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Found a bug: when you press escape in the main menu it brings you to the main menu instead of quitting

Try downloading it again, it's probably corrupted. If not then idk because im not the developer (:

Everyone, in order to use the buttons you need to use the arrow keys and move the player on them.

With a bit of graphical improvements and some more content this could turn into a very addicting mobile game.

Go rate some other games, most people sort by karma which puts games made by people who rate more first.

Oh, I'm dumb! Were you restarting the first level? If so, the game is making two AudioSources in DoNotDestroy which plays two instances of the music until the game is refreshed. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll remember this in the future.

I should have made it more apparent, but there is a restart button; 'R'. I will put it in the description now.

Thats weird, It works for me.

I kinda forgot to tell the player, but you can press 'R' to restart.

Sorry, I did not have time to get the UI to work on multiple resolutions, so I stuck it on 1600x900, which won't work on smaller monitors.


The lack of a soundtrack and dark environment give off a very stressful and forboding atmosphere, which was unfortunatly wasted by the game's difficulty. Had the game been more difficult (exit has more health or rocks fall quicker/more plentiful) it would have been a stressful experience. Overall a fun idea with the theme and the gameplay.

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Cool spin on the theme

I mean for starters you could make the AI shoot more often, but other than that i dont really have any suggestions

Thanks, and yes, i also thought of the music as too loud. However I could not find an audio mix that felt right, I guess i will need to spend more time on that in the future.

I feel like some of the songs had too many instruments at once, thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'm pretty bad at art so the constructive criticism is appreciated. I will make sure to rate your game.

the controls feel a bit wet, but other than that it is pretty cool.

Also, if you get all 4 power cubes before the difficulty ramps up its pretty easy; maybe if each portal had more cubes or you needed to activate all of the portals.

A pretty interesting idea, and the complexity allows it to not be boring.

Unfortunate how many features had to be scraped, but the game is still good.

Some things you should know as a new game developer:

Do NOT use the built-in text pipeline. Use TextMeshPro, Which can be accesed by right-clicking in the inspector and adding a "Text (TMP)" object.

The blurry images when importing pixelart can be fixed by going into the import settings for the sprite and turning the filter (by default it is "Bilinear") to "Point" and setting Compression to "None".

I wish you luck on your gamedev journey!

The visuals are oboviously placeholders, but it sounds pretty cool. I would recommend making the death zone move up quicker as right no there isnt much penalty for jumping.

A really interesting and fun concept, but the lighting is quite harsh and sometimes you can end up in impossible situations.

Really cool idea, but sometimes I would just die out of nowhere with a good amount of fuel.

Really fun! However, the duplication bug still exists (but its awesome) and if you get hit just right you can go out-of-bounds. Despite the bugs, a really cool and interesting game.

An interesting concept, however I do not understand how to craft. Do I drop the three items on one another? or do I interact with the order table?

Sometimes coins can spawn outside of the screen (but still in-bounds). Apart from that and the rigid movement, this is a fun little game with a cool concept. I also really like how the circles spawn/despawn to the beat.

I would recommend using Cinemachine to make the camera follow the player, but other than that its really good

When I start selling babies my money starts going down, what am I doing wrong?

Probably a problem with your graphics drivers; that or the files are corrupted.

The game was fun, but it would be great if the level changed more often, it would add more challenge and keep it engaging.

Really good concept, although like what kalechipps said the movement is a bit wet

Cool concept, and probably the best visuals on the jam.

The fact that you can't move while attacking makes it difficult, especially in the cave section. But overall good game.

Really nice tower defence game. It took a while to learn but when I did, it was extremely fun. Oh, and we also ended up using the same free normalmaps ;)

I had the same problem when building to WebGL.

Thanks! The game was mostly inspired by Portal, but now that you mention it it does have a bit of Stanley Parable in there too.

Great game. The only thing gameplay-wise that could have been improved was the boss fight, it was quite bland just walking backwards and shooting. You could add special attacks, or phases where it can only be damaged by activating certain levers or etc. But everything else is amazing.