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Thanks! You actually can reset by pressing "R"

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Ik what you mean, really wish we had more time to spend crafting levels. It really just came down to putting stuff down randomly and slightly tweaking.



Thanks 8Blits, we didn't really have enough time to do playtesting so I see what you are saying lol.

This game changed me emotionally

Oh yeah we fixed that after you finished playing lol. But glad you liked it :)

The narrator is too big brained

not me hehe

I think there is a way to put a scratch link on an page. If you can figure that out, then you can make a scratch game, as long as it is submitted as an page.


richard is the goat

Yup, you can play them all. However if you want to rate them, you have to submit a game.



Yeah kinda. I prob won't return to it unfortunately.

head tilt games makes my head tilt when i move left or right


lol true

He just can't handle being called stupid

video game


whoops sorry

Nah fam, the narrator is GOATED

Its the will you snail trailer theme :)

This is sick, how the heck did you add some much polish in 72 hours!




Awesome, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks! I agree the endings can be a bit tedious to find. Maybe a skip narration button would have helped, but we kind of ran out of time for that. Also we didn't think of circles like that lol.

Yup! We both will, sometime during the next few days.

Glad you liked the game! I can assure you the narrator is fine. Or is he?

Glad you liked the game!

Thanks! Just wondering when did you play the game exactly? I thought we got most of the bugs ironed out earlier today. And would you mind describing this bug if its not a problem?

Glad you liked the game. I see why you wouldn't want to pick wrong answers, I think these kinds of games might not be for everyone. I also agree that the narration can be a bit long. A skip button could have been nice, but time wasn't on our side.

Glad you liked the game :) We actually have just updated the game to remove all the annoying glitches, and this also allowed for 2 more paths to open up because there aren't any glitches in the way. If you want to check it out again, feel free. Also I don't know what's up with the audio, it's not supposed to be like that.