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so true


cope harder

Play "A Simple Test" :o


because the source code definitely doesn't contain the 01001011 01000001 01010010 01001110 01001111 01000110 01000110 01000101 01001100 00100000 01000011 01001111 01000100 01000101 

what if you were the one who was wrong?!

Thanks :)

The mind plays dirty tricks when bored

Check out A Simple Test?!

There is no hidden meaning, its a glitch

But what if it wasn't a chance at all? Your actions create the outcomes!

Yeah, I'll do that now :)


you should be sorry, you have done something unforgiveable; call a benbonk game bad

exploration is never a waste of time

ur wrong

is it a glitch?


very good, but you didn’t get the true ending ;)

ur based


I love how many people think the math problem is wrong lmao

its just low brightness smh

Just click whats wrong with the image


DM on discord if you actually did

What are you talking about? That's not in the game


lol get good

You just aren't good enough

Update, issue has been fixed1

No endings list for now, maybe later ;) The numbers board has a pattern relating to math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). It's a bit difficult, but once you see, it, you'll understand.

Nice lol

Yeah sorry about that. Not sure why, but there is a download if it suits you better.

Totally agree. I just didn't intend for this game to be too big of a project. I'd like to add them, but I'm not sure it will be worth the days/weeks of work a subtitle system will most likely take to implement.

Yup, you do! But then you have to go left to right for order of operations ;)

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for purchasing, though the game is free. just asks if you would like to donate. If you didn't intend to pay, I'll happily look into refunding for you (if I can even manage to do that). I'll also try to make a mac build, which I'm assuming you are on later today. I've been having some issues with it, but I'll try to get it working if I can.

Hey, thanks for letting me know. Someone else said the same things. I'll look into it now.

just get good bro