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oh my god this is so cool

mason lindroth type beat

also just so you know game freezes when I change the camera type to follow (on browser)

this is so cool i love it. the sound design especially gives it a good feel

nice game! very well polished, i appreciated the different mechanics of getting the ladybugs and ants

very good game i like

rly great polished game, strong top spot in the game imo

very unique idea, had a lot of fun playing and really liked the visuals

cute game, i always like a game that can be played with just the mouse. wish robots were lil faster but still rly fun

nice PVZ-like and good art

love ant and bee books so this was rly cool to see (but i dont think that's the folklore tho (although the bee looked like the bee from tha books)). good movement nice lil story game

love the graphics, how did you make the art? gameplay itself was rly cool but hard to see the ui since the viewport is so big. overall good job tho

this is a really cool game, but i think you guys way over-scoped the development. if you had just focused on one or two aspects of the game (like fighting and movement or crafting and movement) then it would have been a lot better. still it's great for 3 days work

great action game, using autopilot or not is a really unique take on the theme

nice game i really enjoyed the art. feels very polished as well with the transitions from coding to not coding. the moving of the bot felt a little confusing/didn't offer enough feedback though

yeah would be cool to see!

loved this game so much, it was easy to learn and hard enough to keep me engaged. loved the music and sounds and the visuals and also loved that you can play it just with the mouse. good job <3

le world has been taken over

this was rly fun and a solid entry in my mind, good job

this iz sick, if it were a full release with a tutorial and progressive difficulty i could see myself playing it a lot (just idk javascript that well)

super duper game rly well thought out

this is amazing for a jam game. the visuals are super polished and the gameplay is complex but works. i agree with the issues everyone else has pointed out but i think most isn't expected for a jam game. good job!

really unique idea i like it a lot. just so you know there's a bug at the beginning where if u press space more than once it'll play the sequence of text overlapping multiple times

it was most frustrating ant game until i realized i can just place le food on the ant. 10/10

loved the art and concept but was unable to refill the towers (am i supposed to press something other than e?) anyways cool stuff. what engine did you use?

really entertaining game, got stuck on the 3rd or 4th lvl where there's two buttons in those wooden corners though

this is amazing, love the procedural walking and the concept is so simple yet so fun good job <3

awesome take on an endless runner! did you make the art? it's awesome, good job <3

fun game, confused about the marking enemies part but cool concepts

cool art, lil confusing with the menu and there wasn't much feedback when you get damaged. also when you die the game gets softlocked. cool concept though, good job for just 3 days of development

much enjoy, many fun was had


cool concept well polished and rly cool art good job <3

supa great game, the art is amazing i love it and the gameplay perfectly fits the theme. good job <3

beautiful game, simple and well executed

THIS IS AWESOME, ai feels great and art is awesome <3

awesome concept, cool sound effects, good job <3 a little glitchy getting through the end doors with the rat but it's a jam game who cares