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One tower, one chance
Submitted by N0vaKnight, Curruff, Nickaronii (@Nickar0nii) — 3 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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i could play the game for hours. audio is nice gameplay is cool , visuals are lovely. there is one problem which is that some weapons need balancing.

also please try and rate my game 


Great spin on the theme and the genre of game!  Loved the 8-bit visuals and music.  Good entry overall!

  • Theme: I don't think this is a "Limited space". but it kinda fits if we think that we have only one active tower.
  • Audio: Some are annoying. Others not so much.
  • Visuals: Too much shaking. i didn't like it. couldn't play too much because of it.
  • Gameplay: Nice but too little information we don't have the proper UI so if i hover the mouse onto something i know where to read about it. it took me 5m to understand the gameplay. Even the enemies should come in diferent rounds and an info telling about them. Later you mix enemies.

Congratulations on the game.


it's limited space because you only have space for one tower


Very fun tower defence game! I like the idea, it's very original. This theme had a lot of potential for games like this. Art and SFX are also great! You could work on gameplay though. Not all towers are balanced. Also bigger variety of enemies and cannons would be nice, so we need to switch a bit more often. Afterall I really enjoyed it even if it needs some balancing.

Can you try my game out too? :O

Submitted (1 edit)

Cool spin on the theme



What I like:

-The music ( Third game in a row with awesome music, wth )

-The pixel-art. Really good.

-The game is juicy.

-The SFX

-There is a faster mode.


-Make a tutorial. Game is kinda confusing at the beggining.

What can improve:

-Game is not balanced. Chaos is definitely the best gun.

-Game just plays by itself. Yeah, I understand this is a tower defence game, but like I said, Chaos just makes it autoplay for you.


-Each time the screen shakes there seems to be some error with the sorting order. This happened to my game and if you put 2 game objects on the same layer and you screenshake that happens. I think you could fix that by making so there is a GameObject with a script counting how many times enemies were spawned and put each new enemy on the enemiesSpawned ( make this a variable ) + 1 layer.

-Chaos, the minigun/starter gun ( and maybe other guns ) are just stupid for faster enemies. ( I think ) They shoot at their current position but the faster enemies are too small and too fast, so the bullets won't hit sometimes, causing me to lose due to those chip damages.

Question: How is this related to the theme?


Is this a good high-score? ( 6680 )




i didn't make the game obviously but it's related to the theme because you only have space for 1 tower




Woah man! Thanks for all the good suggestions and such. I was aware that the chaos tower was a bit op but didn't have time to balance it super well. Also yeah as omelette said it relates to the theme because there is a limited space to place towers... that being one


haha chaos Go pew pew pew and most enemies Go die ( except the faster ones )


cool tower defence game and i like the pixel art


thank :)