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Thank you! :D

DETERMINATION community · Created a new topic Thid looks


ok thx

hey can i know how you customized your page like that?

ok i will try the zip one

... discord server

thx it worked this time!

no problem thx i will re try

wait how you did this is a gam.... white a second you did invisible blocks and.... there is a full screen button is why i thought but whait whit bitsy we can full screen? (bug)

but it says i cant open it because idk what

ok thx!

oh no is rar can you make a zip one? pls

WOW this bitsy game is awsome!

it dont works like that you need to send the invite link

it wont download help! wenn i select where is going to be download it says tiled must be instaled on a local hard drive BUT is a local hard drive!

Am I Real? Jam community · Created a new topic DISCORD

could you creat a discord server for your games OR a discord server for this jam?


i havent buyed it but i want is the money of my mom :((((((

GameDevDan vs Life community · Created a new topic wow
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wow happy 10years of developing i hope in 10 years i can also make game like this im in my first year!

trop bien ouai je conte pas c moi qui l'ai crée

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wenn i press enter the snake die!

oups ._.

ok thanks!

ok thx

what you used to creat? the engine and the language

ok thanks!

hey the last coment says i can use in youtube but can i use it in my games?

hey im sorry but i cant download winrar... to the rar files pls can you upload a zip version of files? i want the mp3 pls

hi i want a trampolin to use in my game can you make some trampolins pls? =) i will credit you in my game i realy like your work i realy whould like to donate but i cant is the money of my mom :(

its till not fixed i got the same bug D:

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yay i can skp those fights =)

whats the system requirements?