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Welcome to SpaceOS, intern! Now stop complaining, and do your job!
Submitted by Herbalrage (@DeeheychFox) — 2 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Deleted 175 days ago

Thank you so much! My stretch goals were to include active viruses to add intensity to the puzzle solving, but only had enough time to achieve the puzzles and core of the game. Which, arguably, made it a lot more relaxing and maybe better than my initial idea. Cheers for the comment! :D


Amazing game!

The whole aesthetic of the game is crafted masterfully, from the icons and the noise in the screen, to the cute and nice sound effects and music.

I enjoyed the puzzle elements of the game, by looking around I found out where to go in a fun way, without feeling like I was stuck or that it was way too easy. You perfectly achieved the state of Flow on me.

The game overall feels very polished,and I think is an idea that could be expanded to make a really cool, bigger game.

As for some small inconveniences:

  • I didn’t expect the Escape button to close the game. I had to replay a portion of the game because of this. On a related note, you should add a Quit button inside the game (I wasn’t able to find any).
  • It feels a bit inconsistent what actions will cause the window to go to the top. Sometimes clicking it was enough, but sometimes I had to click the title specifically.
  • I would have liked to be able to send messages by pressing Enter on the Messaging app.
  • The hitbox for the SpaceOS button at the bottom is wonky: most often, clicking it will result in opening whatever app is above it. You have to click it at the very bottom for it to work.

Thanks for the positive feedback! Just uncovered a couple bugs I wasn't aware of because of your comment too. Shall be fixing them in the future! :D

  • Theme: I like very much. Fits well.
  • Audio: Relaxing and good.
  • Visuals: I'd say perfect if the buttons, message and other stuff was appearing on the screen.
  • Gameplay: Perfect. Again, the play goes fullscreen and i almost couldn't click on the recycler bin.

Congratulations on the game.

Very diferent approuch. i enjoyed alot.


Yeah, sorry about the full screen issue. Not very experienced with building for widescreen monitors or other resolutions aside from 16:9 right now. Either way, thank you a ton for the positive feedback!


You could make an option for windowed or fullscreen.

But that's ok. Cheers.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Wow, well done!
This is an amazing game, with great art and with an even better concept!

It might actually be the best game I've played in this entire jam,
the only (small) critique I have is that the music gets repetitive after a while (and that's a bit annoying)

But other than that, well done! Briliant game, would play again (and have played again).


Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I agree, after having to test and develop with that music in the background for too long it got tiresome trust me, just couldn't find enough time to make more tracks. Thanks for the positive feedback!


brilliant idea


Thanks man! :D


Very cool, original and polished game. Everything is almost perfect. It could be released as a full-blown game if expanded a little. I believe that you can do very well in the jam.


Thanks, man!


cool game its me dowloading from torrent


Hahaha, yup. I definitely drew inspiration from the dodgier side of computing.