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You, Me and AliensView game page

Shoot aliens, rapair your ship & defend your robot
Submitted by Kittenhunter (@xr3alx), Norrimo (@Norrimo) — 2 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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On Topic#144.3964.396

Ranked from 53 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Music Source
Made from a friend of Norrimo

xR3alx & Norrimo

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cute characters and cool sound effects!

play interesting. I like that you have to protect the robot)


Aliens sometimes spawn right next to the player of the robot and it's really annoying. Other than that, the art and the gameplay is really nice.


Enjoyable game loop. I think the enemies were a bit spongy, so depending on RNG you might be losing a health point for your bot.


Really cool art and audio! I like the premise and the concept, and the controls were nice and smooth, but I thought the combat felt a bit sluggish - perhaps the gun could have fired a bit quicker, as it seemed like the aliens always reached my robot before I was able to fire more than a couple of shots.


The visuals are super cute. Gameplay is simple and effective. This might be the best twin stick shooter game I have played from this jam. Great work


supa great game, the art is amazing i love it and the gameplay perfectly fits the theme. good job <3


Great Submission! Like others have said, the upgrade choices are really interesting and well designed. Though I was really unlucky and couldn't get single a robot heal in a run where it was always on half a heart XD. Another thing I found a little bit annoying, is that sometimes the aliens spawn quite unfairly close. Other than that, I liked everything about it.


This is great! This proves that simplicity is all that is needed. The choice between repairing the ship and upgrading firerate is genius. I also adore the artstyle. Great job !


Very fun!!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice game ! I like the "defend your partner" principle 🙂 It's very polished. Also, the game is easy to understand. The music is nice and creates an interesting atmosphere, however the sound design is too repetitive (may be add more sounds and apply a pitch modulation ?). The choice between repairing and upgrading is very interesting as it allows to modulate difficulty, good idea ! Nice to have random upgrades available, so we want to see what the next one will be ! To enhance the game, I noticed the fire shot doesn't fit exactly the mouse position, which can be frustrating sometimes (when it touches walls). Good job !


Love the art and the gameplay feels kinda polished! The choices to make are quite interesting though it feels a little imbalanced, cause I feel like you can just rush all repairs if the robot chooses digging spots that are close to the airship.


Lovely game! The artstyle is so cute and works really well, gameplay loop is pretty fun (I love having to choose between upgrades or ship repairs), and the music is really good aswell! My only criticism is that a few hits on the robot feel a bit unfair, with the enemies sometimes spawning on top of it, but that could be easily fixed in a post-jam update. I also think giving the gun a bit of knockback would also help gameplay a ton, so you could stop the enemies from damaging the robot if you fired at them fast enough. Overall though, great work! Had a ton of fun and can definitely see this being expanded upon


Nice game. The theme is here and upgrade are fun to have !


i like the artstyle, but the little robot dude sometimes deliberately walks into a group of like 3 aliens which causes me to loose without it being my fault, also the same aliens do get a little repetitive


Very good visuals. great game. had fun playing. 

Check out mine too if you want:


Very interesting and very fun. I love the idea.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Amazing job! The art is very nice, and I love the music.

The gameplay is very nice and super easily understandable.

The choice between an upgrade or a ship repair is very clever, where you choose between finishing quicker but more difficulty, or slower with a bit of an easier time


  • Prevent monsters from spawning too close
  • Maybe zoom out the camera a bit to see them come from farther?
  • You could add a bit of camera movement based on the mouse direction to add a bit of juice :D

Very solid game!


this is extremely fun!!! wowieeeeeee if only there was billy bob in there


Very nice game! I love the character designs and the color scheme! It really felt like I was on another planet!


Lovely, charming, adorable: from the art style to the game design, this game is a polished pearl!

Controlled randomness of power-ups, enemy anticipation, intuitive and well-made Roboter AI, great exponential progression... Really Wowie, nicely done! uwu

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