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You made the impostor font!?!!? That's crazy, thanks for making it dude, I'm also using it as a "rich text" option for my indie game "Slimekeep".

Only thing I can think of is if you didn't enter a new password before hitting submit. But sorry about that.

It's in the location which Daggersoath mentioned somewhere!!!

Good point, didn't really think of this. Just kinda added in the modifying text files as a bit of a gag, but I didn't really think about deleting important information.

No problem, thanks for playing. About your Phone+ point, I'm not sure if it was really clear, but in the message it states that there has "been a charge from an account number with the pin of XXXX". I meant for this to kind of imply that the scammer was taking their money and charging it to his account, but I can see how it is unclear.

But yeah, your other points are also totally valid, and I would probably change in retrospect. 

Thanks bro

Ronald doesn't mess around...

Thank you!

Hey, thanks! If you were stuck, did you see the "hints.txt" file?

Thanks! Yeah I'm not sure why the web version is being like that, I had to use edge also.

Responded to you on discord. Thanks so much for catching this. The problem is if you use capital letters in your password. I've updated the page to add a warning so hopefully people don't do the same.


Love the art, and music, and all the polish. Also the enemy guy kinda reminds me of Celeste which is always cool. What I didn't like was the difficulty!!! Idk maybe I just suck but the enemy guy seemed way too fast and it took me forever to get past just level 1, and when I did get past, I think it must've bugged out somehow because I just died and it sent me to the next level without me actually beating the level lol. Still really great entry though.

Haha, nah I was just joking bro. It was a pretty fun experience. 

Unfortunately, no

Awesome game. One of my favorites of the jam. Incredible polish and art, and it's just so addicting.

I'm really impressed! Love the visual style, and the parkour was pretty addicting. Though the perspective did make it a little difficult.

Team boxmen has done it again

Insanely awesome graphics and polish, but aghhhh why is it so hard! Still pretty fun tho.

Ok, this game has absoluetly sick graphics, and a cool concept. Though I will admit, I some how got stuck on the second level... Idk I'm probably just stupid but I wish I could've figured it out.

Too scary :(

best game idea

SAVE THE CATS!!! Seriously, this was amazing. Just my type of game, and everything is so well done. You should be proud.

Those voicelines really irritated me after awhile lol. But for real, good job, really like the visuals and theme usage, though I think it may have been a bit repetitive.

Little confusing initially, but great polish and visuals.

Idk why but it crashed my computer 3 times lol

Extremely cool. The whole aesthetic is just amazing, I don't know how you created it, especially in such a short period of time. I do think the puzzle solving was a little straightforward, but I get you can't develop stuff too extensively in such a short time period.

No me gusta crab

Very neat game, and great use of the theme. I thought the art and polish was great, and I like how you not only had to throw the bombs out of the castle area, but you also had to aim them towards the enemies. My one complaint is that I'm not a big fan of the "e" and "r" controls. I wish it could have just been "e" for both pickup and throw, which would have made things feel a less clunky.

Very simple, but neat game! I liked how the flies could switch paths, and how they spiders could throw you off with their movement. Just wished the difficulty would increase more over time/increase faster.

They will be published one week from now, after the voting period ends.

Was feeling like a bad boy, so I didn't keep him safe.

Super sick! Great graphics, great music, and a great take on the theme! Had a lot of fun with all the different kinds of minigames.

As a picky eater myself, this game is all too real. Tho I kinda didn't undestand the swap mechanic if I'm being honest, and just kept losing points.

Suuuuper sick game, and the graphics are awesome. I definitely see the lethal league inspiration. My one complaint is that it's just kind of difficult to see sometimes, especially when backed up against the wall.

Bro this is so hard, but like kind in a good way, because it's so tempting to keep on trying to get further. I'd say the physics are a bit glitchy, but good job overall, and +1 for the palette choice :)

Super cool little game. It's obviously very simple, but I really like the kind of clean feel it has and all the bits of polish such as the paddle tilting a bit with fast movement, adding a bit more strategy to the game. The game could have obviously used a bit more depth overall, and some different elements to spice up it, but still nice job.

Nice game! It's really well polished, and I like the graphics (though I obviously would have wished you followed the limitation).  One thing I think the game is really missing though, is a score system, which would have really motivated me to try to beat my scores.

Sure, Dm me on discord