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Overall nice game! It was a fun, short and fast-paced experience. The SFX were quite nice

However, my main issue with this is just how slow the character turns, often times I’d miss shots not because my aiming was bad, but because the character didn’t turn fast enough. This design decision feels rather contradictory: you wanted to make a fast-paced game, but the slow turning means that I often have to play slowly and patiently.

It also feels rather weird that there are 4 different portals, but only 1 of them is actually useful. Which one is useful is communicated visually, but at first glance it’s not actually obvious what that means or that only 1 of them works, and it only adds confusion when playing the game for the first couple times. I think there should only be 1 portal, at the center of the screen.

The idea and execution all around was solid. The art and music were also nice.

However, I think that the game can be a bit unforgiving at times. Having to retry all 3 levels after dying on the last one is annoying. I think you could have gone with a life system here, or simply have you restart at the level you were. Some levels were also too tight on fuel, where I would have to do the last turn mere frames before the fuel ran out.

Truly amazing game!

I really enjoyed the mechanics, the art style and the sounds! It also fits the theme very well, and is fun to keep playing over and over.

The only thing I think could be improved would be to have some indicator of how far your jump can take you. Other than that, basically flawless game!

Very good game! The art was simple, but it fit together well. The gameplay was fun, and made me want to keep playing it and keep improving.

The only thing I’d recommend improving would be adding some form of signaling to when an enemy is going to move.

I really liked the concept of the game, I had fun with it, but the execution of the idea ends up harming the experience.

The first few levels propose an interesting experience, but as soon as cycling enemies are introduced, the experience starts going downhill. Since you can’t see these enemies, you just have to hope they are in the right place, because sometimes it’s impossible to go past them optimally. Other levels also have leaps of faith, where you will have to jump down a big hole without knowing what is at the bottom, which often ends up in dying. The lack of coyote jumping also makes some jumps annoying. It would have been nice if I could restart the level by pressing Space. And finally, on Firefox, whenever I press the Spacebar, the website scrolls down, making it impossible to play, I had to switch to Chrome to be able to play it.

I liked the idea, and how it fit with the theme. It makes for an overall fine puzzle game. The art also looks quite good.

Despite other people saying they didn’t understand the idea of the game well, I gotta say that after reading the in-game tutorial, everything was clear to me.

However, I feel there was some lack of diversity, which is honestly fine, coming from a 72 hour game jam. For example, the dog only affects 1 character, and only 1 person wants to be on the ground. I still think the game is fine as it is, but if you were to expand this, this would be the first thing I’d look into.

Also, the transitions are too sudden. For example, it’s always startling when I complete the last round and it immediately takes me to the title screen, since I wasn’t expecting it, and I wasn’t looking at the number of rounds left.

And of course, there’s the UI issue which many others have pointed out already.

Despite the negatives, I generally enjoyed the game. Congratulations on finishing!

Neat game.

Controlling the player by attracting it with the mouse was fun and challenging.

The art and SFX aren’t the best tho. Some of the sound effects feel too slow, since they should feel snappy and quickly react to what happens, but several of them have long build up times. I think it’d also be good to have some sort of icon in the UI to show that the red number means “health” (you could use a heart for this), or that the blue number means highscore (you could use a trophy for this).

The tutorial also needs some work, since the current image version is kind of convoluted and not very clear. Also I’m not sure that the teleporting powerup is the best idea, as it doesn’t make much sense with the rest of the game, and you can’t communicate it elegantly through its icon (unlike the health powerup, which is clear).

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Very fun game overall!

I had a good time while I played it. It looks good, and I liked the music. The gameplay was fun, and the controls worked well.

I think you should have some kind of signal for when the player is falling too fast and will “crash”. I also think the max falling speed should be incremented, since it becomes something of an annoyance when you want to land on something below you.

And while we are on small nitpicks, I think you should add some kind of score counter, so you can easily quantify and compare how well you do.

Amazing game!

The whole aesthetic of the game is crafted masterfully, from the icons and the noise in the screen, to the cute and nice sound effects and music.

I enjoyed the puzzle elements of the game, by looking around I found out where to go in a fun way, without feeling like I was stuck or that it was way too easy. You perfectly achieved the state of Flow on me.

The game overall feels very polished,and I think is an idea that could be expanded to make a really cool, bigger game.

As for some small inconveniences:

  • I didn’t expect the Escape button to close the game. I had to replay a portion of the game because of this. On a related note, you should add a Quit button inside the game (I wasn’t able to find any).
  • It feels a bit inconsistent what actions will cause the window to go to the top. Sometimes clicking it was enough, but sometimes I had to click the title specifically.
  • I would have liked to be able to send messages by pressing Enter on the Messaging app.
  • The hitbox for the SpaceOS button at the bottom is wonky: most often, clicking it will result in opening whatever app is above it. You have to click it at the very bottom for it to work.

The visuals are nice, and the audio is also quite good, but while the idea holds up, I think the execution and current balance severely damage the experience.

When starting a level, you can sometimes be right next to a big fish and die immediately, or in a few seconds after moving. The camera is also too zoomed in, making it hard to see fish close to you.

It’s hard to find fish smaller than you. I think an element that adds to this is the fact that other fish can also eat smaller fish. I imagine you were trying to be somewhat realistic here, but games aren’t fun because of being realistic, and in this case, I believe this mechanic harms the experience. When the game begins, all the small fish will be quickly eaten up, leaving none to the player.

Related to the previous issue, success or failure feels like it comes down to the very start of the game, if you find a lot of fish you can eat quickly, you’ve won, otherwise, you’ll starve to death.

Movement speed felt a bit inconsistent, since sometimes I’d move slower than normal while having my mouse in the same position. I believe this is related to the puffer fish, but I’m not sure. If the player can’t realize why their speed is changing, that means that the game needs better signaling, or to straight up get rid of that mechanic.

What fish you can eat is also inconsistent, since sometimes a fish would look bigger than the me, but I could still eat it, while other times it’d seem to be about the same size, but that fish would eat me instead.

The space above the seafloor feels completely useless, since, to my knowledge, no fish spawn there or go there naturally.

Also, while in the main menu, if you click on certain spots of the ‘Play’ button, you’ll instantly click on a level icon and be instantly sent to that level.

It was fun!

Just like YellowAfterLife, I think the game would greatly benefit from some sort of checkpoint system, and while I understand that not having checkpoints can give some sense of mastery over the game, I think for such a short experience, it’s not worth sacrificing the user’s time for that mastery. I know a lot of people who wouldn’t want to play the game again after dying close to the end.

I also found a bug, which is that when you enter a room, if you start holding the opposite direction of where you are going, you’ll exit the screen and be able to explore the map without the camera following you.

On the positive side, I liked how your own sawblade can kill you if you aren’t careful, causing the game to have an aspect of strategy and positioning, instead of just spamming your ability.

I also like the way that enemies keep getting heads with more sides, to show that you are getting further into the game. Without it, the player could feel lost, and not know if they are going in the right direction. The fact that blood stains persist between room transitions also helps with orientation.

I think the player moves way too fast, to the point where it’s hard to control it. The art syle also seems conflicting, where differnent assets have different resolutions, most noticeable from the difference between the player resolution and the smooth background. I also think it’d be helpful to have some indication as to the direction in which the new sawblades will move at.

Other than that, I think it turned out pretty nice, with a short arcade-y feel.

Well done! Overall, it’s a pretty nice game, the controls are unique and not hard to understand, the graphics look nice, and the SFX and music fit the game. However, I think the jumping sprite feels a bit off, which would probably be fixed by having 2 different sprites, one with the tail down (when going up) and another with the tail up (like the current version, when going down).