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I love all the mechanics! This game was also really well polished, and had no shortage of levels, something I know can take awhile to make.  Good job, and I'd love to see the devlog of this if you were planning to make one.

Yeah, not going to deny the many bugs! But I'm glad you still liked the game.

Haha yeah I agree man. Glad you liked the mechanic though.

Thanks! Glad you liked it man.


Thanks! I actually planned to have a 3x3 grid for more levels but unfortunately I ran out of time.

Sorry about all the glitches, thats something I really wish I could have fixed and I know what you mean about the game being broken. But I'm glad you liked the game and music.

Thanks Sam! Looking forward to seeing your GMTK devlog(if you are making one that is).

Yeah I know exactly why that happens, and I tried to fix it but the physics I had in place were a little too clunky to get some things right. 

Totally agree with the grid part. I really wish I used grid movement for the boxes instead on physics, which caused quite a few glitches. But thanks for the kind words.

I 100% agree with the theme part. We thought the idea of controlling boxes only in a certain grid would use the theme very well, but as the game started to come together I think we realized that it could have been followed a little better. But I'm glad you liked the game.


Thanks man. I agree that the grid could be very glitchy, but glad you liked the game.

ma boi

Geez itch decided to pick up your game and put it everywhere. Congrats man.

Nice game! I have no clue how you made it so polished but everything feels amazing. I also love the art and the use of gambling for the theme.

Solid gameplay man! Very interesting concept and the art and polish was really nice and simple. The gameplay mechanic was a little difficult for me to get the hang of at first, but eventually I got it down. I really wish there were some more levels, as just as I was starting to get into it, it ended. But I totally understand how it can be hard to make a bunch of levels in such a short period of time as that's something I also struggled with.

Really interesting take on the theme. The gameplay and art was also pretty smooth and nice. However the elephant in the room for me was the voice acting. I think it would have sounded much better if you just recorded it through your computer, instead of playing through your microphone, which had not the best audio quality. Besides that I still really liked the game.

Thanks! I really like to use this color palette in a lot of my games.

You can DM me on discord and I can possibly make something work.

This is epic

You can upload it to itch, and then submit it on the game jam page.

I know you can add collaborators to you project, which can give them credit,  but if you don’t want to that’s fine.

It's ok, that's awesome that you will be playing and participating!

Its web only, this is the jam version.



Yeah lol



Thanks for the comment, I am currently turning the game into a rougelike with new weapons bosses, slimes, upgrades, and more. Glad you liked the game.

Yup, I fixed the cursor issue and the slimes color in my newest devlog.

Wow that means a lot man, thanks.


For the players health issue, I added in health UI in the top right corner, but you may not have seen it due to resolution issues. The slime combining mechanic also sounds really cool. 

Really cool game. Extremely well polished and addictive gameplay!

Really fun gameplay! I also love the simplistic art and music. I managed to make it around 900 points which I'm proud of! I only wish I could view the leaderboard, but it's not too big of a deal.

Would love to play it, however there isn't a game on the itch page.

Awesome game! The controls are tight and responsive, the art is also very cool and I love how simplistic it is. The game overall has really good polish and I absolutely love the menu theme and the rest of the sound in the game. The game also fits the theme really well. You should be proud!