the sharp/key thing.

Sometimes the button to go to somewhere/stay thingy would just not work.

Lastly, You don't need the other fullscreen button on Unity WebGL games.

Very cool entry. Glad the randomizer brought me here. Good job:

Hey! I have some feedback.

Firstly, the background is too distracting.

It seems like the game moves too fast and the obstacles are very cluttered.

I wish you'd tell me how to play the game outside of the itch page.

Sometimes I'd just not take damage by the asteroids. Not sure why.

Telling me what the heart thingy does would have been nice.

Audio is usually a good thing to add.

Here is my "high score":


I have some feedback.

Firstly, don't zoom in the camera for text stuff. It just looks weird if you quickly go through it, since you already read it once.

Secondly, please make something to indicate the start of the level, as I often felt confused after switching gravity.

Maybe make the player flip when they switch gravity upwards/downward.

I think the player should be able to use SPACE to jump as well.

Make the robot's bullets disappear when I die, please. Sometimes I'd just spawn dead.

The robots are waaay too unpredictable and that's annoying.

Lastly, please make it so that I don't die by switching gravity by some spikes next to me.

Could not get past this part. It is way too hard and was frustrating to get to because before it the fricking RNG robots were there:

Hey. I have some feedback.

Firstly, the game by itself is hard to start. ENTER did not work. Z?!?! Like seriously? I now remember Pico8 games work like that but you could have just told me on the menu "PRESS Z TO START"

Secondly, the font is unreadable. Like, I gotta read the font to understand stuff.

The movement is weird and hard to play with. ( Okay. I played the game again and now kind of understand *why* you did it like that, the minigame. However, you could have just made it so we have normal WASD then the arrow keys are used to aim and you shoot with space! Win-win! )

The map is confusing. I genuinely don't understand how the heck it works. 

Lastly, you failed to tell me how to play the minigame. I only figured out that I have to kill the enemies after I "finished" the game by losing all the minigames, then looking at the game's page. Furthermore, it seems like 2 out of 3 times I reached the maximum time so I just lost and you did not even tell me why ( on the game itself )!

( I tried the minigame again now knowing that I can shoot, now are my thoughts after playing the minigame ) Please, let me know my score. stop with this "Hidden Score" bs. I want to know how close/far I was for beating the damn thing! Also, the minigame is super hard. Either increase the amount of time I have or lower the "Hidden Score" needed.

Could not beat any of the minigames the 2nd time I tried.


I have some feedback.

Please, ADD A FULL-SCREEN BUTTON. Why? Your game uses the steering button on the mouse on a Web game. This can make the page go down. Furthermore playing games on fullscreen is just nice. Pretty sure that has a built-in fullscreen button on the game settings.

Additionally, sorry but I did not like the blob thing and some SFXs or music would be nice.

Also, thanks for making it so that the boss wouldn't start completely over when I died.

Lastly, please don't make the game start over right after I win. I like to finish games and take a screenshot of the win-screen but I can't if you just start over. Luckily, I could make a clip out of it:

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I have some feedback!

To start off, good job on making the ships give the player more time. However, maybe instead of increasing the time by 5 seconds, they could give something like 7-12?

Also, it was really annoying when at the start of the game my arms would just get stuck due to weird collisions on the "thing" holding the arms ( happened on other occasions too ).

Lastly, would be cool if there was some kind of special ship that gave more points for beating it.

This is my high score:

Edit: good job on the music too!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. Just out of curiosity, what's your browser?

Yup music is dynamic. Gets more intense the more mid-ability thingies you lose.

Agree. Balancing sucks. ( Even though I tried to balance the game for like 6 hours )

Adding an indicator would have indeed been nice.

Hey. I have some feedback.

I think that the health/ traps balance at the beginning is more health-focused but once you get into the castle the game starts giving you almost no health. This becomes an even bigger problem because you reduce my health every time/other time I die. Maybe add more health or just make it so that I cant spawn with less than 3 full hearts?

Also, I think you should make it so that when I take damage I just get I-frames.

Another suggestion: make it so that whenever I dash I face the enemy again. This is a thing Dead Cells does and it really just makes the game feel soooo better.

Also, the cannonballs balls have a hitbox that feels super cheap.

Additionally, the boss feels kind of unfair for just randomly turning and not telegraphing its attacks ngl.

One last thing, don't make the enemies "hide" behind bushes ( Pre-Castle stuff ) and LET ME USE WASD AAAAAAA.

Pretty good game.

I wish the ground slam was more useful.

Why are the important keys Z and X? I kept pressing the Windows button.

Making the "spikes" not katanas would have shown that they are deadly.

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I have some feedback for your game.

Firstly, since you are using Unity, try your best to make a WebGL build. Yes, I know it is very annoying, but more people will play your game if they don't have to download it.

Secondly, try to keep the pixel size of everything about the same. Scaling stuff up makes the whole game look weird. Furthermore, on pixel-art games, you MUST change the compression format to "None" and something from "Bilienar" to "Point ( No Filter )".

In addition to that, try to make the player stay on the biggest sorting layer. It makes no sense having the feet of the player go through the ground.

Also, try to avoid using less "normal" shapes such as numbers, as they usually mess up your movement script. 

On top of that, try to make it so that there are no invisible colliders that I walk above.

It's also usually a good idea to make the player move with moving platforms. Just make the player their child.

Lastly, please let me take a screenshot of the win screen. When I won the game just went to the credits like 2 seconds after.

Edit: forgot to say so, but the music does not make sense with the gameplay.

Hey. I have some feedback for your game.

Firstly, sometimes I'd just have to restart the game because I'd not be able to walk.

Secondly, "choosing" items is super hard.

Thirdly, I wish you'd tell me how to control the game.

Furthermore, I'd absolutely not be able to beat the game without the walkthrough.

In addition to that, some audio would be nice.

Lastly, how the heck does a straw open a jewelry box?

I "Beat" your game anyway though:


I have some feedback for your game.


Seriously,  there should be a checkpoint before the wall jump thing after the tutorial.

Furthermore, forcing me to wait 10 seconds just to try the jumps after the laser thing is so annoying.

Also, please let me use WASD. The arrow keys are super small and I'd often miss the up and down keys, making your game even more infuriating.

I could not beat your game after 40 minutes of trying.

Hey! About the bug, it's not *exactly* a bug. I'm using Unity and Input.GetKey, which is called every frame, so if you stand right in the middle you are placing a turret on one spot on one frame then on the next frame, you place a turret on another spot.

Thanks for the positive words. Loved your game btw. Cheers! 

- Galse

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Hey! I have some feedback!

I wish the bullets were circles instead of squares that keep shapeshifting, as it started to get pretty hard to see what was going on late game.

Edit: I also wish the game had audio.

Very fun game. Shoutout to Herweins for playing with me. I hope you win in the Technical category. Making a multiplayer game seems hard and even harder for a browser-only game.

It literally says "RMB to place turrets" on the left side of the UI at the beginning of the game.

what do you mean you can't place towers???????? Just use the right-click on your mouse?

"Can you take a look at and tell me whether it clarifies things?" No. It does not, because that's what I did.

"Though I was trying to add more criminal psychology into the game. For example, instead of a general "stabbing", there are different types of stabbing, which can reflect different motives and point to different culprits. Depending on how much a culprit wants the victim to suffer, they can choose rat poison." That makes the game even extra complicated.

"The interrogation part is a simplified version of Interrogation (the game), which is basically a game of deception where you have several suspects who might lie, try to figure the right questions and the right way to ask them, and cross-reference different suspects' claims to obtain the true answers. It can get pretty complex." You could have made the first interrogations ( plural ) easier, with fewer suspects or even fewer lies.

"I'm just wondering why you think it is a fake clue. It is a blackmail message, which is related to the lucre motive (financial gain or preventing financial loss).  " There is a suspect file!?!?! Instead of telling me every single time I talk to someone and they telling me that they might be lying, you could have reminded me that the suspect file exists.

"Do you mean automatically starting a new game? Yeah, I can consider that if it makes it clearer.  I wanted to keep the old save just in case the player wants to review their last game (whether they won or not), but I'll think of something. " I mean either changing what it says on the "Instructions" page or automatically starting a new game.

"I can consider doing that too. This has to do with the randomized algorithm as the characters' dialogues and options are randomly chosen, but if it can help, I can consider hard-coding it in the future or giving more hints." You definitely should. If I, as a player, try something and it does not work, I might just not try it again AT ALL.

- Galse22


I have some feedback for your game.

Firstly, all platformers *really* need coyote jump. ( Coyote jump means that you can jump off a ledge a couple of frames after not being grounded anymore )

Secondly, when you dash, you dash waaay too much.

Thirdly, wall-jumping feels really bad.

Furthermore, making so that you don't die a couple of frames after the colors switch would have been a good idea, as most of my deaths felt unfair.

Additionally, binding the "Try again" button to a key that is not Space, Shift, A or D would have been a good idea, as sometimes I'd just die and almost instantly restart because I pressed space even though I did not want to.

Lastly,  adding a high score would have been a good idea. It's really easy to do so using PlayerPrefs.

One of my highest scores:

Haha funny apple eats monke

"I did want to make a more detailed Instructions section, maybe even a step-by-step tutorial, but didn't have enough time. Do you think this would have helped? Just so I know how detailed I need to go, have you read these recommended guides before starting the game? "

 No. The game by itself is too complicated, no matter how you explain it.

"Just so I know how detailed I need to go, have you read these recommended guides before starting the game? "

No. I did read most of the instructions on the game itself though.

"Also, could you clarify what you mean by "fake clue"? " 

Example: When you go to the Dr's house it says "I know what you did."

"New Game basically means creating a new game, and Continue means continuing your current game. Is that what you're referring to?" 

No. I mean like, after you lose all or guesses/ "deduct" the correct person you should just start a new investigation.

"I don't really understand your last point. The first person not having any option is because they have nothing to say yet. Or do you mean that you'd like for the first person to have an option instead?" OK. I get they have nothing to say that. 

What I recommend doing is making so that the first person has an option by default.

If you need the whole recording of me playing the game, here is a VOD:

Starts at about 38:30. 

I have some feedback for your game.

I wish that when I died I'd just go to the level select screen and that I could skip the intro cutscenes.

Focusing is too OP.

It's very weird that the 8th boss' big bullets' collision is not accurate.

Boss 9's big bullets that have an opening should be waaay smaller. That boss is too hard.

Boss 10 should always come from the same place. Feels really unfair that it does not.

Could not beat boss 10, so here is my stage select screen:

Hey! I have some feedback for your game!

I wish when playing as a circle on the first level there'd be fewer jumps.

I also wish that there'd be coyote jump ( you can jump while not being grounded if you were grounded like 0.1-0.2 seconds ago )

Lastly, I wish you would not need to restart the game when you beat the game as a square.

Fun game.

Square ending:

Circle ending:

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Hey. I have some feedback for your game.

Firstly, your game is waaaaay too complex. It probably took me 10-20 minutes just to understand how the game works. This is a game jam.

Secondly,  the fake clues are really annoying. Like, almost every suspect is giving me a fake clue.

Thirdly, the NEW GAME/ CONTINUE instructions are confusing.

Lastly, the "You know who might have killed him?" seemed to not be working the first time I played ( it was working ), as the first suspect's option was just "Back". Making so that the first person have *someone* as an option would have made it so that I'd actually try that technique on other suspects ( took me a while to try again on other suspects ).

I don't think you can beat this game and even if you could, I'd not be able to beat it. Therefore, I'm sorry but I did not beat your game.

Hey. I have some feedback on your game.

Firstly, I'd like to say I really like the dash.

Secondly, why is there an invisible wall on the tutorial? Couldn't you just have used a normal, visible wall?

Thirdly, in the tutorial it said that I should use the keys to move, even though I can also use AD. IMO you should have also put an A and a D symbol.

Furthermore, sometimes I keep getting stuck at nothing. Like, I'm just walking and randomly get stuck? Is that some Unity Tilemap shenanigans? If so, I understand why that happens, as it also happened to me.

Lastly, WebGL games don't need a QUIT button, and music and SFXs would be nice.

I beat the game anyway though.

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I have some feedback for your game.

Firstly, when making a 1-bit game, I *highly* recommend making the background out of the darker ( black ) color, not the brighter ( white ). That makes the game so much easier to look at.

Secondly, I'm not very sure as to the why, but I got stuck here:

You probably forgot to add colliders there.

Thirdly, the jump feels pretty floaty. I *think* you can make gravity bigger to make the jump feel less floaty.

Furthermore, I wish I could use WASD to move.

Lastly, the game is kinda confusing. Especially because sometimes you made me go through walls.

( Edit: making the text bigger and adding SFXs would be nice too )

I ( think I ) still beat the game though:


I have some feedback about your game.

At the end of the game, the player starts shooting like 5 bullets per 0.2 seconds, making the game VERY laggy.  What you could do instead is: make each bullet bigger and make the time between fire longer.

I also wish the player would be faster, but that's probably because I'm biased from making a faster-paced bullet-hell game.

Pretty fun game overall.

Yo congrats to all the devs and playtesters.

Please, don't make such tight jumps on games with momentum. Although, tbf I was playing on hard mode, but still...

I beat the game anyway, again:

Hey! I have some feedback:

- I wish there'd be checkpoints.

- I wish you'd tell me my jump height increases when I die.

Hey! I have some feedback to your game!

- Please add just in time jump/coyote. Jumping is really hard and feels unfair if you don't have that.

- If you can make a level takes less time while still having the same puzzle idea, why not? You are just kind of wasting people's time.

Can't say anything else, as the game is super short.

Hey! I have some feedback on your game.

- Make the player/spikes hitbox smaller.

- Maybe add some particles.

- Try making the text on your itch page smaller.

- It'd be really cool if you could make it so that the places that disappear when you get a key would have a different color.

Easy game: 

Hey! I have some feedback on your game:

- I could not properly jump on one of the types of level.

- Too much screen shake.

- Sometimes the game would create an impossible solution and that felt cheap.

My high score:

Hey! I have some feedback on your game:

- Why can I infinitely jump!!?!

- How does this game even make sense?? Most of the time nothing happens when I touch the goal but every once in a while something happens. At least explain to me what I should do/how the game works.

Could not beat the game. Sorry.

Hey! I have some feedback to your game:

- I'd often drive past the tutorial text. You should make it easier to read the text.

- Let me and the AI play by the same rules. Why isn't the AI affected by the boosters??

(1 edit)

Hey! I have some feedback on your game!

- Don't make the player have to take a leap of faith ( sometimes I'd just need to help there would be ground on the directions I was going to )

- Why can I infinitely jump!!?!?

Edit: Forgot to add win-screen. Here:

Hey! I have some feedback on your game.

- Jumping is too hard. You should have made the player jump a bit higher so you don't need to play the game so perfectly.

- Player is too fast.

-  On this specific level the wheel does not need to go back and forth so much:

- I wish you would stay on the robot's head on one of the last levels.

I beat the game anyway: