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Thanks!! I've played and rated your game already :) Really nice visuals, good job!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :))


Thanks for playing! I agree the tight spaces are tricky. I added some more open ones all over, at first the whole map was tight and small.

Hey thanks for playing! I did indeed use Godot, but the glitchy movement of the player is just an animation loop. I had no performance problems, I'm guessing it's your pc.

btw I played and rated your game, it was a lot of fun!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for all the feedback!! I'm super happy about the discovery moment thing, I had the exact same when playtesting! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

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I don't not get it. Haha thanks!!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing! Will do.

Nice game! I love the side effects when picking up bugs, like SUPER SPEED :D

Hmmmm there's no music in the video, I guess that's a bug! I will investigate. Thanks a lot for the showcase!

Thanks so much!


A lot of people complain about the tanking, yep. I will update a non-jam version with better balancing of that. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Nobody likes the vacuum cleaners hahaha

Thanks for the feedback!

Yep there are a few difficulty issues, the updated version will have less health for the player and fairer bullet patterns. Thanks for playing!

Or maybe the bullets are just really good at human homing... Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Will do, I'll release a bigger version with a few more levels, and another boss!

Nice little game!! Love the music and sound effects.

Great game!! Love the movement, best movement from any of the games I've tried. Really smooth and satisfyingly fast. Some parts are frustrating though, but I love the timed aspect and the stress created by the bug following you. Nice job!

Thanks for playing!! Yeah a lot of people were disappointed by the shortness of it. I will probably release a version with a few more levels and maybe another boss sometime. Stay tuned if you're interested!

Wow thanks a lot!! Glad you enjoyed :)

I just re-inverted gravity near the second wall (the one coming down from the ceiling). Then the spider block gets stuck in that wall and doesn't fall back down. Hope that was clear enough x)

Really cool mechanic, especially once the pink walls come in. Creative collision uses, nice! The last section was annoying when you have to constantly switch sides in the hollow white block, but otherwise great level design! The color palet could use a little simplifying as well. Great work all around!

Damn this game is brutal!! I love it so much though! (didn't beat it yet, but I'm keeping it bookmarked and will someday defeat that darn computer)

Well done, I love the buggy mechanics, they don't feel unfair but are still clearly buggy and change it up. Awesome work! Love it.

Really clean design and simple mechanic that works really well and perfectly fits the theme! Too bad it's so short, even for a game jam game. Solid work on the polish and gameplay though, nice job!

Cool and simple game! Needs more content or at least a bigger map, but the concept is well implemented. I love the explosion effects. Nice.

Great little game, nice ending! The movement feels good, and it gets pretty chaotic towards the end! Nice simple mechanics that are executed perfectly. Nice work.

Really polished game, but the level design is kind of annoying at some points. When the box gets too fast it gets too tricky to get it back to the current wall. Well-made game though with nice mechanics and graphics. Nice job!

Really cool concept!! I love the fact you can jump around on the files and the corrupted ones are actual enemies! Pretty hard game though, I kept getting killed by the files. Is the lag normal?

I love this game!! The level of quality is insane for a jam game. This is on par with commercial games! Reminded me of Shovel Knight haha

Well done, and keep making games! You definitely have plenty of talent.

Fun game, but it feels kind of unfair when the platform gets removed right under your feet. Maybe add some kind of warning, like flashing etc? Otherwise, I had great fun beating down the bugbot. Great work.

Really cool idea! Reminds me of the dash in Celeste. The controls are super tricky though, so I ended up quitting before finishing it. Nice graphics though and super good sound! Well done.

Fun game!! I love the weapon switch, feels right and works well. I wish it would always make sure you don't get the same weapon twice in a tow though. Other than that, great game!

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Would love to try this game, I'm getting an assertion error on launch though.. If I hit retry I get a fatal error and nothing else. :'(

Really nice experience, love the movement and art. I love the flying up in the sky bit, with the moon and ice cream and things. Well done :)