This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-08-12 08:00:00 to 2022-08-15 19:00:00. View results

A jam about exploring unseen territory of game design.

Theme: "Collaborate With AI"

We use the loosest definition of "AI" possible, so it can basically be anything but a human. A bot, an npc, a machine, an algorithm etc. You can interpret this theme in whatever way you want. Apply it to your game OR your workflow or both if you want to. Your AI can be as smart or stupid as you please. Read this if you need help coming up with an idea. :)

You. Must. Join.

  • You'll challenge your creativity and expand your skill sets.
  • Meet new people from the community and make new friends.
  • Get and give feedback to grow as a developer. Get your game seen and played.
  • For the best games: An appearance in a YT video on my channel.
  • An additional shout-out and bragging rights if you win one of the top spots.
  • For the top 10 of each category: Some Will You Snail Steam-Keys if you don't have the game yet. :)

Almost No Rules!

  1. You can work alone or in a team of any size.
  2. Recycling code and assets is allowed. No need to write everything from scratch.
  3. You can use everything you're legally allowed to use. Give appropriate credits where required. Don't use any resources you don't have the rights to!!!
  4. Please warn players about mature or disturbing content in your game (if there is any).
  5. The game you submit has to be created during this jam.

How Much Time?

The jam starts Friday, August 12th. You'll have roughly 3 Days to make your entry.  Simplicity is highly encouraged (and even one of the ranking factors) so spending just a couple of hours on your game should work as well. Go as hard or easy on it as you want.

Score Points!

Every participant will be able to rate other games on:

  • Fun
  • Simplicity
  • Visuals
  • Sound
  • Creativity
  • Topic
  • WOWIE! (<- This is the Number 1 Ranking Factor)

JOIN US for Extra Fun!

We have an awesome creative game dev community on Discord so if you're looking for a team, technical support or feedback, this is the place to look. I want you to create something WOWIE which is why I'll hang out on Discord for the entire weekend doing my best to support you with whatever you need. 

Last time the Discord group was super active during the jam and it was a ton of fun. :)

My Winning Tips

In my experience, here is what you need to do if you want to win one of the top spots:

  • Make your game easy to understand for new players. This is a super common trap a lot of game jam games fall into.  Start thinking about your tutorial or how you want to teach your mechanics right from the beginning!
  • Usually it's a good idea to make your game relatively easy to win. People spend roughly five to fifteen minutes on each game. In most cases they won't have enough time to reach a super high level of mastery. Keep that in mind when balancing the difficulty.
  • Quality over quantity. Keep your game super short and simple! This is even more important in this jam as simplicity (meaning you do much with little) is one of the main ranking factors. Every tiny bit of extra polish can really make your game stand out!
  • Take a risk. The winning games are usually those who were brave enough to try something completely new or out of the ordinary.   

There are exceptions to all rules but still, I hope it helps. All the best and enjoy! :)