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This is really top notch. Didn't come here from the jam, but as a standalone game this is so good! The aesthetic and page design really go well together. Polish is amazing as always :)

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No need to rush! It's not a race :D

I can't wait for the next update!

Thank you for playing! I don't blame you for giving up with the mask, the shield spam is already fixed and primed for an update once the rating period ends :D

(along with other improvements like faster turns etc)

Man thanks a lot for the detailed ideas. I like the idea of a separate player hand since it would give more control, but yeah it would add a lot of complexity. I will explore prototypes once the base stuff is all balanced out and I'll definitely put you in the credits if I add something similar!! Thanks again :)

This is very relaxing! I love how you can choose between placing stuff strategically and just making it look good :)

Thank you for playing!

I would play a full version of this in a heartbeat

This was phenomenal!!!! The AI art is insane and fits together so well, the storytelling is amazing, and the sound work is really the best part. That robot sound at the end shook me to my core and overwhelmed me, it added so much power to that scene, like the robot was something unknowable, something beyond human comprehension. AMAZING!

Peak minimalism. Love it. The lil ant is just a square but it's very cute. :)

Hahaha thanks!! I'm glad you like the chaos :>


Thank you very much :)

Thank you so much!

Hey, sorry to double-reply, I was going through the comments again.. What exactly did you mean by cards having chance modifiers? Did you have specific situations in mind? I'm having a hard time coming up with stuff that's not just like "next turn, have more chance of drawing this card!"

As a childhood fan of the Impossible Quiz flash games, I'm ashamed to admit I had to watch the video for the last two questions. Really nice reference, and the questions were just as devious :D

Love it!

Thank you!! More is in the works for this game, I've already started :D

Thank you! I'm happy you had fun :)

Hey thanks for going out of your way to check this old game out! :) Glad you like it

Thank you so much for playing! I'm already working on updates ;)

Nice humor, love the dialogs. Interesting puzzle levels too :)


Really funny, the music really adds to the ambiance. I like how the robot helps you harvest and plant

Really interesting concept, reminds me of yiotro games on Android, like Achikaps or similar (if you know that game).

This is really neat! Love the fact that vision is tied to the robot.

So much polish!!! I love the animations and feel of the game, the music is a bop as well, great work on it!! What engine did you use? Is this GameMaker? Did you make the isometric 3d by hand by stacking sprites? It looks really neat

Very simple, a bit too much so for me, but nicely done and has some character! :)

This is a top spot for sure. Nice and simple concept, beautifully executed. Love the graphics. The sound feels just right.

What an... interesting concept lmao

Very simple but well executed!

Cool concept, it looks like it was a bit overscoped tho

Very nice interpretation of the theme, it really feels like having a big robot brother that beats up enemies :)

Interesting idea! I think having a bit more time to deliver would help, especially since some sprites are very similar (cup/can, pencil/pen). The art is very nice, cute robot :)

Graphics are very clean, nice music, the interactivity is kinda limited, but the upgrade system adds a bit more

Interesting concept :)

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Very cool visuals! Love the paper :)

It would be nice if the cart was less drifty, the movement gets frustrating

Everything else is top notch, juicy, well animated

Love this

This looks super high quality! Sadly I don't have my GPU with me but once I get back to my desktop PC I'll give this another whirl since it runs at like 3fps :) Love the intro sequence, and I saw from another comment you recorded it yourself! Very cool.

Super cool game! The graphics are really neat, I love how there's just a few color highlights for the important stuff, it makes it really pop!

I wish the player was always active, it's kind of annoying to have to click it every time.

Very cool game! A bit tough to get the hang of the controls though. Also I'd never heard of TIC-80, looks really fun and a more open/free spin on PICO-8 :D

This feels like it could be a full game on steam with a bit more gameplay and some polish!!! The dialogs are absolutely brilliant, I love the mention of jolly cooperation and the dynamics of the two characters. Also Samirai lol

Amazing! 10/10

This is really fun, loved the story. I love how you use a roomba to sucks up socks lmao

Also the roomba is very cute

Who picks up socks in pairs?? Why not just sort them at the end?? Ahem. Sorry.