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this shit awesome big ups

epic short and sweet adventure game good job i esp liked the art

love the music lol, also liked the concept but, as other ppl have mentioned, it was rly hard. good job tho!

was rly hard until i realized you could drop flairs and avoid bullets by going offscreen lol. very impressive u made a gameplay loop this fun in such a short amount of time:)

very polished and fun, one of my favorite submissions

reminds me of impossible quiz, very hard but also can't stop playing

great game, love that it's just about building, my fav entry so far

hard but fun. the bullets were rly rly hard to avoid, but I thinks it's the most polished game i've played so far

i dug that site till there was no dugging to be done

thanks for playing for the suggestions :) i like the idea of bosses and mining for ores. maybe ill add that stuff in if I update the game

yoooo raaaaaandy thanks dude:)

nice first jam :) fun to walk around and explore the world u made

love me a game abt digging dirt. also love le old flash style graphics. i can't seem to upgrade unfortunately (clicking on the width or speed words) but fun

i like the art and the song is boppin

fun game, i like how some enemies get blown away when you shoot them, it makes it satisfying. are the bullets supposed to always bounce or just sometimes? also i like the character design its cool

thanks! yeah adding upgrades and abilities wld be the first thing to do for sure if I keep working on it

rly fun game! combat actually feels p good considering it's a 3 hr jam. funny that everyone jumps when you press up

fun game! It's rly simple at first but gets more interesting when there are multiple birds to deal with at once

cool game, the charging and blowing of the bubble is very satisfying

rly fun game! i liked how the music sped up and slowed down

i was able to attack during my turn and the bosses turn so i mostly just spammed attack to win. i liked the art and concept tho

fun game, i liked the mechanic of becoming objecting and then throwing them. the bosses were fun and the dialogue from them was funny. my only issue with it is the hitboxes were rllly unforgiving

your pixel art is amazing :) loved the idea, my only comment is that the movement could feel a little tighter, maybe less slide-y

wish I could play but I don't have windows unfortunately ;( loving the art from the screenshots tho

wow thank you!

thank u :)

thanks for the feedback!

i love the idea and the aesthetic you guys are going for. like a lot of people have mentioned, the mouse sensitivity was really high and made it hard for me to play, especially because I'm using a trackpad, but overall I really like the concept

oh nooo sorry to hear that, wish i had more time to playtest and find some of these bugs before the submissions were due. thanks for the feedback, if i update the game I'll squash that bug

thank you! I'd play your game but I don't have windows :( looks fun tho

thanks for the feedback! you can actually move and place all your furniture during the store phase :)

oh no! that's weird that the hand was covering the fire, do you remember which giant it was? also I didn't have time to make a tutorial for it, but you have to place the upgrades on the corresponding furniture - i know, not intuitive. thanks for the feedback

wow the boss design is ff AMAZING!! assuming you used GMS2 (because thats what I used and i recognize the loading screen lol), this game makes me proud to be a gms2 dev. the gameplay is super satisfying and fun, you did the falling effect rly well, the bosses are rly unique and smart, the transitions between bosses and after you beat the game are seamless and super polished, my only criticism is that the player is too strong (not the worst thing for a jam game tho) and that there needs to be morrre. rly good job :)

thanks :)

hm sorry to hear that! are you using chrome as a browser? i know for sure it works on that

the build your own weapon mechanic is awesome, i could see that becoming a much more complex and satisfying game system if you continue with this game. the art was super well done and the actual fighting felt good. just fyi, i did get stuck a few times after charging the ranged attack and was unable to build a new weapon/progress so I had to reload

good job!

gooood job on the pixel art this looks amazing. i love the boss design and the concept of how to fight. I wasn't able to do the ranged attack because i'm using a trackpad, which made it pretty hard :( cool game overall though!

i like the concept of having to control the drones and truck at the same time. fun idea!

that's an amazing name for a game, i didn't even know the pope had a revolver it must be very holy