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Thank you so much! :)

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I tried the post-jam version, but I couldn’t really figure out what to do.. What’s the difference between the shopping cart icon list and the “todo” icon list? How do I win a battle? What’s burning a card doing? I have so many questions 🥹 Also, for the web version being broken, it might have to do with itch viewport settings or godot project scaling settings, like setting stretch to “none” instead of “keep” or “expand”

All things considered still congrats for submitting! I know how hard it can be to run out of time too quickly :’)

Fun game! The throwing mechanic works well and the controls feel nice. I found myself just double-clicking in front of items towards the end, maybe a way to incentivise throwing further could be fun, like a combo system for touching multiple at once? Anyway nice!!

Thanks <3

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed :D


Thanks for playing! I wondered when someone would mention the unfair impossible situations, lol. Sorry about that. I didn’t think it would be realistic for a jam to think up a good system to prevent those, but it’s definitely possible

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, tbh I spent a long time messing around making A and D spamming feel fun haha. I was going to add usable powerups but didn’t have enough time to implement them fully.. You might have played some really similar stuff before since I chose a really generic game on purpose to focus on polish

Thanks a bunch! I spent way too long making the wobble lol

Yeah, jams are like that, too many things and too little time :’) I guess it’s better than infinite time and not getting anything finished

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Fun game! The name got me lol

I really like the story leading up to the game, it adds interest in a nice way. Another comment was talking about the mana, I feel like a simple way to make it intuitive could be to have the same icon on both the counter and the mana regen cards, at first I was looking around the screen for a battery icon :)

Also shopping cart is OP haha

Very fun and atmospheric game. I think this is one of my favorites. The water looks nice, the music and sounds feel relaxing, and the upgrades are nice! Like another comment said, having some hook control would add even more interesting gameplay!

Very interesting game, there was a lot of info and different effects at first and I felt overwhelmed, but otherwise nice! The sound effects and animations when submitting are really nice!

There is so much to this game!! The fact you can draw your characters is such a great hook that drew me in instantly, and it fits with the aesthetics perfectly. The visuals are amazing!! It could do with just a tiny bit more animations for people getting hit etc, but that’s just nitpicking. Insane work!!

Love it! The cart physics are really fun and add a funny twist, I especially liked being able to push the wet floor signs around lol. Couldn’t figure out how to pick up groceries, maybe some sort of visual prompt when you are in the correct position would help! Also, the transitions between menu and game are super cool!

Interesting gameplay! I like the alternation between checking the cards and going to pick up the boxes. It could be interesting if you couldn’t move while checking the cards, or if you had to check them at a specific spot in the room. I actually like the minimal visuals, it makes the colors stand out and looks cool! A tiny bit more polish could go a long way! Like some kind of white noise ambience or other sounds, etc

Nice game! The menu and manual are very helpful and appreciated. I wish the level was longer! A few sound effects would juice it up as well :)

Interesting use of cards here. I like the visuals and cute animations. I wish things were more clear, I struggled to figure out how to play :’) Once I understood it made sense

I laughed out loud when I read Liff Tor’s name lol. Unfortunately my smooth brain couldn’t figure out how to play correctly, maybe some sort of tutorial to explain how to position shops correctly etc

This is amazing! The visuals are great and the driving and drifting feels SO nice. It’s a bit tricky to turn sharply and I died on walls a lot :’)

Very nice!! The art and animations are really cool, and I love all the little references :D The controls are super easy and make it easy to pick up

Amazing work on this! The visuals and sound fit the aesthetic really well. I have nothing to say except maybe make the first day a bit slower to allow the player to learn the ropes :)

I really like the 3d modeling and environment. It was a bit confusing at first but then I understood how to win! It was a bit tedious to get the correct card by drawing and throwing lots of times until it popped up.. Maybe a system where there is always a matching card in your hand that you just have to choose would make it more fun? But then it might make it too easy

Thanks :D

Thanks so much!

Thanks!! Nice score :)

Thanks for playing!

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Time flies :’) (no pun intended)

This is a blast! I HAD to try your other game :P I loved it when the attacks started combining, got caught off guard lol.

Woah that was fast!!! It’s very nice :)

Thanks so much! To be honest I wanted to add more (powerups, …) but chose to stay safe and just polish it. Haven’t gotten around to trying your game yet since I’m on linux but I’ll play it on windows soon!

I definitely know what it’s like to spend way too much time polishing haha, it was worth it cause the card hand feels super smooth

Very cool concept! It feels very chill. I wish there were a bit more mechanics as it can be slightly boring after a while. Love the animations and visuals!

Very chill game. At first I thought “huh, you just drag to fill up the shelves? that’s it?” but when actually playing it for a while, I entered a very chill flow state of keeping all the shelves stocked while having fun watching all the little dudes walk around and buy stuff. It’s satisfying to see single products disappear from the shelf individually, it adds a lot of visual interest.

Fun game! The animations are nice and the loop is easy to understand :)

The post-its are a really nice way to do a tutorial, where the player can close them when they feel like it.

I wish the dragging stayed active when the mouse goes outside the item’s hitbox, that way it would feel nicer when quickly dragging items

I didn’t use the combiner much, maybe it would be nice to make it more streamlined as another comment said.

Also maybe some more difficulty to spice it up like a timer or some sort of precision requirement could make it more fun long term!

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So good! So much polish and the gameplay is simple to understand and fun!! I like the variety of events, and the character’s different personalities :)

I feel like cards could be tied into the gameplay more, instead of just being the UI for items

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Love it!!!! I spent like 60k before she got me, including 4 or 5 gaming PCs x)

So simple yet so fun, and the music makes it feel tense and exciting like a spy movie! Great game.

Also yes I think rice cookies count :P

Very interesting decisions to make on which kind of cards to buy, I was a bit lost at first but then understood better :) Nice visuals too!

This is so cute! I love the map and buying new card boxes from the vending machines feels exciting! Does the trading work online with others?? If so, that’s amazing! 本当に楽しかった