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Those are all super valid points and really good criticism. Thanks for playing and for the detailed feedback - it's much appreciated!

I really like the way the player and the AI level each other up - as well as being an interesting mechanic it also felt very true to the theme! The game was cool, perhaps the zombies spawned a little overwhelmingly fast but I really enjoyed it.

A really cool game! The music and sound effects are a real trip, the art is pretty awesome and the gameplay was fun and responsive.

Thanks for the feedback! There definitely are some issues we need to iron out both with the UI and the speed and difficulty of the game when we update this.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the nice comments and feedback!

Don't worry, you're not the only one who got stumped...I'm not sure if that's a job well done on our behalf or if we made it too hard!

What a creative game! Really original, with interesting puzzles and a nice dose of humour. The interface was a little tricky at time if I'm being hypercritical but other than that, a really cool entry!

What a stunningly adorable game! Straightforward and soothing, I was smiling the whole time I played this.

I love the pixel art, and the core mechanic was fun - the right mix of straightforward, just challenging enough so I didn't breeze through the level. A good entry!

A really cool concept with cute, clean art, but I found the button clicking a bit inconsistent.

Really cool art and audio! I like the premise and the concept, and the controls were nice and smooth, but I thought the combat felt a bit sluggish - perhaps the gun could have fired a bit quicker, as it seemed like the aliens always reached my robot before I was able to fire more than a couple of shots.

Nice one - intuitive and easy to get the hang of!

Good stuff! I think it's the first game jam game I've ever played where you can level up - and big plus points on the name!

Thank you so much, that's really nice to read! We hope to make many more games in the future!

Thanks bud! Already working on improving the UI :) and you're spot on about a tutorial level, we're definitely going to add one when we properly sit back down to this. Cheers for the encouragement!

What a sweet, beautiful game! Great pixel art and music, a nice story and a fun concept. I really enjoyed this!

Thanks for the feedback! There was a fair bit of discussion between the two of us as to how far to zoom out, in the end we wanted the player to be able to see the entire level but you're right, it takes the focus away from EDDIE's cuteness.

Thank you so much!! 

We're definitely going to implement a tutorial level that fully explains what all the objects do and how to avoid the various traps.

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback, I'm really glad you liked it! We're definitely going to improve the object placement going forward - a faint image of where it will appear is a great idea!

Nice job! The mechanics were straightforward and well programmed, the art was cute, clean and readable, and major plus points for the names you gave the ice creams.

Definitely one of the most complete, well implemented and enjoyable games I've played from this jam! It was nice and easy to learn how to play but some of the levels still really stumped me. The art was nice, clean and readable as well.

Incredibly adorable minimalist pixel art. The idea for the game is cool, and the atmosphere was great. I'd love to see this expanded on!

I was pretty much sold on the name alone! This was a really adorable game, I loved the relationship between the cat and the robot, the concept is nice and straight forward and easy to grasp but some of the levels were very challenging (that's a positive point for me, in case you're wondering!)

The hitboxes were a bit tricky in places and at times the cat felt a bit heavy to control but nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed this.

I really enjoyed this! A fun little puzzler that had just the right balance of simplicity and difficulty. I would have liked the benefits of the tiles to remain active after I'd placed them, for example placing a water tile next to sand didn't give me the points that I'd get placing sand next to water. But overall, a fun play!

Thank you so much for the kind comments, it really means a lot!

I love the big robot! I really enjoyed the art and the gameplay, and I genuinely felt feels at the end.

Nice job! The graphics are cute and charming and I really liked the concept - easy to pick up and understand what to do but the levels get harder as they progress, keeping it interesting. I thought the lag time between my input and the robot moving was a bit too slow.

Nice pixel art and a good take on the theme! All the mechanics felt really well implemented and gameplay was nice and smooth. Perhaps the gun could give some priority to the bigger enemies when they arrive instead of shooting the little guys while the big boss approaches unchallenged.

Thanks for the compliments and feedback. Fall damage works as intended but I don't think we made it clear enough what kind of height it can survive a fall from (it's not very high!), I think having some kind of tutorial to go over that is definitely on the cards if we update the game.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely think we learned a lesson about including tutorial levels and/or starting slowly from this game.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, we set out to make a challenging game but it certainly seems like we could have done some things to make it easier to pick up.

Nice job - responsive movement and good readability on the art front.

Thanks for the nice comments and the feedback, I agree about the difficulty and UI - definitely something we're going to play with going forward.

Really cool game! An interesting idea with some nice humorous touches, challenging enough to make me think but not so hard that I ever felt like giving up - a nice balance. The snappiness of the wire movements was really satisfying too.

A good concept with some nice, clean art. The controls were smooth and the gameplay was straightforward and intuitive, but I often got stuck in a corner or against a wall by the ghosts that were following me and had to restart.

Really nice, clean, charming pixel art! The mechanic is simple yet the puzzles are challenging - I got really stumped on a couple! Nice job.

Nice one! The controls felt responsive and intuitive and the game as a whole felt pretty balanced. I would have liked the ability to skip the intro when I was replaying after dying, and it wasn't really clear what those power ups did (I played it a few times and I'm still not sure!)

Nonetheless, congratulations - I had fun playing this!

I really like the art, the controls are very responsive, the concept is really cool and the whole game feels nice and snappy! I think the player should have been able to survive more than one hit - I often died when I was trying to position my little followers in the right place.

Thank you!!

Thanks for the kind words! That's definitely a feature we're looking to add when we update the game.